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ETs in EU, Flying Muslims & Pressured Trads

ETs Directing European Union


Please, watch this video in which the President of European Union, Jean Claude Juncker, declares in a speech before the European Parliament that the ETs are controlling the E.U. The video is only 40 seconds.

Here are his words translated from French:

“We are moving toward new horizons, those of Europe and those of the entire planet. We must know that those who observe us from afar are worried. I have seen and heard several leaders of other planets who are very upset about the direction the E.U. is going to take. So, we have to reassure both the Europeans and those who observe us from far away. (Speech of June 28, 2016)

As we can see, his words could not be clearer. For those who believe that he is joking or speaking under the influence of alcohol or drugs, I comment that unfortunately it is not so. Juncker here echoes the teaching of Alice Bailey, theosophist founder of Lucis Trust, which is a esoteric organization (New Age) that officially collaborates with the United Nations. The mission of this organization is to prepare earth for the coming of Maitreya (the Antichirst). This process is taking place under the orientation of “transcendent interplanetary masters” (which are devils) and is preparing society to receive the great “Instructor of Mankind.”

I am not making up any of these data. They are perfectly verifiable here and here.

     A.S.L., France


Flying Muslim Immigrants into the U.S.


Some time ago you posted a video with evidence that the UPS was flying illegal Muslim immigrants into the U.S. at the request of “charity” organizations, which were/are acting as a façade for the government.

Now, I send you another document showing that this practice is not being done by the UPS alone, but also by many other air companies. The pilot who speaks in this video makes it very clear about the involvement of Kalitta Charters and another large unnamed commercial American air carrier for which Rick Wimock worked.

You can watch the 8-minute video here with the voice and statements of the pilot. A news report of this case is also here.

First seen here.

     Keep up the good work,



Correction on Lanciano Miracle


Re: The Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano

It is a common error that the blood pellets from the Lanciano miracle all weigh 15.85 grams together and separately, but this is false. Linoli and the WHO exams showed differently:

The first Recognition happened in 1574 from Archbishop Gaspare Rodriguez, who ascertained that the total weight of five clots of blood was the same weight of each of them. This extraordinary event wasn't subsequently verified. The actual total clots weight is 16.505 grams, that of each of them is 8 grams, 2.45 grams, 2.85 grams. 2.05 grams and 1.15 grams.




Boycott Target

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am the editor of Tradition in Action website and want to let you know that yesterday we posted a public support for California MassResistance campaign on June 8, 2016. It was a very good job.

We also fight against the LGBT agenda as you can see here.


     Atila S. Guimarães


MassResistance replies:

Dear Atila,

Thank you very much for helping get the word out on this! We really appreciate it.

We’ll keep up the fight!


     Brian Camenker, MassResistance


Umlaut on German Names

Dear Tradition in Action,

Re: Orthography on the Cardinal of Vienna's Name

If you have a German word with an umlaut, you can replace the umlaut with an "e" after the vowel. So you could write Schoenborn.

This is a long-established convention.

I think that email you received was a bit snippy as the writer ought to have told you this.

     Yours in Christ,



My Take on Fellay & Francis


Re: Pope vows he won't be slowed down by 'ultra-conservatives'

The pontiff also suggested he has no intention of launching a crackdown on the opposition, saying, “I don’t cut off heads. That was never my style. I’ve never liked doing that”...

The June 28 conversation was with journalist Joaquín Morales Solá, who writes for La Nacion in Argentina. It was Morales who used the word “ultra-conservative” to describe internal resistance to the pope, and Francis said he “rejects conflict” with them.

“They do their job, and I do mine,” the pope said.

So, Bishop Fellay [who as recent as May 2016 said a reconciliation is near], you should understand that if you were to have your way, you would be working side by side with a “man” who has no Catholic faith or interests at heart. You would in essence be worshiping in common with an apostate.

That’s my take on it all.



Pressured Traditionalists in France

Dear TIA,

I thank you very much for your site I read almost each day. I'm the webmaster of the blog and site La Mesange and I wrote to you a few months ago to answer a reader's question about wearing a veil during Mass (perhaps you remember me).

