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Franciscan in the tobogan

Check whether you are a revolutionary

The two black and white photos, above and first row below, record two scenes from the religious life in the years shortly before Vatican II.

Many of the religious men and women of that time were tired of the seriousness and sacrality of the life of the Church and ready to enter into the "fun" of the modern world. This is what the aggiornamento of the Council did. It finished with the idea that the religious life is one of sacrifice and discipline to prepare for Heaven. Instead, it opened the gates to every possible adaptation of the religious life to the world. Today, we know where this tendency has led.

Thus, these photos are symptoms of a mentality that was contaminating the whole body of Catholic religious life on the brink of an explosion.

Now then, the color photos that follow, from the second row down below, are documents of today's conservative or traditionalist nuns of different orders or congregations having some "fun" as a break from religious life. The religious are conservative insomuch as they wear habits and follow a rule, but they feel the need to indulge in some kinds of "worldly fun" - playing soccer, riding tricycles, learning some dance steps or trying out a new type of umbrella in public appearances.

The test we propose to you is this:

If you believe today's nuns are correct in engaging in this kind of activity, you are approving the same relaxation in seriousness and sacrality of the Church's life that in many ways prepared the way for the reforms of the Council. Thus, you would also be implicitly approving those attitudes registered in the black and white photos; that is, you would be a partisan of the same mentality that generated Vatican II. The mentality of these conservative or traditionalist nuns sooner or later will generate analogous fruits.

In such a case, you are a conservative or traditionalist only in appearance. At depth you are still a revolutionary, a progressivist.

On the other hand, if you believe that these nuns are wrong because it is not appropriate for those who made a vow of total dedication to Our Lord to engage in this kind of entertainment, then you are a counter-revolutionary.

The civilization that you are striving to restore will not be a failure that shortly returns to the status quo ante, but it will be an order that will last a long time: the Reign of Mary.

You and we know that everyone needs some kind or exercise to have a healthy life. However, the religious life by its nature always had more than enough physical exercise in their normal duties to fulfill this purpose. In the more than 1,900 years before Progressivism appeared, religious men and women never had the need to practice sports or adopt the habits of the world in order to be healthy.

"Nuns running in competition Conservative nuns having fun 

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Posted November 2, 2014

Our Lady of La Salette,
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