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catholic If the Church Is Indefectible, Why Not Accept New Mass & New Saints?
We are facing the fact of two different doctrines

catholic Is It a Mortal Sin to Attend the Novus Ordo Mass?
It depends on your knowledge of its evil; theoretical & practical principles

catholicIs My Sunday Obligation Fulfilled by the Novus Ordo Mass?
Here is a criterion for attending it or not

catholicAm I Excommunicated for Going to the Novus Ordo?
Nuances that must be considered to have an objective answer

catholicShould I Receive Hosts from a Novus Ordo Mass?
If this happens in a Traditional Mass, make a conditional act of adoration

catholicWhat Do I Do about the Novus Ordo Abuses I See?
The conciliar Popes approved them; you should stop going to N.O. Masses

catholicTaking Quo Primum into Consideration, Isn't the Novus Ordo Invalid?
It is clearly illegitimate, but not necessarily invalid

catholicIs a Mass Said Without an Altar Stone a Valid Mass?
It used to be a requirement; the legislation change and it is no longer necessary

catholicDid Paul VI Impose or Propose the Novus Ordo?
In theory he proposed it; in practice he imposed it

catholicWhy Do You Say the New Mass Is Protestant When this Is Not True?
Since you are coming from Protestantism, you do not see the whole picture

catholic Should Musical Instruments Be Played at Mass?
Here are the norms for musical instruments in the Liturgy

catholicDo You Know if Rock Music Is Still Played in the 'Rock Church'?
Not unless it was restored; the Church was struck by a lightening & burned

catholicWhy TIA Does Not Expose the Progressivist Missalettes?
It is a marketing maneuver to impose the Novus Ordo

‘Indult’ Mass, Liturgy

catholicShould I Avoid the Ecclesia Dei (so-called ‘Indult’) Masses?
You can avoid them only if you have better options (e.g., independent Latin Mass)

catholicAre Indult and Motu Proprio Masses Valid?
They are valid masses, but beware of the parish life

catholicIs It OK to Socialize with N.O. People after 'Indult' Masses?
It is better not to do so, since it may lead you to compromise

catholicShould I Go to Latin Masses Said by Compromised Priests?
If you have no other options, go, since at least you have the Sacraments

catholicWhich Mass Should I Attend - SSPX, Indult, SSPV or FSSP?
Go to the one more convenient for you, but do not engage in parish life

catholicGiven the Crisis in the Church, Should I Stop Attending Mass?
Please, give us more information (continued in the next question)

catholicShould I Go to Masses Where the Priest Does Not Have Jurisdiction?
In times of crisis like ours, Faith takes precedence over Canon Law

catholicAre the Masses of the Universal Living Rosary Valid?
Its Director says that its Masses are in the Byzantine Rite, which didn't change

catholicWhere Is a Traditional Mass in Ecuador?
Except for Masses for pilgrims, there is presently no Traditional Mass available

catholicWhich Missal Should I Follow?
Those prior to the 1955 reform made by Msgr. Bugnini


catholic You Are Wrong on Marriage: The Priest Does Not Effect the Sacrament
Two schools on the ministers of the Sacrament

catholic Could You Recommend Books on Marriage?
Sadly there are more works to avoid than to read

catholic Today's Attack against Marriage

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   The Scourge of Sexual Propaganda against Marriage
                   Pius XII warns against erotic & obscene practices

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   Books & Media against Marriage Are Emissaries of the Devil
                    Pius XI attacks those who undermine chaste wedlock

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   Cohabitation before Marriage Is a Hateful Abomination
                    Pius XI firmly upholds the Magisterium of the Church

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4 -   Contraception in Marriage Is a Criminal Abuse
                     Pius XI condemns this act that is intrinsically against nature

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 5 -   If a Pastor Connives at Abuses in Marriage He Betrays God
                    Pius XI: 'Priests should in no way approve or ignore these errors'

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 6 -   It is a Turpitude to Love One's Wife as an Adulteress
                  The Catechism of Trent condemns the lust in the use of marriage

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 7 -   The Vice of Impurity in Marriage Causes Horror to Heaven
                  Curé of Ars warns couples against impurity entering marriage practices

