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Turpitude in Marriage
Paves the Way to Hell
In his outstanding Sermon on Marriage, St. John Vianney continues to exprobate those who – prior to their wedding and also in their marital life – practice turpitude, which is the word Catholic Morals reserves for very grave sins related to sexuality.

His severe condemnations should open the eyes of many Catholics who are being led astray by bad theologians and preachers. If those Catholics want to be saved, there is still time to change their lives.
Curé d'Ars

By prayer and good works you must ask God to make you know that young lady or young man whom God destines for you. It is said that for a marriage to be good, that is to be happy, it must be made in Heaven before being made on Earth. First of all, the young persons who want to deserve the graces of marriage that God prepares for those who hope to sanctify themselves in it, must not speak to each other alone, day or night, without the presence of their parents, and never allow themselves the slightest familiarity, nor the slightest indecent word, otherwise they are sure to remove God from their wedding, and if God does not attend, it will be the Devil who does so.

Alas! There is not but one marriage in two hundred that observes this instruction. We can also say that there is not a marriage – not a union in every two hundred – that is truly one where religion and peace reign, where we can say that it is a house of the good Lord.

On the contrary, there are couples who gallivant about for three or four years at dances, balls, comedies, cabarets, spending three-quarters of their nights alone, permitting themselves to all that the Devil of impurity can inspire. My God, are these really Christians, who must have a pure heart free from all sin under the veil of the Sacrament?

Alas! Who can count the number of sins that cover their hearts and their entirely putrefied poor souls? Alas! How can we hope that the good Lord, all powerful that He is, will bless marriages of such persons who have been living in the most infamous impurity for perhaps many years? Couples who may not be praying either in the morning or in the evening? Who have not received the Sacraments for several years, or, if they have received them, have done so only to desecrate them?
Alas! How can it be that the adorable Blood of Jesus Christ can descend on these weddings to sanctify them and make the sorrows of marriage sweet and meritorious for Heaven?

Alas! How many sacrileges! And how many married persons who will go to burn in the abysses! My God, how many Christians are poorly aware of their misfortune and their eternal loss! Alas! They will not leave their infamous crimes after their weddings: Always the same infamies, and always on the road to Hell, where they will soon fall.

No, dear brothers and sisters, let us not enter into the details of the horrors that are committed in marriage, all this is horrifying to death. Let us draw the veil, which will not be truly lifted except on the grand day of revenge when we will see all these turpitudes without fear of tainting our imaginations. Married persons, never lose sight of the fact that everything will be seen on the Day of Judgment. What will raise astonishment in an infinity of people is the reality that Christians have allowed similar infamies. Let us stop there.


Blason de Charlemagne
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St Jean Marie Vianney, Sermon on Marriage, § 15
TIA's translation from French
Posted on February 25, 2023

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