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Faith under Attack
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Movie Review on ‘The Pope Answers’ - Part I

A Frontal Attack on Faith & Morals

Salwa Bachar
Warning: There are sexually explicit descriptions & images in this article.

Amen, cover

The movie poster above

On April 5, 2023, Spy Wednesday of Holy Week – the day on which Judas plotted with the Pharisees to crucify Our Lord Jesus Christ – a new film featuring Pope Francis was released on Star+, Disney+, and Hulu. It was heavily promoted by Disney+, its “vanguard” outlet that targets youth and pushes some of its most radical and immoral content. Vatican News announced the new documentary, in which Pope Francis casually sits down to talk with 10 Spanish-speaking youth. The conversation was filmed in the summer of last year (2022).

The new documentary is directed by Catalonian Jordi Évole. To know who Jordi Évole is and what he stands for, suffice it to say he was awarded the “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Secularization” Award in January of 2014 by the Masonic Lodge of Blasco Ibañez in Valencia, Spain (in Spanish: Logia Blasco Ibañez, Valencia-España, Gran Oriente de Francia.). See the picture below and evidence of this fact here and here.

He boasted to the Spanish newspaper El País of his close relationship with Pope Francis: “He knows what I think about many things. He perfectly respects it. And of course I respect him. There is a relationship of trust. I think we inspire each other."

Jordi Evole

Jordi Évole shows off his Masonic Award depicting a Masonic Compass in 2014

In a recent interview about this film, Évole states: “I think [in this film] we demanded/asked of the Pope more than what can be asked of a Pope. He does not cease to be Pope of the Catholic Church, and for him to agree with the young people, on topics that they asked about - like abortion, or the role of the woman in the church - it is something. For us and from our point of view, we take those things for granted, but he is the Pope, he represents an institution that has always had those dogmas and has always acted in that way. If, all of a sudden, the Pope of Rome appears on a documentary and says ’Well, it’s the truth, [what you say about] abortion, (chuckle), look, we can turn this around,’ and also consider a woman being Pope, well, it makes an amendment to what your Credo is. It is very complicated, and I think [in this film] we asked of him more than what one can ask of a Pope.”

Why is this film important? First, the film is entirely in Spanish, and features young people who are from Spain or Latin-America, or simply Spanish speakers. Thus it specifically targets a Hispanic audience, which constitutes an important sector of the Catholic population.

Second, the film is one of the most shocking expressions of tolerance for error and sin, and hatred for the Catholic Faith and History that I have witnessed in Pope Francis' 10-year pontificate. In this series I hope to demonstrate this statement.

Third, the film aims to normalize Religious Indifferentism and all sorts of moral aberrations; in fact, the film is presented as the Pope’s “blessing” of false religions, specifically Islamism and Protestantism.

Indeed, among the youth present in this meeting were a Muslim, a Protestant who apostatized from the Catholic Faith, two lesbians (one who identifies as non-binary and one who was an ex-nun, though it is unclear if she was a novice or professed), a scantily-clad porn actress and “stay-at-home mother,” a “Catholic” feminist abortion activist, an agnostic, an atheist, and a Church sex abuse victim. There is only one practicing Catholic in this group, and it is a young woman from the Neo-Catechumenal Way.

In the film, he tolerates talk about Protestantism, homosexuality, pre-marital sex and apps that facilitate casual sex (Tinder), pornography, masturbation, racial class-struggle, anti-colonization, and abortion.

Francis offers no dogmatic teaching on any of these errors and aberrations, but “dialogues” with the youth and allows them to speak freely with each other in his presence, often acting as a passive observer, a disgraceful role for the man who is supposed to be the Vicar of Christ and the guardian of Faith and Morals. He gives vague and uncertain responses to all of the questions asked by the youth.

Attack on Morals

What was most shocking in this film was the blatant and unhinged tolerance shown for moral aberrations, particularly homosexuality, pornography and masturbation, with no condemnation whatsoever from Pope Francis.

At the beginning of the film, the viewer is presented with scenes from the daily lives of the young people conversing with Francis. One shocking moment in when Celia, one of the lesbians (the “non-binary” one), is pictured tonguing with her lesbian lover. Let me remind my readers that this film is being officially promoted by the Vatican.

Pope Francis meets lesbian

The New Morals of the Vatican: top right, Celia tonguing with her lover; middle, in bed with her female lover; bottom, Celia greeting Francis

When this young woman explains to the Pope that she has a lesbian lover, she asks: “Is there a place for non-binary people and LGBT people in the Church?” Francis responds: “Every person is a child of God, every person. God doesn’t reject anyone, God is father. I don’t have the right to kick anyone out of the Church. My duty is always to welcome.” This statement is not only a papal act of acceptance of homosexuality – a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance - but one could also say the Pope is denying his power to excommunicate.

