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Progressivist Strategy - Part IV

The Option for the Poor &
the End of Communism

Cosme Beccar Varela
We continue with two more of the dominant ideas of the “only allowed thinking” imposed by Progressivism in the Catholic Church after Vatican II.
(See Parts One, Two and Three).
10. We must make the ‘option for the poor.’

To opt is to choose something to the exclusion of everything incompatible with it. To “opt for the poor” implies one should leave aside those who are not poor. This purpose is neither charitable nor Christian. This was the “option” of Judas when he censured the gesture of St. Mary Magdalene who used an expensive perfume to wash the feet of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Jn 12: 3-8). Those who propose this “option” are as insincere as Judas Iscariot in their love for the poor.

Juan Domingo Peron

Demagogues Peron, above, and Putin, below, work the crowds at rallies of the 'people'

Putin rally 

What this motto means is that we must opt for the party of the poor. Indeed, the ones who promote this option do not actually favor the poor, but rather encourage social agitation and falsely inflame the poor to accomplish their political agenda. There are many poor; they vote and bring numbers to demonstrations. This is how communists, socialists and peronistas (1) use them. Only occasionally and selectively do they favor the poor, such as when an action can make them popular or bring good publicity.

The “party of the poor” is formed by people from the lowest classes, who insolently wave their poverty as a war banner against those who have more. The poor who are good and without power pay no attention to those demagogues since they do not consider them as authentic representatives and do not want to engage in class struggle.

Further, the concept of poor is imprecise. The whole middle class can be viewed as poor, for example, when compared to very successful businessmen. Also the widows and the orphans are poor, even those with some properties. We can also say that all of us are powerless, when we compare ourselves to those who have power.

The “option for the poor” should include those who are sick, but the progressivists only care about them when they can use them to publicly boast about their dedication. They also show their lack of care for the ill when they disregard the salvation of their souls. If they visit a sick person who is dying - what rarely happens - they are silent about God and let him die without religious assistance.

Daughters of Charity

The Daughters of Charity, angels of mercy, are sadly absent at death beds and  in hospitals today

The sad fact is, many countries that boast about their option for the poor, provide inadequate assistance, deficient healthcare, and unalleviated the sufferings of the ill. Those who promote this option pay no attention to the inadequacies because a real solution would involve too much effort and expense; they simply disregard the problem. In Argentina, such demagogues have been in power for 60 years, and the hospitals are increasingly worse.

Further, the Daughters of Charity, who were the true angels of the hospitals in the past, have disappeared. As a consequence of the dominant laicism – which, let me say in passing, the progressivist clergy does not combat – the women’s religious vocations have diminished dramatically, and some, who still remain, delegate their labor to professional paid nurses, without any concern shown by the progressivist clergy who promote the "option for the poor.’

11. Communism is over. The left has become democratic and acceptable. Those who deny this indisputable fact are kooks who see communists in every corner, even under their beds. The right, however, continues to be a danger that must be strongly combated. Every rightist is a fascist.

It is false that Communism ended. It only entered into a metamorphosis, changing its names and methods, but it never ceased to be Communism. It continues promoting egalitarianism, class struggle, the abolition of private propriety, free love and the dictatorship of the proletarians. These dictators are the agents who control the worker and peasant parties. The present day leaders of Russia, Putin included, are all communists, and many of them, Putin included, are ex-officers of the KGB, the famous Stalinist police.

John Paul II Gorbachev

JPII gives prestige to Gorbachev at the Vatican in 1989; later, he travels to Cuba to support Castro

John Paul II Castro

As a matter of fact, at the start of perestroika - which pretended to be the rejection of Communism - there was only one communist country in Latin America: Cuba. Today, although the myth that Communism has ended is being spread everywhere, Communism is more deeply enrooted than ever before.

At present, besides Cuba, there are nine communist countries – all allies of Cuba, Russia and China. They are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, the Honduras, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Venezuela. The government of Colombia - President Santos is not an enemy of the left - is presently trying to establish a pact with the FARC communist guerillas.

Taking advantage of this illusion that Communism ended, the adherents of the “only allowed thinking” champion communists, socialists and leftists in all the professions of influence or political mobilization. Only the leftist journalists and writers are promoted. Only the books of the leftist professors, union leaders, potential politicians become best-sellers with the major bookstores at their disposal, etc.

On the other hand, according to the same myth, the right is a danger that must be strongly combated. Since the rulers of the leftist-controlled media are those who launch the accusations, any person who defends Catholicism, tradition, order, natural hierarchy and natural morals is labeled as fascist and a war of silence is waged against him - a conspiracy of silence.

The opinions of rightists like these are ignored by the media; their books are not carried by the major bookstores, and, if they want to enter politics - an authentic politics without compromise with the left or corruption - they will find themselves isolated and bombarded by calumnies and defamations.

  1. Peronistas are the followers of Juan Domingo Peron. Peron was a populist Argentine leader from the left who created among the laborers a mentality of class struggle against the owners. A skillful demagogue, Peron founded a movement, Peronism, which elected him President three times. Cristina Kirchner, the present day President of Argentina, described Pope Bergoglio as a disciple of Peron: “This is the first time we have a peronista Pope.” Indeed, since his youth Jorge Bergoglio was an enthusiastic follower of Peron.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 23, 2014

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