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Potpourri of Beauty

Hugh O’Reilly
A reader sent TIA the splendid collection of photos below, which were forwarded on to me to make some comments on them. The one point they have in common is that all are very beautiful. So, I am suggesting that the Editor post all the pictures as they are and let the reader enjoy and analyze the ensemble.

Each one of us will have a preference for a different photo. I invite the reader to select the one or ones he likes most and then try to determine the reason why. If he does this and his analysis is objective, he may have a starting point to discover his own primordial light, that is, the facet of God he was called to reflect when He created him.

Indeed, consciously or unconsciously, when a person likes something in a disinterested way, it is because there is an affinity between that type of beauty and the matrix of admiration God put in his soul. So, by keeping track of the beautiful things that make him marvel, checking their common points and trying to understand why they impress him, he can mark out the road of contemplation upon which he was called to walk.

It is a great personal discovery to know what each one of us should reflect of God. So here is my invitation to each reader: Enjoy viewing these photos and go a step further: try to analyze them in depth as suggested.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 10, 2015

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