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Movie Review on ‘The Pope Answers’ - Part IV

Francis Fuels Racist Class-Struggle

Salwa Bachar
In the last article, we saw how Pope Francis, in the movie-interview with Spanish-speaking youth titled The Pope: Answers, attacked the traditional structure of the Church as well as the religious life and traditional piety.

Another aggression against the Church and Catholic Civilization was Francis’ promotion of racial class struggle, and his accusation against countries that have a conservative immigration policy of “colonialism” and being “exploitative.”

Against defensive immigration policies

Medha, an Indian-American girl, asked the Pope about racism and if he has ever experienced it. The Pope responded that he personally has not suffered from racism, but added:


Medha, above, decries racism; Francis: Those with conservative immigration policies have a mentality of ‘exploitation’

“The migrant must be welcomed, accompanied, promoted and integrated. The exploitation that occurs with these men and women, to then embark on a small rowboat and no one guarantees that they will arrive there [at their goal]. They exploit him [the migrant], they torture him, they take all his money, and then they notify him: 'Tonight you will be travelling.' And when they get to the beach, and he sees the boat, if he doesn’t want to get in, they shoot him, finished, no? This happens today…”

Khadim, a Senegalese Muslim immigrant living in Spain, observed to the Pope: “But, don’t you think that’s egoism? Like, ‘I receive them when I want, when I need them.’”

Francis responded by fueling the class-struggle mindset clear in Khadim’s comment and attacked those countries with a conservative immigration policy as being “colonialist”:

“That’s exploitation. Behind that, there’s a mind to exploit others. ‘I use you. I don’t welcome you as a brother, I use you,’ right? And that’s an exploitative mindset. Behind this is the ghost of slavery, ultimately, right? The migrant is considered a slave. That is, colonialism is always behind an immature immigration policy. It’s a non-integration policy, non-tolerance, and until the States reach integration, there will not be a good resolution to the migrant problem.”


Khadim protests the ‘egoism’ of
conservative immigration policies

Now then, much of Africa still remains in the power of Muslims, whose “religion of peace” teaches that non-Muslims are comparable to cattle, dogs, and donkeys, that they must constantly wage jihad and forcibly subjugate the world to Islam. They are constantly fueling terrorist attacks and spreading a type of pagan fatalism in the souls of the African people, which prevents any progress from reaching true civilization.

There is no shortage of news stories showing how strong, young African Muslim men enter Western countries and cause violence and disorder. Much of France’s recent conflicts are due to the huge immigration of African Muslims in that country. In Marseille, for example, estimates place the number of Muslims at around 30-40% of its population, making it one of the highest concentrations of Muslims in France. Incidentally, it now has the reputation of being the most dangerous city in Europe.

Anti-colonization, ecclesia semper reformanda

Pope Francis also insinuated that the colonizations were an “embarrassing” and “incoherent” part of the Church’s past.


Lucia the lesbian former-nun, above: Colonization is a contradiction; Francis: The colonization of the Americas was ‘embarrassing,’ ‘incoherent’

Lucia, the lesbian former nun, told him: “You’ve talked a little bit about the colonization issue. The Church has had a pioneering or at least a very active role in colonization, at least in Latin America. We’ve talked about topics of racism, and well, we have a Church that represents Jesus and Mary as if they were white people, and evidently, they weren’t. For you, doesn’t this generate a contradiction?”

Pope Francis responded:

“Look, what generates contradiction in life is to not own up to your own history. The Church has gone through the stages that you mentioned. But each one of us belongs to a society, a country, a culture, that has a past. And owning up to the past is hard sometimes. Owning up to one’s past is sometimes embarrassing. Coherence is what is hardest for Christians. Even in the Vatican, eh? Even in the Vatican. Sometimes I find spiritual worldliness in the Vatican. And slowly, I’ve asked the Lord to help clean it up. But there are leaks everywhere. Everywhere. The reform of the Church has to start on the inside. And the Church always has to be reformed, always.”

Being half-Mexican and having been raised in the Catholic Faith thanks to my Mexican family, I find it extremely offensive for Pope Francis to affirm that the European colonizations were “embarrassing” and “incoherent.” It was thanks to the beneficial colonization by Spain and Portugal that the peoples of Latin America were able to embrace the Faith and enter onto the path of Catholic Civilization. I am proud and honored by this fact. Otherwise my people would have remained in the superstition, cruelty and barbarism that are related to paganism. They would have still been sacrificing people to devils and, in many places, practicing cannibalism. (1)


Above: an Aztec human sacrifice ritual

It seems Francis would have preferred the indigenous to remain in that stage. This is what he insinuated in his statement against colonization.

Another error is Francis’ statement that the Church must always be reformed, which is a progressivist thesis known as Ecclesia semper reformanda. This false doctrine was explained in one of Mr. Guimarães’ books on Vatican II titled Ecclesia. This idea, popular in the 19th century, was taken up and used by pre-modernist Fr. Antonio Rosmini, 40 of whose theses were officially condemned by the Church.

Francis 3

‘The Church must always be reformed’

Ecclesia semper reformanda comes from the idea of a Church that sinned “by having grandeur, power and riches.” So, the false solution: “if the Church is a sinner, she would need to be converted and reformed. Therefore the Church would be a sinner not only in her past, but in her very constitution. This would mean that she should submit herself to a constant reform – Ecclesia semper reformanda... she would come to be characterized as being mutable in her doctrine, unstable in her institutions and transitory in her actions.” (2)

This error is present in Pope Francis’ affirmation that the Church is in constant need of reform.

Hiding pedophilia: ‘Always the temptation of the Church’

Another offense Francis hurled against the Church is the idea that hiding pedophilia “was always the temptation of the Church.”