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 8 -   Turpitudes in Marriage Pave the Way to Hell
                    St. John Vianney: marital infamies lead to the soul's putrefaction

catholic Was There Communion in the Hand in the Early Church?
The evidence is weak; abuses were due to Arian influence

catholic Which Is the Sanctified Day for Catholics: Sunday or Saturday?
It is Sunday, but the reforms of Vatican II created a lot of confusion

catholic Wouldn’t the Reform of Rites by Paul VI Be Invalid?
If he was a true Pope, he could alter the rites of the Sacraments

catholicIs the Progressivist Transubstantiation Valid?
There is confusion in the picture; only a future Pope can clarify this point

catholicWas My ‘Believer's Baptism’ Valid?
Here is Catholic doctrine on this topic with due application to your case

catholicAre There Documents to Prove Baptism of Desire & Baptism of Blood?
Here you have seven documents of the Papal Magisterium

catholicWhy Are Those Converted from Protestantism Conditionally Baptized?
Because there is doubt whether their sects kept the Sacrament of Orders

catholicCan You Clarify Doubts on Novus Ordo Confessions?
Read this series on the to pic by Fr. Somerville posted on our site

catholicI Missed Mass Due to Illness. Should I Go to Confession?
This excuse justifies not going to Mass. You do not need to confess it

catholicIs Kennedy's Marriage Really Annulled?
Sources indicate the annulment of his first marriage was valid

catholicI Married in the N.O.; Should I Remarry?
We believe your marriage was valid. You do not need to remarry

catholicAre Weddings in Ecumenical Chapels Valid?
We believe they are valid, but highly inconvenient

catholicHow Should I React to an Unexpected N.O. Eucharistic Minister?
Do not receive Communion; make an act of reparation to Our Lord

catholicIs It a Sacrilege to Mix Validly Consecrated Hosts with N.O. Hosts?
It is a great inconvenience; the faithful should ask the priest to consume them

catholicWas the Last Supper Celebrated on the Feast of Pasch?
The apparent discordance in the Gospels has been resolved by theologians

catholicCan I Go to a Holy Hour in a Novus Ordo Parish?
You may go, but make a conditional act of adoration

catholicIs It Correct to Stand before the Exposed Sacred Host?
No, the correct position is to kneel; if your priest says otherwise, he is wrong

catholicAre the Ordinations of the Conciliar Church Still Valid?
In principle its ordinations are valid. For details check here, here & here

catholicAre Novus Ordo Priests & Bishops Validly Ordained?
As a rule, we believe their ordinations are valid

catholicWhen a N.O. Priest Converts, What Should We Expect from Him?
Tridentine Mass, the Sacraments & a Catholic formation, which he must acquire

catholicWhy Are You against Married Priests When an Eastern Precedent Exists?
The Church only tolerates Eastern married priests; the situation is far from perfect

catholicWhere Can I Go to Seminary Without Compromise?
We do not have conditions to say; pray to Our Lady of Good Counsel

Sacramentals, etc.

catholic Lay Catholics Cannot Say the Leo XIII Exorcism
Yes, we can. The position you took is against Catolic sense

catholic Can the Head of a Household Give Blessings?
Yes, he can; here are the reasons

catholicWhat Do You Think about the Luminous Mysteries?
It is a way to sabotage the Rosary by making it more difficult; read also here

catholicIs the Rosary Said in Latin More Efficacious?
It is more reverent; when it is possible, it is better to say it in Latin

catholicHow Should the 5 First Saturdays & 9 First Fridays Be Made?
The conditions requested by Heaven to make them are here

catholicWhy Did the Pope Approve the WYD Stations of the Cross in Sydney?
Not to offend the Jews

catholicShould I Make the Sign of the Cross in front of a Modern Church?
Depending on the church, it is better to make an act of reparation

catholicWhy Do So Few European Women Wear Veils?
Because the priests stop requiring them to do so

catholic What Is the Origin of the Advent Wreath?
Its symbol, history & the care we have to take about it are here

catholic Is It Legitimate for Parents to Bless Their Children?
Yes, it is. Here are the different kinds of blessings & who may give them

catholicWhere Is the Holy Ghost in the Modern Church?
He is present in the resistance to the destruction wreaked by Progressivism

catholicShould I Go to the Seminary?
First read about Vatican II & be vigilant about veiled progressivis

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