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Divine Mercy & Novus Ordo Funerals

Restoring the Family Supported in Tweet

Hello TIA,

I just wanted you to know that Restoring the Faith Media featured TIA's Restoring the Family in a tweet - screenshot below.

In Jesu et Maria,


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Suspicion on Divine Mercy Devotion

Good morning,

I am sending this message as I need some clarification and possibly explanation about the popular Divine Mercy of St Faustina.

For some reason the Divine Mercy image seems wrong to me and somehow in these modern times it feels as if it is trying obfuscate devotion to The Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus. Am I wrong to think that?

Every time I see the Divine Mercy image I get this reaction "Where is Jesus's Sacred Heart?"

I know that, before being made popular by JP2, Sr. Faustina's book was placed on the Index [of Forbidden Books  of] the Church.

Could you please explain to me if am I being wrong in having such a reaction that somehow this devotion is wrong? I have never prayed it as I always get this feeling that somehow it is not right.

     To Jesus through Mary


TIA responds:

Good evening D.D.,

TIA shares your suspicions, and with good reasons. We posted an article written by Msgr. Patrick Perez on October 15, 2013, in which he sets out many problems with this devotion including the Church condemnations that you mentioned.

Because of the responses – both pro and con – we continued the polemic with other posts. You can read all the articles of the polemic here.

We hope this will be of some help to you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Should I Attend N.O. Funerals & Weddings?

Dear TIA,

May the peace of the Eucharistic Jesus and the Imaculata be with you.

In our family, we are at a point where we could have families members pass away or enter into Holy Matrimony in the near future. These funerals or weddings, many of them, will likely be performed under the Novus Ordo.

Should one attend such a Mass but not participate or should one avoid it altogether because attending would show religious indifference and acceptance of the Novus Ordo?

May you have a blessed day.

     A soldier for the Eucharistic Jesus and the Immaculata,

     M.G. - Quis ut Deus


TIA responds:

Dear M.G.,

We have received similar questions regarding attending the Novus Ordo Mass that we have answered on this page. Those answers may be of help to you.

In response to your specific question, we believe you should not attend funerals and weddings with a Novus Ordo Mass, because of the strong hues of heresy present in it.

In principle, in the Catholic Church, there are some exceptions for "diplomatic reasons." They were established to attend to Catholic diplomats in countries with false religions. The diplomat could thus attend a ceremony of a Protestant or Muslim sect in order to not cause a rupture in the relations of the two countries. However, the diplomat should be as discrete as possible, not participating in the ceremonies in order to not give the impression he is adhering to the principles of that false religion.

Such reasons may apply to the case of attending Novus Ordo funeral ceremonies in extreme cases, e.g. the funeral of your mother, father or wife. In these cases, if possible, leave the church while the Mass is being said and come back for the other ceremonies, or meet the coffin at the cemetery and not at the chapel.

A good option that you may consider is to ask a traditional priest to say a funeral Mass for the family member you lost. In this case, you will have two funeral Masses and you may say that you will be assisting at the one you requested.

As far as weddings are concerned, the attending of the Mass should also be avoided. You may meet the new couple at the reception, instead of the church.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 9, 2022

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