Faith under Attack
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Part I

Progressivist Strategy To Dominate the Church
& Extinguish the Faith

Cosme Beccar Varela
The series that starts today is of special interest to TIA readers. Catholic lawyer Cosme Beccar Varela lives in Buenos Aires and has followed the path of Progressivism for many decades in his country.

When he describes what the progressivist agents are doing in the Church, it is implicit that this is what Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires, has allowed or encouraged them to do in Argentina. This may help to shed light on many steps Jorge Bergoglio is now taking as Pope Francis.

This series was first posted on his website La botella al mar.
The Editor


The most valuable treasure a Catholic has is Faith, without which, according to St. Paul, “it is impossible to please God.” (Heb 11: 6) Faith is a grace given by God by which we believe all of Catholic doctrine without modifications, what the Church always and everywhere has held.

If a thief were to steal all our material goods, it would be less harmful to us than if we were successfully led by a disguised heretic to abandon the Faith by means of ruses and tricks. To leave the Faith is such a grave sin that it thrusts us into the claws of the Devil, and it is very difficult to recover it, although for God nothing is impossible.


Once the Church guarded the faithful from heresy; today it is coming from inside her walls...

Notwithstanding God’s mercy, the history of the heresies shows us the hardness of heart of heretics like Luther, Calvin, Henry VIII and so many others who never repented from their pertinacious errors, which dragged behind them entire nations.

Today, and for many years, we have suffered the attacks of the modernist-progressivst heresy. What is astonishing in this heresy is that its agents act with such astuteness that naive Catholics can unwarily fall into their traps. To defend ourselves from this tremendous danger, I write this text, which I will divide into several parts to be published in La botella al mar.

I place this series under the protection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and His Most Holy Mother. If anything I write is not faithful to the teaching of Holy Mother Church, I will retract and remove it.

Part I - The Influence of the World’s ‘Only Thinking Allowed,’ an Ally of Progressivism

Catholics are increasingly less informed about the essential truths of our Faith. It cannot be said that we are unaware of them, since they are included in the Creed, the Ten Commandments, the Seven Sacraments and the Five Precepts of the Church that we all know by heart. However, we do not know with sufficient clarity the meaning of these concise words, which express the basic and essential notions of our Faith. Nor do we know the truths implicit in them that have been taught by the Holy Church through the centuries. Further, knowing all this, we must – each one according to his own state and capacity – live as Catholics and save our souls.

Massage by contemplative nuns

Cistercian contemplative nuns in Austria transformed their convent into a SPA center to fit in the modern world

Due to this lack of preparation, our Catholicism is feeble and we are easily attracted by the modern world’s errors, half-truths and lies, which aggressively and continually besiege us from all directions, demanding unconditional acceptance.

All these ideas constitute a false philosophy that has been imposed upon us as “The Only Thinking Allowed.” Without realizing it, we are in the process of adopting it as truth. Since we do not have sufficient doctrinal arsenal to repel it, we can fall into leaving our position as Catholics without being aware of this move, but not without guilt. Not without guilt, I say, because God never stops giving us the necessary graces to keep us from being fooled; if we are not faithful to these graces and reject them and move away from the Catholic truth, we have no excuse.

What is worse, the cancer of the modernist heresy, condemned by St. Pius X on September 8, 1907 in his great Encyclical Pascendi, is growing inside the Church. Its partisans never stopped working - more or less discretely - until they conquered almost every ecclesiastic position. A great number of laymen followed them. They achieved an enormous triumph in the conclusions of Vatican II.

Cardinal Ratzinger in suit

Syllabus: 'The Pope cannot compromise with modern progress;' above, Pope Benedict wearing a suit...

This is exceedingly grave because, as St. Pius X teaches, Modernism is “the synthesis of all heresies” and “it is not an exaggeration to number them among the worse enemies of the Church.” (Pascendi, nn. 39, 2)

The task taken up by the modernist-progressivists is to violate systematically the clear teaching of the Syllabus of Errors, the solemn document in which Pope Pius IX condemned this proposition: “The Roman Pontiff can and must reconcile himself to, and accept progress, liberalism and modern civilization.” (D. 1780)

They do not declare this overtly because one of their constant tactics is dissimulation and guile, using equivocal or ambiguous terms that suggest the condemned idea, but can also be interpreted in acceptable ways.

For example, the famous aggiornamento of the Church, which presided over the sessions of Vatican II, can be understood as a way to improve the efficiency of the apostolate by using a language more comprehensible to the modern man. The progressivists, however, interpreted aggiornamento as replacing the true Faith with a new and false belief that inserted and accepted all the errors of the modern world.

To facilitate the comprehension of this terrible reality and to allow each one of us to examine to what degree we have fallen into the modernist-progressivist net, it seems worthwhile to list some of the errors that the modern world has imposed on us as part of its “Only Thinking Allowed.” Doing so, we can discern to what degree we have accepted it and implicitly abandoned our Faith.

This is what I plan to do in my next article.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 24, 2014

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