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The Rapture Virus: Infectious,
But Not for the Informed Catholic

Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.
Published in Catholic Family News, November 2002

Rapture robes

An evangelical "handmaiden" awaiting the Rapture... Time, July 1, 2002
"I think I'll write something on the Rapture," I recently told Mr. Atila Guimar√£es, whose next volume of his Collection on the Second Vatican Council I am translating right now. "I had a call from a Catholic lady who believes in it because she says it is in Scriptures." "The Rupture from what?" he asked.

"No, rapture, the Rapture. Surely you've heard of it."

But no, he had not. Coming from Brazil, the country with the largest Catholic population in the world, he had never heard of the peculiar theory. It seems this evangelical Protestant invention is largely confined to the United States, where it has spread to such proportions that it was recently the cover of Time magazine (July 1, 2002).

It does seem strange that in our country so many people have bent their ears to this bizarre conjecture. I won't inquire here into all the causes for the general interest. I only intend to refute, from a Catholic point of view, its main lines.


Blason de Charlemagne
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This article continues in the recently published booklet
The Rapture Virus: Infectious,
but Not for the Informed Catholic

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