Juan recalls his abuse at the hands of an Opus Dei member; Francis: ‘To hide sexual abuses was always a temptation of the Church’

Francis 4
Tearful and trembling, Juan describes how he was sexually abused by an Opus Dei member, and how justice was never meted out to the abuser. With a cold bureaucratic air, Pope Francis affirmed that he "will investigate the case,” and responded:

“And there is still the habit of hiding it. That was always the temptation of the Church until,  always, that is, until it realized that that shouldn’t be done... We should regard the Church on the good path, I’m not saying that everything that is being done will solve the problem because it’s a human problem, of human degeneration, right? It’s a serious social problem... we start by creating social awareness, that is key.”

The other youth were indignant with the Pope’s nonchalance and apparent indifference, but what is shocking is that they begin to argue with him as if they and Pope Francis were equals.

Victor Francis Lucia 2

An egalitarian scene: Victor, top, & Lucia, bottom, argue with Pope Francis

It is an attack against the Church to say that “it was always the temptation of the Church to hide pedophilia,” insinuating that this problem has existed since the Church’s birth, and that the Church “always” sought to brush it under the rug.

What Francis conveniently fails to mention is that the explosion of pedophilia in the Church that we see today was preceded and affirmed by an openness for homosexuality in the ‘60s and ‘70s, which was principally a post-conciliar phenomenon favored by the tide of tolerance caused by Vatican II.

It makes perfect sense that the dissemination of Progressivism would open the floodgates to the filthy practices of homosexuality and pedophilia. At no time in the History of the Church was there ever such a widespread explosion of this vice, as evidenced in the Vatican II Collection supplement Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia.

Apparent praise of Tinder, the casual-fornication app

Celia, the non-binary lesbian, explained to Francis how the mobile app Tinder is mostly a place for fornication: “That’s how I met my partner. I uploaded what I was like and what I liked, and then she and I connected, and that’s how we met.”

Khadim, who appeared rightly indignant, asked the Pope: “What do you think about what she said, about Tinder?”

The Pope gave a bumbling answer: “I don’t know, it’s fine that people meet each other. Normal.”


When Celia asked about Tinder, where she met her lover, above, Francis responded smiling: ‘It’s fine, normal...’

Khadim pressured: “What do you think about that aspect of young people?” seemingly referring to the fornication.

Pope Francis pretended to respond innocently:

It’s interesting, the young people have an eagerness to know each other, and this is very good. …. The young person, one of the riches that he has is that Christopher Columbus complex, he goes to discover, to go further, to take risks, and this is good, because it relativizes the ideological impasses of a society, of a political party, of sectors of the Church.”

So, here we have the Pope giving an ambiguous but apparent blessing of a mobile app that facilitates fornication among the youth. What is worse, this “blessing” comes right after Celia explained that it was through this means that she met her lesbian lover, which makes this also a papal “blessing” of homosexual relationships.

Compare this blessing of dating with the advice of St. John Vianney (section II) to engaged couples: “First of all, the young people who are careful to merit the graces of marriage which God prepares for those who hope to sanctify themselves in it, must not speak to each other alone, day or night, without the presence of their parents, and never allow themselves the slightest familiarity, nor the slightest indecent word, without which they are sure to keep God away from their wedding. For, if God does not attend, it will be the Devil who does.”

These are some of the worst statements by Pope Francis that I found in the Vatican-promoted movie, The Pope Answers.

  1. Translation from the First Letter of Hernán Cortes to Emperor Charles V of Spain, p. 80, describing the peoples of the Yucatan and Island of Cozumel and the human sacrifices: “... Every day before any work begins, they burn incense on the altars, and sometimes they sacrifice themselves, some cutting their tongues and others their ears, and others stabbing their bodies with knives, and all the blood that flows from them they offer to those idols, throwing it in all parts of those mosques [pagan temples], and other times throwing it towards the sky, and performing many other forms of ceremonies, so that they do not begin any work without first making a sacrifice there. And they have another horrible and abominable thing worthy of being punished, which until today we had not seen anywhere, and that is that every time they want to ask something of their idols, so that their request may be more accepted, they take many girls and boys and even older men and women, and in the presence of those idols they open them alive by the chest, and take out their hearts and entrails, and burn the said entrails and hearts before the idols, offering them that smoke as a sacrifice. Some of us have seen this, and those who have seen it say that it is the most terrible and frightening thing they have ever seen. These Indians do this so frequently and so often, that as we are informed and in part we have seen from experience in the little time we have been in this land, there is not a year in which they do not kill and sacrifice fifty souls in each mosque [temple], and this is used and is customary from the island of Cozumel to this land where we are populated [Yucatan]; and may Your Majesties be certain that it is very true that, according to the amount of land that seems to us to be large, and the many mosques they have, there is not a year in which, in what we have discovered and seen so far, three or four thousand souls are not killed and sacrificed in this way.

    “Consider, Your Majesties, if you ought not to avoid such great evil and damage, and be certain God our Lord will be served if, by the hand of Your Royal Majesties, these people were to be introduced and instructed in our very holy Catholic Faith, and the devotion, faith and hope that they have in these idols would be transferred to the divine power of God; Because it is true that if with so much faith, fervor and diligence they would serve God, they would perform many miracles. It is to be believed that it was not without cause that our Lord God was pleased to have these parts discovered in the name of Your Most Royal Highnesses. so that such great fruit and merit from God could be achieved [if by] Your Majesties, ordering to inform, and being by your hands brought to the Faith, these barbarian people who, according to what we have learned about them, we believe that there are languages and people who would make them understand the truth of the Faith and the error in which they are, many of them and even every one would very immediately depart from that erroneous sect that they have, and would come to true knowledge, because they live more politically and reasonably than any of the people that have been seen until today in these parts.”

  2. Ecclesia, p. 175.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 18, 2023

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