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‘Kid Judge,’ First Communion &
Devilish Protestants

‘Kid Judge’ to Be Sainted


Read below to understand the bag of worms Francis' new path to sainthood opens.

Here is a judge killed by the mafia for opposing them. A good man, it seems, but his death has NOTHING to do with God, the faith. If he can be raised to sainthood, why not some schismatic or Protestant who gives his "life for others"

Faith, sin, perfection of virtue - none of this enters the picture. Good guys who love others can be modern 'saints'.

Everything is turned on its head, which means that something is gravely wrong, as you all have pointed out more than once on your site!

     Thanks for your good work.


‘Kid judge’ killed by mafia could follow pope’s new path to sainthood

Pope Francis's June legal act created a new path to sainthood for those who made an "offer of life," which may open up the door for the canonization of several Italian judges who were killed by the mafia. Among them is Rosario Livatino, the 'kid judge', who was brutally murdered for trying to uncover mafia dealings.

Read more here


Funny Story from Wales

Dear TIA-team,

That one's funny (or sad, depending on how you look at it): So seldom are Catholic priests nowadays seen in their traditional cassock that the manager of a pub in Wales threw a bunch of seminarians out because he thought they were pranking him by wearing costumes.

Only after they were able to produce satisfying evidence that they were in fact clerics were they allowed back in. Whether priests are supposed to enjoy a pint in a pub in the first place and sport a behavior not very different from the laity, is a different question altogether which, of course, would never be asked in the Conciliar Church.

Watch the video here.

     Kind regards,

     G.H., Germany


Sr. Lucy’s Death


I have been visiting TIA for years and immensely appreciate the work that you do through this site. I have not until now had anything to write to you about, but I have an update that you may wish to be aware of.

If you go to this link and advance to page 12 you will find that the website has changed the date of Sr. Lucy's death to match that of the most recent date.

I thank you for preserving the actual date on your website. I would better believe that Our Lady would welcome Sr. Lucy home on one of her great feasts than in the time leading up to Lent, preserving her from witnessing the ruin prophesied to her.

     God bless you and the work you do.



Was My First Communion Valid?


Could you please tell me if the Rite of Ordination was changed at Vatican II.

I read somewhere it was and that the new Rite does not grant the power to the priest to change bread and wine into the Lord’s Body and Blood.

I said this to an adult and she said with concern, then, I have not made my First Holy Communion.

Could you enlighten me on this?

     Thank you.


TIA responds:

Hello M.E.C.,

The rites of the Sacraments unfortunately changed because they were inspired by Vatican II. However, the Popes during the Council and after it were/are still Popes with the authority to change those rites.

Although we agree that the rites should not have changed and that the changes were to detriment of the Catholic doctrine and Catholic tradition, those changes did not invalidate the Sacraments.

Therefore, we believe that, normally speaking, the priests ordained after Vatican II according to the modified rituals are valid priests who have the power to effect the Transubstantiation, that is, to transform the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore, we believe your First Communion was valid.


     TIA correspondence desk


Protestants Inspired by the Devil

Dear TIA,

Thank you very much for your wonderful website.

I was very intrigued by Dr. Horvat’s article that Protestants are not Christian. I agree with her assertion, and the article made a deep impression on me. After reading the article, I decided to decline a Protestant friend’s invitation to attend a service at her church. I won’t attend a Protestant service again.

I came away from the article with a question. Devout Protestants believe in Jesus Christ and read the Bible frequently. They love Jesus and the Holy Spirit. At the same time, they reject the Church that Jesus Christ began, the Catholic Church.

So my question is this: What God do Protestants actually worship? Do Protestants worship Jesus Christ, the Jesus Christ that devout Catholics worship? Or are they, without realizing it, worshiping a false god, perhaps even a dark spirit?

     Thank you,


TIA responds:

Dear S.T.,

Thank you for your support for Dr. Horvat’s article. We are glad it had a good influence on you.

Regarding the god adored by Protestants, we make the following remarks.

Consider that a certain religion defines itself as:
  • Denying the only true Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ;

  • Denying the Pope as Jesus Christ’s Vicar on earth;

  • Denying the role of His Most Holy Mother in the Incarnation, His formation and His Redemption;

  • Denying the intercession of all the Saints declared as such by the Catholic Church;

  • Denying the existence of Purgatory and, consequently, the existence of the Poor Souls;

  • Denying Tradition as a font of Revelation;

  • Denying the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist;

  • Denying the solemnity of the Divine Worship in the liturgy as it was established by the Church;

  • Denying the Scholastic thinking of the Church.
If we consider that these points are just a part of the nefarious work of destruction made by Protestantism, we see that it is not an exaggeration to say that Protestantism was inspired by the Devil.

Now, when we go to the statements made by Luther himself, we see that he also considers himself as inspired by the Devil, as can be read here.

He further declared that “the Devil had become his professor of theology and convinced him of the abomination of the Mass.” (J. Paquier, “Martin Luther” in Dictionnaire de Théologie Catholique, Paris: Librairie Letouzey et Ané, 1926, vol. 9, col. 1163)

Based on these data, we can say that Protestantism in general, and Lutheranism in particular, were inspired by the Devil.

So, it is not difficult to conclude that no matter how well-intentioned a person who belongs to this false religion is, when he worships “Jesus” imagining that this “Jesus” is in agreement with all the theses of Protestantism, he is actually worshipping the Devil.

We hope this may answer your question.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 2, 2017

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