May I take a few of you time to ask you something about "communion in the hand" ? First, forgive my English; I'm French and I'm not sure I'll use the exact and precise words in these specific matters: I hope you'll understand nevertheless.

So here is the story :

1. As a traditionalist Catholic, I've always believed that touching the Sacred Host with one's hands, for a person who doesn't have sacred orders, was a sacrilege (except in exceptional cases).

2. I live in the country where I only have ONE opportunity to attend a St Pie V Mass : it's in a Benedictine Monastery, about 30 kilometers from my home. They are not independent traditionalists but are based on the motu proprio "Ecclesia Dei." Of course it's not an ideal situation for me, but I accepted it so far because I had no other choice; it was the only place within a reasonable distance where I could find Mass and Confession.

3. The problem is that this monastery began (a few months ago) to allow people who wanted it to receive Communion [in the hand]. I mean, when all the "parishioners" kneel at the communion rail, as it's always been done, there are now some tourists, 2 or 3 persons (never the same) who refuse to kneel and demand to receive the Host in their hands.

The fact is there are more and more tourists around this place, especially in the Summer. We are about 30-40 faithful at the Sunday Mass, and there are more than 150 tourists each Sunday. Some of them even dare to attend the conventual daily Mass where they refuse to kneel and to receive Our Lord on their tongue, and by that fact scandalize the faithful who are present. I suspect they are not Catholics at all, but are simply attracted here by curiosity and to hear the Gregorian singing.

A few of us vigorously asked the monks about why they allow such impiety, which throws confusion, sadness, or anger in our souls, and which makes us suffer because we see with evidence the lack of respect both of the communicants and the priest shown to Our Lord in His Sacrament...
The Fathers answered that they don't dare to refuse to obey the people who want to receive Communion because they (the monks) are afraid one of them might complain to the bishop, who positively hates traditionalists and would do them harm provided he gets any excuse to do so.

I protested, saying no human prudence should justify such an offense against Our Lord, in such a grave matter, but none of us managed to make their Superior Father change his mind, because he simply denies it's a serious matter and he invokes to prove it ... "the discipline of the (conciliar) Church" - his quote.

I'm now quite helpless, and I don't know what to do.

Do we, the faithful, sin when attending a Mass where we know such things occur? If - as it is the case - I cannot refrain from being scandalized, should I continue to go to this Mass or do I have the obligation to avoid it?

For more than 10 years I've been accustomed to attend this Mass here three times a week, and I'm now in a painful situation.

On top of it all, I can't ask my confessor to help me because, of course, he's judge and jury and will agree with his superior!!!

Thank you with all my heart if you can help me and give me advice, and my apologies for the length of this mail.

In Our Lord and Our Lady,

     Kind regards,

     Frédérique, France


TIA responds:

Dear Frédérique,

Thank you for being a regular reader of our site and for the confidence you reveal in us in  describing your situation and asking your questions.

You have our full solidarity in the sufferings and difficulties you are experiencing.

The bottom line of what is happening is not difficult to understand. The Bishop, who allows the Benedictine Monastery to say the Tridentine Mass, is checking the “fidelity” of the monks to the rules of Summorum Pontificum, which demand that those authorized to say this Mass have to show no objection to the Novus Ordo Mass as being the “Ordinary Rite” of the Conciliar Church. So, he directs to their monastery tourists who demand to receive Communion in the hand and other things which you described quite well.

If the monks do not accept, the Bishop cuts their permission to say the “Extraordinary Rite.” If they accept, the faithful, like yourself, have to bend to their policy or look for another place to assist at Mass. In other words, the Bishop obliges everyone to go along the rules of Vatican II and Summorum Pontificum.

The enforcement of this policy can diminish when Summer is over and the tourists are less numerous, but in the long term it will be imposed. So, sooner or later you and your fellow traditionalists will have to either bend or leave.

Keep this in mind as a background explanation.

This said, our opinion is that it is better for you to look for another place.

If this option does not exist, it is better to avoid the Masses where more tourists are present.

If you and the other traditionalists do not have other options, we believe you do not commit a mortal sin if you attend one of these Masses to fulfill your Sunday obligation and receive Communion.

We hope these considerations may be of some help for you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 12, 2016

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