The young woman asks: “And what about those priests who spread hate [towards LGBT people]?”

Pope Francis answers matter-of-factly: “They are infiltrators who take advantage of the Church for their own personal passions. That is one of the corruptions of the Church, no? Those ideologies that are closed, while deep down, all those people have their internal dramas, no? A very big drama of internal incoherence. [They] live to condemn others because they don’t know how to ask forgiveness for their own faults. … So, they feel liberated by condemning others, when they should cast their head down and look at their own fault. But the moment that the Church loses her universality ... then it stops being a Church. Everyone has a place.”

Here we have the Pope viciously attacking those who rightly condemn homosexuality, calling them “infiltrators,” and describing the Church’s perennial stance on homosexuality as a “corruption.” He seems to express the desire to rid the Church of these “infiltrators,” but did he not just say earlier that he “doesn’t have the right to kick anyone out of the Church”? Is this not a contradiction?

The Pope has a casual chat with a porn actress

Another distressing fact: One of the youth chosen for this special audience with the Pope – a scantily-clad young woman wearing a spaghetti strap blouse and showing her cleavage and entire chest to the Pope – was a porn actress. This fact alone is enough to shock and outrage Catholics, but unfortunately there is more.

Alejandra explained to the Pope, to the other youth who were present and to all the viewers that her daily job is to provide pornographic content online. Again: the Vatican is promoting this film – even for children.

Porno star meets Francis

Alejandra, top, doing her job as porno star; bottom, she says she does not feel guilty for being a prostitute

She explains that she acts out her sexual performances in front of a video camera in her home, while she performs special sexual requests for her clients. She assures the others that there is no violence involved in her sexual performances, although some of her clients have asked to see blood as part of their sexual requests. She explains this goes against the “strict policies” of the pornography platform. She boldly states in front of the youth and the Pope that she does not feel guilty about what she does, but rather that this activity helps her feel confident and take ownership of her body, allowing her the liberty to work from home and take care of her daughter.

To have the Pope receiving a porn actress in a private audience and conversing with her normally is an outrage to Catholic Morals and the Papacy. Instead of refusing to speak with her outside of the Confessional, which is what is expected from a Pope, he gives tolerant, vague and non-dogmatic answers to her bold statements, while allowing her to speak freely about her well-paid job as a prostitute. What is worse: She affirms her happiness to do what she does because this gives her the liberty and financial freedom to be a stay-at-home mother and take care of her daughter... One can only imagine the upbringing of her poor little girl.

Attack on the Faith

One of the young women, Dora, is an Ecuadorian ex-pat [expatriate] from Spain and an “evangelical christian.” She was Catholic and apostatized from the Catholic Faith.

Apostate girls meets Francis

Pope Francis’ message to Dora: continue in your Protestant sect

She tells the Pope how she suffered from depression and bulimia because of the bullying she experienced while she was Catholic growing up in Spain, and how her “evangelical christian faith” has helped her. She asks the Pope if he has ever felt alone or suffered depression.

Instead of telling her to return to the One Faith because she is on a path to Hell, he tells her to talk to people and to have a confidante – “sometimes you can do it [talk] with your [Protestant] pastor.” With this, the Pope – the authority on Truth and representative of Our Lord Jesus Christ – gives televised encouragement to a young woman to continue in her heresy.

At the end of the film, Pope Francis makes a masonic and relativistic statement in which he denies that there is absolute Truth and promotes the Masonic ideal of Fraternity:

“I learned a lot from you all. It’s done a lot of good to me, and I thank you for the good that you have done to me, everyone, everyone, I don’t exclude anyone, each one from their own perspective. I would even dare to offer a commercial advertisement: This is the path of the Church. We are all brothers, we are all united, each one’s point of view, each one’s position, each one a little more or less distant, but brothers. Fraternity. We are going forward. And this, the fraternity, we can never negotiate. Ideas we can negotiate, fraternity never.

“Thank you. And go forward, life is beautiful, very beautiful, we have to make sure it gives fruit.”

Francis at meeting with marginal youth

Francis says that to be with morally corrupted youth ‘did a lot of good to him’

In other words, doctrine and Truth can be negotiated, and it does a “good” to speak to Muslims, heretics, homosexuals and prostitutes without censoring their views and lifestyles...

How much clearer can it be that the Pope has abandoned the Catholic Faith? When will Catholics cease their indifference and enter the fight? How much more must people endure before they assume an active role in resisting this Pope and his progressivist clergy?

Here I leave my reader with this general overview of the film. In the next article, I will give longer excerpts of the Pope’s responses.


Posted April 17, 2023

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