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The Blasphemies of Luther

A Reader from Brazil

The Protestants say: “Luther was a tool of God to correct the Church.” I invite you to see whether a man who wrote the blasphemies listed here can be used by God for anything good.

Who was Martin Luther? He was the founder of a religion without sacraments or an ecclesiastic hierarchy, a man who despised the value of pious and penitent works for our salvation. He was an apostate monk who made heretical statements concerning Catholic Doctrine, which can be read below.

On God and Jesus Christ

According to “Table Talk” [Tischreden], the notes of his admirers published in book form, Luther said this about Our Lord Jesus Christ:

Martin Luther

A reproduction of Luther's face based on his death mask
  • “Christ committed adultery first of all with the women at the well of Jacob about whom St. John wrote. ‘Was not everyone around Him murmuring: What has He been doing with her?’ After that, with Mary Magdalene, and then with the woman taken in adultery whom He dismissed so lightly. Thus, even Christ, who was so righteous, had to be guilty of fornication before He died.” (1)
  • “Don’t you think that the drunk Christ, having imbibed too much at the Last Supper, bewildered His disciples with his empty prattling? (2)
  • Deus est stultissimus” [God is very stupid]. (3)
  • “Certainly God is great and almighty, good and merciful and all that one can imagine in this sense, but He is stupid.” (4)
  • “God always acts like a madman.” (5)
In personal notebooks written by Luther, recently discovered and studied by Fr. Theobald Beer, who published a book on the topic, the heresiarch affirmed that Christ is simultaneously God and Satan, good and evil.

Luther professed a Gnostic and heretical dualism. The Protestants ignore these writings of Luther, and the few preachers who know them, hide them.

Luther blamed God for all crimes of History and affirmed that Judas had no option but to betray Christ, just as Adam did. For God had already determined who would be sinners.

On the Mass

Benedcit XVI in Erfurt

In 2011 Benedict XVI went to Erfrut to pay homage to Luther (here & here)
In some “forgotten” notes on the Mass, Luther wrote:
  • “When the Mass will be turned on its head, we will have turned the papacy on its head! Because it is upon the Mass, like a rock, that the papacy is completely supported, with its monasteries, bishoprics, colleges, altars, ministries and doctrine… All this will tumble down when this sacrilegious and abominable Mass tumbles.” (6)
  • On the Offertory, he wrote: “Then follows that abomination which is called the Offertory, where everything in it expresses oblation.” (7)
  • On the Canon of the Mass: “This abominable Canon is a collection of muddled lacunas; … it makes the Mass a sacrifice; offertories are added. The mass is not a sacrifice or the action of one who sacrifices. We see it as a sacrament or a testament. Let us call it a blessing, the eucharist, the table of the Lord or the memorial of the Lord.” (8)
  • On the tactic to install the Protestant mass: “To securely and happily reach our goal, we must keep some of the ceremonies of the old Mass, so that it will be accepted by the weak, who could be scandalized by too hasty changes.” (9)
On the priesthood
  • “What a madness to want to monopolize it [the priesthood] only for a few.” (10) For Luther, the priesthood was shared by all the faithful.

  • On his own behavior: “From morning to evening I do nothing and am drunk. You ask me why I drink so much, why I speak so loquaciously and why I eat so often. It is to fool the Devil who comes to torment me. … It is by eating, drinking, and laughing in this way, and then some more, and even by committing some sin, that I challenge and despise Satan, trying to replace the thoughts the Devil suggests with others, as for example, thinking with avarice of a beautiful girl or in a drunken stupor. Otherwise, I would be too furious.” (11)

  • “I had up to three wives at the same time.” Two months after he said that, he married a fourth one, a nun. (12)
On the Church
  • “If we condemn thieves to be hanged, burglars to the scaffold, and heretics to the fire, why should we not use all our weapons against these doctors of perdition, these cardinals, these popes, the whole sequel of the Roman Sodom, so that they will not corrupt the Church of God? Why should we not wash our hands in their blood?” (13)
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 4, 2012

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