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Fundaments of Our Faith under Attack


Faith under Attack by Progressivism

The Pope Answers: Francis Fuels Racist Class-Struggle - Part 4
Conservative immigration is 'egoist'; colonization 'embarassing'

catholic The Pope Answers

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   A Frontal Attack on Faith & Morals
                  A Disney+ movie features Francis approving lesbians & porn stars

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   Revolutionary Ambiences & Gestures
                  A hippy-tribal atmosphere opposed to papal ceremony of the past

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   Francis Attacks Religious Life
                  He maligns the Church & favors a lesbian ex-nun

catholicWorld Youth Day 2023

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Ecumenism & Ecology Central to World Youth Day
                  The anti-Catholic propaganda of WYD 2023

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   A Progressivist ‘Catechism’
                  WYD 2023 instilling a new religion without doctrine

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   Examination of Conscience
                  The un-Catholic examination of conscience at WYD 2023

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd: Wrought with Errors
An ecumenical 'creative' program that does not pass down the Faith

To Read or Not to Read The Mystical City of God?
There was never a book so scrutinized and so firmly approved

Italian Bishops Suspend All Masses for Catholics
Any supernatural help is ignored in the Coronavirus mania

Irreverent Play on Our Lady at WYD Panama
A rapping archangel Gabriel dances with a modern Mary

Imposing the Cult of Man in the Stations of the Cross
A new type of 'devotion' that centers on man, not Christ

catholicErrors of Maria Valtorta

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Errors against the Faith in the Work of Maria Valtorta
                  Analysis of some heresies in the Poem of Man-God

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   A Generalized Sexual Obsession
                  Original sin would have been a sexual act

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   Poem of the Man-God: Dangerous & Unacceptable for Catholics
                  Distorts the Gospels; presents Christ as merely human etc.

Moral Profile of the Typical Progressivist Prelate
Obsessed with equality, religious experience & the poor

Progressivism and the ‘Only Allowed Thinking’ Support Each Other
Infiltration inside the Church and a plan of destruction

Freedom of Press, Winners-Losers & Enjoyment of Life
Advantages given to those who follow the Revolution

False Democracy, ‘Marvelous Youth’ & Onerous Elderly
More myths advanced by progressivism to destroy society

The Option for the Poor & the End of Communism
Two more progressivist myths to influence public opinion

The Progressivist Rule of ‘Religious Sentiment’
Sentimental feelings, not principles, are the rule of the day

Dominant Ideas of the ‘Only Allowed Thinking’
A new Church emerges under Progressivism's heavy hand

Progressivist Strategy to Dominate the Church & Extinguish the Faith
The Church enters the modern world and accepts its errors

‘New Approach’ Announced on Communion for Remarried Divorcees
The head of the Family & Marriage Synod suggests unorthodox changes

False Devotions to Our Lady - Part 1
The learned, dry & barren devotees

Popes for Evolution - Part 1 - From Pius XII to Paul VI
How the theory of evolution gained entrance in the Catholic Church

Popes for Evolution - Part 2 - From John Paul II to Bendict XVI
Strong support for an unproved theory

Original Sin, Evolution & Church Teaching
Rejection of the Genesis account rests on evolution

The Unfounded Haste of JPII in Approving Evolution
Evolution is not proved by science, it is mere speculation

Sick Ecumenism or Dereliction?
Card. George praises the Mormons at Brigham Young University

The Insidious Tactics of Change
Ambiguity and keeping the outer trappings are used to change the Faith

A Necessary Divisiveness
Supporting the Bishops who forbade pro-abortionists from receiving Communion

A 'Revisionist' Vatican Nativity Scene
A unconventional scene that places the birth of Jesus in Nazareth, not Bethlehem

Crisis in Catechesis
The bad influence of Vatican II changed cathechesis for the worse

Why is the Octave of the Immaculate Conception No Longer Observed?
Fr. Bugnini asked John XXIII to abolish the octaves from the Liturgical Calendar

The Virtue of Saints and the “Rights” of Man
The inconsistency of tolerating "rights" destroys the moral foundation of society

Faith under Attack by Protestantism

The Blasphemies of Luther
On God, Jesus Christ, the Mass, the priesthood & the Church

Notorious Vices of the Pseudo-Reformers
An unstoppable eruption of pride and sensuality

John Calvin, the Tyrant of Geneva
He tolerated no criticism or argument against his new 'doctrine'

catholicWho Was Luther Actually?

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Luther's Lack of Credibility
                  No miracles or prophecies confirm his supposed divine mission

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   Luther’s Boundless Pride & Tyranny
                  Documents & witnesses show who the heresiarch was

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   Luther’s Appalling Instabilities & Contradictions
                  Luther's doctrine, fed by irrational hatred

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4 -   Luther's Licentiousness
                  The heresiarch's life of immorality, drunkenness and gluttony

Vatican Paper Defends Calvinism
L'Osservatore Romano praises Calvin on the 500th anniversary of his birth

Luther Thought He Was Divine
His revolution set off an avalanche of sensuality, sloth and pride

Luther: No, Absolutely No
The appalling blasphemies of the heresiarch

Mormon Enigmas - Occult Aspects of the Mormon Confession
For them the Catholic Church is the "most abominable above all other churches"

The Rapture Virus:  Is there anything Catholic about the Rapture theory?
This sophism is not supported by Scripture and akin to occult movements

Faith under Attack by the World, Paganism & the Devil

Burning Churches, Defacing Statues of Our Lady
Where's the outrage of Catholic authorities?

