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Progressivist Strategy - Part V

False Democracy, ‘Marvelous Youth’
& Onerous Elderly

Cosme Beccar Varela, Argentina
Continuing this series (see parts one, two, three and four,) three more myths of the ‘only allowed thinking’ advanced by Progressivism are analyzed here.
12. Democracy is essential and should be adopted by all in the political spectrum, from the extreme left to the center, a center that does not combat the left. The majority has the right to decide about everything, even should it violate the Law of God. Whatever the authorities say publically is true. When “conservatives” ruled the country, there was fraud; but now there is no fraud, and to say otherwise is a lie.

Obama demogogue

Demagogues Obama above, and Kirchner, below, disregard the will of the people

Kirchner demoggogue 

Democracy is one of the three classical forms of government accepted by the Church, as long as some essential conditions are respected. It is false to say that the majority has the right to decide about everything. It is not permitted to violate the Law of God or to ignore Justice.

Further, the people in a democracy must follow the conditions outlined by Pius XII in his famous speech on Christmas of 1944, and not just be an inert mass led by demagogues. It is wrong to affirm that anyone can vote about anything, even if he is completely ignorant on the matters under discussion. Nor should dishonest and incapable individuals be presented as candidates for public office. No party whose platform violates these prerequisites should be admitted to the race.

All candidates should have equal means of advertisement. The media should not be allowed to promote some and defame others, or to lie about and defame candidates of any party.

Modern democracies do not comply with any of these conditions. The system in force in Argentina, for example, is in no way democratic and totally fraudulent, especially since the installation of the electronic ballot system, which is easy to falsify and difficult to control.

Mrs. Cristina Kirchner is not the legitimate president of the Nation, just as Mr. Hugo Chavez and Mr. Nicolás Maduro cannot be considered legitimate presidents of Venezuela. All the elections won by them have been fraudulent for diverse reasons, above all, because of scandalous manipulation of the electronic voting results.

The “democrats” have no respect for the authentic people; nor do they hesitate to resort to fraud to win elections. The heralds of the “only allowed thinking” pretend that we are living in the time of democracy; in fact, the “majority” who purportedly support them is not a true majority.

The modernist-progressivist Catholics bow to this theory. They say, fitting the description St. Pius X made of them, that today “we are living in an age in which the sense of liberty has reached its fullest development, and when the public conscience has introduced popular government in the civil order. But there are not two consciences in man, any more than there are two lives. Therefore, it is for the ecclesiastical authority to shape itself to democratic forms, unless it wishes to provoke and foment an internal war in the consciences of mankind.” (Encyclical Pascendi § 23)

13. The youth are wonderful. They must be encouraged to be happy and joyful; we should not prevent them from enjoying themselves by imposing outdated moral rules and ways of being. To condemn greater freedom in relationships between the sexes is to fall into a rigorist morality.

Young people are good when they follow Catholic Morals and have been raised well from their childhood. They are bad when they are allowed to do whatever they want and were spoiled since their childhood. The formation of children and youth must be based on Catholic doctrine; and must be given primarily by the family. The schools must continue this formation following the same orientation.

When this formation is lacking or when false ideas and bad morals are inculcated in the minds of children and youth, instead of a “wonderful youth,” we have a hotbed of bad youths and delinquents.


A co-ed school displays the unseemly postures and clothing of its students

When the instincts begin to awaken in adolescence, it is essential that co-education and promiscuity be prohibited. The partisans of the “only allowed thinking” promote precisely the opposite. They know that by allowing greater sexual liberty and lowering the standards of modesty and the moral sense of the young people, the latter will be corrupted and be willing to blindly follow the postulates of their nefarious philosophy.

It is what the so-called sex-education does. Pope Pius XI taught this about it in his Encyclical Divini Illius Magistri: “Far too common is the error of those who, with dangerous assurance and under an ugly term, propagate a so-called sex-education, falsely imagining they can forearm youths against the dangers of sensuality by purely natural means … (Encyclical Divini Illius Magistri, § 65)

Without a formation based on sound principles, the youth will necessarily be easy prey to sensuality and, led as if to a chute, they will be driven to accept the philosophy of the “only allowed thinking,” so ready to induce its victims to all types of aberrant behaviors.

Hypocritically, the same ones who promote this false proposition are those who “condemn” the corruption of minors, when they are in fact the principal corruptors of the youth.

14. Old people are a burden and a bother

Today, there are different types of old people. The majority of the elderly are just old and weak, without the wisdom they should have accumulated over their lives of work and hardship. They deserve to be assisted in their old age, especially by their children and grandchildren, because the State, which ferociously exploited them their whole lives by forced contribution to a retirement system, does not pay them a pension that allows them to live with a modicum of dignity.

playing draughts

A game of draughts between grandfather and grandson

It is unjust and immoral that they be considered a burden because, regardless of how much or little they did, they transmitted life to their descendents, which to some extent contributed to the survival of the country.

Some, who received a good formation and applied it well, have that wisdom that comes from years well lived. Far from being a burden, they are a treasure that benefit and enrich the new generations by their example and counsel. The great ancient peoples, particularly the Greeks and Romans, held the old people in this esteem. They would judge it immoral and foolish for the youth to consider the elderly as a burden.

Unfortunately, there are others who grow old adhering to error and practicing vice, most of them followers of the “only allowed thinking.” These abound in the “educated classes,” corrupted by the media and the establishment lifestyle. These elderly persons are not a burden. They are a poison that must be avoided, without denying them the duties of charity we owe them according to the teaching of the Catholic Church.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 26, 2014

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