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Follow up Report, Chastity & Prodigal Son

Site with No Compromises

Dear Mr. Guimarães,

Thank you so much for your reply and your permission for translation and sharing the  mentioned article (with credit to authors and sources + original link).

As I said before, your website opened my eyes completely and I am really glad I found a website like this. It has helped me to realize many (Catholic) things with no compromises and gave me relevant answers for important questions.

So your website gives us strength. I thank you for all people who feel the same about it.

I have sent on this email (27th November) question about the "Akita apparition." I have doubts about it and I added some links in addition. I hope somebody will look at it closer in the near future…

Greetings from the Czech Republic.

     God bless you all



Will There Be a Follow up Report?

To whom it may concern,

Re: Article about “Catholic” Sex Shop and ICKSP

I am wondering if TIA will be giving their readers an update from the email I sent on Canon Coggeshall’s actions taken against the Walter couple and their Intimacy website.

I hope I won’t be disappointed with your not notifying your readers that Canon Coggeswell has indeed seriously admonished the couple.

     In Cristo Rege,


TIA responds:


Thank you very much for your update.

It is really reassuring to know that Canon Coggeshall seriously admonished that couple. It is a very good start. However, since the scandal was/is public, if he wants to follow the Catholic moral principles of charity and justice, he must publicly warn his parishioners to stay away from that site.

Indeed, it is an obligation of charity toward those who may be attracted to the perverted practices proposed there.

It is also an obligation of justice: Since the owners of that site use the name Catholic and list some Saints and Doctors that allegedly support their scandal, Canon Coggeshall must clarify publicly that they are abusing the name Catholic and are practicing deception regarding the teaching of those Saints and Doctors.

A private admonishment is not enough: A public scandal demands public reparation.

You may be interested to read the opinion of two other priests and a parishioner on this topic that we posted on our last What People Are Commenting section.


     TIA correspondence desk


Chastity Is the Bedrock of Marriage

Dear TIA,

Regarding the now infamous website peddling lust to allegedly Catholic couples, may I make the following observations.

Chastity is the bedrock on which a stable and wholesome marriage is built. Of course the purpose of marriage is procreation and for this reason, the couple must come together to engage in the marital act. Each marital act must have the possibility of procreation. This is what ennobles, to some degree, what is otherwise a very base act.

Procreation may not be possible for reasons of infertility, age or perhaps, because the woman is already with child. I assume that good Catholic couples with not practice contraception, even so called natural birth control. Where procreation is not possible, the couple should practice chastity. We know, however, that the wife must submit to her husband at all times and this duty overcomes the better path of chastity.

Men have stronger desires in this area but a virtuous wife can, by her modesty and piety, help her husband master such desires and ameliorate his behaviour. For the woman enduring rather than enjoying is the better way. A truly Catholic marriage will be one where husband and wife work together is a spirit of sacrifice to obey God’s law and the teaching of the Church and to bring forth as many children as Almighty God deigns to send them. Marriage is a vocation though not as exalted as the religious vocation, and all vocations demand sacrifice.

A marriage based on concupiscence will not last, so such shops and websites which encourage lust emanate from Satan and are designed to destroy marriage.

     Yours faithfully



A Prodigal Son

Dear Editors,

Re: Sex Shop Scandal

May grace and peace be yours in abundance through knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord!

That “Catholic” perversion shop is the sorrowful fruit of an incomplete marriage.

Unfortunately, I know this from personal experience.

I spent the first 10 years of my marriage to my wife wallowing in the unrepentant sins of pornography, masturbation and sometimes, contraception. Our marital bed was merely an activity center. An “adult” arcade – a place to dabble in fleeting pleasures. We sometimes used such items that the St. Louis-based online store likely stocks. The marital act was often infrequent and dissatisfying for at least one of us.

However, in the Spring of 2021, I received the dramatic, terrifying and wholly-unmerited grace of conversion.

Once I could see the Truth and truly repented, everything changed.

Now, as a repentant sinner with guarded eyes, our marital bed has become a truly sacred and prayerful place. The marital act for us is now an echo of the holy sacrament of marriage itself: pure, beautiful, unspeakably affirming, dumbfoundingly joyful and much more frequent.

We honestly had no idea what we had been obscuring by inviting the world’s views on intimacy into our bedroom. But now that it is God who we invite in, it is incredibly obvious to us that what we’d experienced prior was stained, pathetic and sorrowfully incomplete.

We now have a 3 month old son at home – our first baby in 7 years.

Heaven seems to have affirmed this transformation in another quite beautiful way.

I carried a small wart in the fold of the knuckle of my left ring finger for a long time. I don’t recall when I first noticed it, but I’d had it for at least 10 years – certainly for all of our marriage. Unraised, it blended into the folds of my knuckle so I never bothered to try to freeze it off.

Shortly after my shocking and unmerited conversion and sorrowful repentance, as I was re-learning how to pray the most Holy Rosary, I was stung on that finger by a bee – or at least that’s what I thought happened. (I never actually saw the bee and I’d never been stung on the hand before).

It hurt something fierce – worse than any insect sting I’d ever prior endured. My finger soon swelled up and I had to remove my wedding band. When no welt formed, I realized that the “sting” had occurred precisely on that wart hidden in the fold of my knuckle. The wart itself swelled up, too – becoming raised for the first time.

A day later, the swelling went down and I was able to wear my wedding band again. Then, the wart turned black, scabbed over and after a few days, it fell off, leaving behind no scar nor trace of its existence.

I haven’t looked back – and never will (and I certainly did not click the link to check out the product selection at the perversion store).

Like my beautiful wife and I prior to the Spring of 2021, that poor couple in St. Louis has no idea what they are missing – or else they’d never get near any of that awful garbage, let alone peddle it to others.

I am praying for them. And I am praying for you.

Thank you for your ministry.

     Peace & Joy,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 20, 2022
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