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Progressivist Mindset & AI’s Dark Side

Customs & Consumerism


Re: Trees of Paradise & Fruitful Grain

How great it is to be reminded of the various traditions of European Catholics!

I feel our customs are just completely washed away by consumerism and tacky sometimes evil displays. Just like Our Lady of Good Success said. It's amazing how accurate are the prophecies.



What Mass to Attend?

Dear T.I.A.,

Thank you for your website. It is a blessing to me. I have read the “latest updates” page daily for several years, but I rarely have the opportunity to delve more deeply due to my vocation as a wife and mother of many. For this reason, I am writing directly rather than trying to search for the information in your archives.

I currently attend a local N.O. parish but I have attended Latin Mass at diocesan churches periodically over the years. Now, only one diocesan church continues to offers Latin Mass. There are chapels of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, SSPX, and also the one diocesan Latin Mass equidistant from my home.

I would like to attend Latin Mass from this day forward. I ask for your guidance in which would be best to attend.



TIA responds:

Dear R.D.,

Thank you for your kind words of support.

In regards to the three options of diocesan parish, FSSP, and SSPX: you can read about our position in regards to the FSSP and SSPX here, and here. If you have other options, we advise against attending a Diocesan Latin Mass, because progressivist changes often creep in.

We commend your decision to only attend the Latin Mass and hope these considerations are helpful to you. May Our Lord and Our Lady bless you and your family this Advent season and prepare your hearts for the joy of Christmas.


     TIA correspondence desk


In the Seclusion of the Cloister


Salve Maria!

I saw this painting today while looking for pictures for my Catechism class, and this appeared.

It gives an idea of the serenity, but also the beauty of the cloister...




Check How Progressivist You Are

Dear Reader,

TIA received the photo below along with respective comments from an Irish Lady who was formed before Vatican II according to the traditional principles of Catholic Morals. In the 1940s two of her sisters entered religious orders dedicated to forming girls. She herself worked as a lay teacher in a religious order. So, she is perfectly acquainted with what a Catholic formation for girls should be.

We suggest that you look carefully at this photo and read her comments.

If, after you do this, you believe that her comments are exaggerated and that those girls were normally and even well dressed, then you have a great dose of progressivism in your soul. In such case, pray to Our Lady to show you how this infection took place and how to extirpate it from your soul.

If you agree enthusiastically with her comments, you have a true counter-revolutionary soul. In this case, pray to Our Lady to conserve this mindset and improve it by rejecting everything that is revolutionary in our days.

We hope this test will bring you to a better position in both cases.


     TIA correspondent desk


Good Shepard Institution, 1950s

Click here to enlarge

Dear TIA,

Ave Maria Purissima!

This photograph from a Good Shepherd Institution in Lourdes [in the 1950s] left me feeling sick to my stomach. There is so much wrong here.

The immodesty of dress, the competitive nature of the sports, the girls swinging like little savages from the ropes and climbing frames. Those at the top seem to be flaunting their nakedness in the very place where the Immaculate Virgin appeared.

The site seems to be very open to the public also. Where are the high walls to protect these girls from the world?

This is truly appalling and a travesty of the work of the Sisters pre Vatican II.

God bless you.

     Yours sincerely

     C.P., Ireland


The Dark Side of AI

Good day,

I have been reading many of your articles concerning AI and transhumanism.

I find no similar thoughts on the subject anywhere else today and you seem to be on the same page so to speak, and thus I will share this video with you and if you feel the need, with your readers for further discernment on the topic.

I despair when I think of the multitudes of people that think that AI is a good idea and think it is just a tool like any other, and as long as we use it wisely it will benefit humanity (including many that should know better).

“For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect.”

And the next step, transhumanism (apparently merging humans with AI technology to instill superhuman abilities).

This article by Atila Guimaraes and many others I’ve read that you have published on the subject mirrors my own views:

The Great Bluff of Artificial Intelligence by Atila Sinke Guimarães.

(The following sentences are specifically useful to remember when watching the video I will later reference.) (emphasis is my own)

“To attribute understanding and judgment, that is, life and rationality, to a machine is either a fairy tale or a disguise to cover for the Devil’s action in it. &

“Indeed, between man and God there is no possibility to have another type of life such as 'living and thinking computers.' The only rational life between man and God is that of the Angels. In this case, it is not difficult to conclude that those who are inspiring are the bad angels since the AI narrative leads to the denial of God.” &

“So, here again we have a devil entering the AI narrative in a technological disguise in order to communicate with man through computers.

There are any number of videos on Youtube showing the current capabilities of AI in generating images and video, but even the most “innocent” AI generated images have always caused me consternation.

There is something very dark about them. (Even the fluffy cartoon animals etc)

Anyone interested can search on Youtube for things like “AI generated images.” “Disturbing images produced by AI” or “I asked AI to produce images of what hell looks like”. (Or heaven)

I honestly don’t dwell on this subject, but today came across the following video:

(I advise viewer discretion for those that scare easily. Most horror movies these days are laughable, but this is creepy and disturbing beyond almost anything I’ve seen in my life. There is nothing against morals or sexual content, it’s just very disturbing and possibly macabre and definitely gives me vibes of dark forces being behind/inside the technology.)

As St Gregory Thaumaturgus (and other saints) could expel devils from idols and objects, there is in my mind no reason why demons could not infest/possess this technology of today. Especially if together with their human minions via Satanism, spells and black magic are assisting each other in this endeavor. (Which we know ultimately will fail spectacularly)

The disturbing Art of AI: see here.

Thought: Could the Beast or False Prophet or Antichrist of Revelations be an AI-human-demon hybrid?

God Bless you and thanks for all you do.


Posted December 19, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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