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Fr. Gruner, Outdated Canons &
Fr. Serra in the Capitol

In Memoriam of Fr. Nicholas Gruner

Fr Nicholas Gruner
TIA expresses its sorrow for the death of Most Rev. Fr. Nicholas Gruner, yesterday April 29, 2015.

We believe that his apostolate disseminating the messages of Fatima throughout the world was of great benefit for the glory of Our Lady and countless souls.

We pray and invite our readers to pray to the Mother of Mercy to take this into consideration and give eternal rest to his soul.

Requiem in aeternam dona ei Domine,
Et lux perpetua luceat ei,
Requiescat in pace. Amen



Outdated Canons

Re: Communicatio in Sacris in Cologne

I don't think that old canon law applies anymore in the Church so why do you quote it in your Picture of the Week.

The Pope himself told the Benin Bishops to promote interreligious dialogue this week, so why are you saying it isn't allowed?

I don't get it. You are coming from a different era. Things have changed. Ask any priest.

Are you above the Pope?

I am just curious.


TIA responds:


Under the pretext of being just curious, you take advantage of your “doubt” to call us outdated, which you consider to be an offense. You should be impartial and wait for our answer if you are just curious…

Here is the answer: Regarding canon law a Pope can undo any positive law another Pope made. We recognize this readily. However, no Pope has the authority to undo the Catholic Faith or the Catholic Dogma by which the Faith is declared. If he were to do so, he would be placing himself above the almost 2,000 years of the Catholic Magisterium, which is the same as saying he would be placing himself above God, who revealed the Faith to us and assisted the Church during these two millennia.

Now then, in the New Code of Canon Law of 1983, John Paul II did both things: He revoked the positive laws of previous Code of 1917, and he also pretended to revoke those points that reflect Catholic Dogma, such as the ones referring to relations with heretics. In the latter points he abused his authority.

Therefore, he should be obeyed in what concerns positive laws and resisted in the points in which he abused his power and is favoring heresy. God never changes; the Catholic Faith never changes; the doctrine it established regarding heresy does not change either. So, the essence of the canons that reflect this immutable Faith also does not change.

This is why we quote them, resisting the decisions of the conciliar Popes who are going against the ensemble of the previous Magisterium with the declared intention of changing the Catholic Faith.

We are not pretending to be above them; they are pretending to be above God.


     TIA correspondence desk


Is My Annulment Valid?



I grew up Novus Ordo and have an annulment. Do traditional Catholics accept an annulment that was granted post-Vatican II or is it their belief that annulments should not be granted?

I am struggling with whether I should commit to a life of celibacy, or accept my annulment and find a husband while I am still young.

I do not go along with the Church's teachings on this issue, but also want to be obedient to what is "loosed on earth." I also don't want to cause someone else to sin if my annulment ruling is really not in accordance with the teachings of true Catholicism.

     Thank you.


TIA responds:

Hello J.T.,

You are quite general in your statements. You specify neither the reasons for your annulment nor the points upon which you do not agree with the Catholic Church. This obliges us to give you a general answer as well.

In principle the tribunals established by the Catholic Church to judge cases of null marriages have the due power to decide whether they were valid or not. This is part of their purpose. So, their decisions should be considered valid unless there is specific proof in the opposite direction.

Today we are witnessing these tribunals issuing annulments beyond any reasonable measure. They are in effect establishing the “Catholic divorce,” without the name. This orientation comes from Rome in order to foster the agenda of Progressivism, which requires the Church to adapt herself to the modern world – divorce included.

Although these decisions can be considered abusive, they are still valid decisions. It does not fall to the faithful to contest their validity. It falls to the officials of these tribunals and the Bishops to answer before God about the innumerable families they are destroying by fostering this agenda.


     TIA correspondence desk


Padre Serra Statue Must Remain in the Capitol


Please request that Gov. Jerry Brown of California veto any attempt to remove the statue of Padre Serra from the State Capitol. It has been there since 1931.

For it to be replaced with a statue of a failed space mission personage who was a lesbian [Sally Ride] is both a sad reminder of our nation's double failure in morals and accomplishment as well as a slap in the face to our California history. Padre Serra has been smeared all too long by the "Black Legend" which dishonors everyone with Spanish blood flowing in their veins. Do not let those who would tarnish our proud legacy win.

Fr serra statue
Everyone should be grateful for the Spanish colonists for infusing our American culture with restraints upon freedom. Because of them we do not tolerate human sacrifice, mutilation of noses and ears, all practiced before the Spaniards arrived in this land.

As a continuation of this legacy, we do not allow the stoning of women, lopping off of hands from the Middle East, cannibalism from South America, crucifixion from the Roman Empire, or my Viking ancestor's practice of beheading enemies and using their heads to form the original football!

To so smear good people of Spanish descent by promoting the false "Black Legend" is prejudiced, slanderous and decadent.

The removal of the Padre Serra statue is an obvious insult to all Californians as well as to one billion Catholics worldwide who are going to be watching Pope Francis canonize Padre Serra in America in the fall of this year.

To replace him with a depressing figure with a message to further erode the institution of marriage bespeaks more of the rise of paganism eroding civilization than of anything we can be proud of.

It would be wise to resist this obvious media bomb on the part of those who through ignorance wish to destroy America. Let the minority rant and rave. The media will be happy to have a fight on which they can make money. We, the decent majority, should honor Padre Serra.




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 30, 2015

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