No ‘Springtime’ for Catholic Families
Study shows appalling indifference toward the faith & prayer

Wrong Position of Science on the Creation of Matter
God created the universe ex nihilo, this is the crucial point

Evolution, the Devil´s Weapon against Christianity - Part 1
Evolutionism accepted by Catholics destroys the dogmas and the faith

Evolution, Culture of Death & Morals - Part 2
Darwin's racism and the evil roots of Evolutionism

Contraceptive Pills for Nuns
A new attack on virginity

Trick-or-Treat: A Trick to Divert Attention from All Souls’ Day
Is the practice nothing but good fun?

Christmas Was Never a Pagan Holiday
The early Church established the date based on Biblical evidence

Nietzsche, Herald of the Revolution’s Pride
“God must die so the new man can live free”

Supreme Court Bans Decalogue from Public View
The laws of men deviate from the laws of God to man's perdition

A Sentence against Christ Crucified
Reactions to the European Court's decision forbidding Crucifixes in classrooms

What's Good and Evil about Halloween?
Catholics should rethink the celebration of Halloween

The War on God
A new wave of scholars attacking God and being promoted by the media

Spend a Holy Hour with Christ against the Da Vinci Code
Description of a Catholic protest against the movie on its opening night

Halloween: A Return to Paganism
Under the pretext of fun for children, an occult agenda is promoted

Subjectivism Destroying the Catholic Faith
The many errors of Modern Philosophy are rooted in the Cartesian revolution

Assault on Faith: Fictitious 'History' as Weapon
CNN promoting the Muslim lies about the Crusades

The Da Vinci Code: Blasphemous Thesis and Bad History
False and superficial statements make the book self-destructive

The Supernatural and the Preternatural
Signs and wonders are not indisputable proof of sanctity

Good Science, Bad Science
How St. Albert the Great opposed bad science

Faith under Attack on the Four Last Things

Annette's Report from Hell
A condemned woman appears to her friend & describes her sufferings

Earthquakes in Italy: Divine Punishment for Sins
Vatican rebukes priest for stating a truth of the Faith

Solomon Grundy & Sudden Death
The poem and Progressivism have a fatal omission in their teaching

catholicOn Hell

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Hell Is a Dogma of the Faith
                  Hell of the damned, the place where souls remain forever

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   The Pains Inflicted on the Reprobates in Hell
                  Thinking about Hell helps us to avoid it

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   The Children of Fatima See Hell
                  Our Lady's request is ignored and its consequences

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4 -   How to Avoid Hell in Our Daily Lives
                  We must avoid sin and confess every mortal sin

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 5 -   Hell, Purity & Sanctifying Grace
                  More means to avoid Hell and gain Heaven

catholicOn Purgatory

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Purgatory Is a Dogma of the Faith
                  The doctrine of the Council of Trent

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   The Need for Purgatory & the Pain of Loss
                  The debt of pain for sins must still be paid even after Confession

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   The Torment of the Senses in Purgatory
                  Souls suffer willingly and consoled by the hope of Heaven

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4 -   The Location of Purgatory & Help from the Poor Souls
                  The good of assisting the Poor Souls, who also help us

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 5 -   Means to Avoid Purgatory
                  Devotion to Our Lady and other prudent habits

How Can a Soul Suffer Physically in Purgatory? 
TIA responds with a commentary of Cornelius a Lapide

The Museum of the Poor Souls in Purgatory - Part 1
A unique exhibit in a gothic Church in Rome

The Museum of the Poor Souls in Purgatory - Part 2
More proofs of Purgatory as a place of fire and suffering

The Physical Suffering of Purgatory
The hand print of Sister Teresa Gesta

Meditation on Hell
St. Peter of Alcántara counsels young & old to think on the last things

The Celestial City's Foundations Are Made of the Precious Stones
The splendorous jewels the Blessed see in Heaven

The Splendor of the Celestial Palace
Where the blessed are; the material light that shines over them

God Dwells in Heaven as in a Tabernacle
God's throne in Heaven is real, as is His presence

The New Jerusalem
Cornelius a Lapide describes Heaven as a place where the blessed abide

JPII, Claudius & Prisca
Hell is a place, not a state of being

Why So Many People Go to Hell
Divine interventions in History are ignored

If Limbo Is Gone - Then It's On to Universal Salvation
About the ITC document signed questioning the existence of Limbo

24 Reasons Why Not To Reject Limbo
A exposé of Catholic doctrine that counters Benedict XVI's rejection of Limbo

The Forgotten Souls in Purgatory
An apologetic exposition on Purgatory and the need to pray for the poor souls

Heaven: A Matter of Interpretation
Analysis of a contradictory statement of Card. Kasper on the salvation of Jews

Does Hell Exist?      Read The Letter from Beyond
A soul who received permission to testify why she was condemned to Hell

Hell: A Demand of Divine Goodness
If Hell would not exist, then life on earth would become an endless torment

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