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Parish Sodomy Club & Scholas Occurrentes

Sodomy Club


Local Novus Ordo parish in Manhattan Beach creates a sodomy club for the first week of Lent

This is the parish we left thanks to an Assisi pagan fest they had in 2011. Photo included below.

Please, feel free to post.


Sodomy club


Where to Attend Mass - I ?

Dear TIA,

I am frankly at a loss about attending Latin Masses and Eastern Rite Liturgies offered by SSPX, Sedevacantists, Schismatics, Dioceses and Byzantines I've read and heard of so many different opinions from Clergy and Laity.

I would like to go to confession and receive Holy Communion validly and to satisfy my Holy Day of Obligation without thinking if it was wrong and putting myself or loved ones in spiritual jeopardy by attending these Masses and Eastern Rite Liturgies.

The Latin Mass in question is offered by SSPX, Sedavacantists, Indult Mass at the local Dioceses and Old Roman Catholic Church Latin Masses are they first of all licit? What is your opinion on attending any of these Latin Masses?

And may I also add that I have entertained the thought of attending an Orthodox Liturgy on Sunday. I have attended the Byzantine Catholic Liturgy on Sundays but the Byzantine and Orthodox Liturgies have married Priests saying the Liturgies. I understand married Eastern Rite Priests cannot hold anything above their Priestly Ordination and that Single Eastern Rite Priests at the time of Ordination can advance to Bishop.

Your comments on these issues would be greatly appreciated.

     Thank you and God Bless,



Where to Attend Mass - II ?

Dear TIA,

These discussions from my first email which I have yet to receive a response, have come up in my family about my commentary to you and have gotten heated. It is all about going and fulfilling my Holy Day of Obligation. At the present time I have stopped attending the Latin Mass offered by the Diocese Indult Mass, Sedevacantists, Old Roman Catholic Church Latin rite. The nearest SSPX is about a 2 hour drive. I have attended the Eastern Catholic Rites.

For me the problem lies on which order or rite the Priest was ordained and whether the Mass is licit or illicit by attending these particular Masses. I've been told that it is the Priest who is in jeopardy and not the laity as long as the Latin Mass is offered. The Laity can go there and receive the valid sacraments.

On the other hand I am told not to attend the Indult, Sedevacantists, Old Roman Catholic Church Latin Rite, Schismatics and SSPX Masses. I am told the Indult Mass is Ok then I hear the Priest is saying both Masses Latin and Novus Ordo.

Then the question is the validity of the ordination (Novus Ordo or Latin Rite). Meantime on Sundays I've recited the prayer in sending my angel to Mass. I am now more inclined to attend the Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy on Sunday which is about 1:30h drive.

You may respond. Your commentary is most welcome.


TIA responds:

Dear M.R.,

We are sorry we have not had time to answer you until now.

We believe that the following Masses are valid: Traditional or Tridentine Latin Masses said by a traditionalist priest of the Society Pius X, Fraternity St. Peter, Institute of Christ the King, Society of St. Pius V or a validly ordained independent priest; Eastern Catholic Rites (Melchite, Maronite, Ukrainian, Ruthenian, Armenian etc) when their Masses follow their traditional rubrics and texts approved before Vatican II, and not more recent versions adapted to the Novus Ordo Mass.

We also believe that a secular priest who receives a “celebret” (a Bishop’s permission to say the Tridentine Mass) says a valid Mass. These Masses are wrongly called “indult” Masses.

On the contrary, we strongly recommend that you not attend the ceremonies of the Greek Schismatics – inappropriately self-denominated orthodox – and Old Catholics, given that both of these sects are heretical. Catholics should not attend their gatherings.

On the issue of attending Mass, you may benefit from reading our answers to similar questions on this page.

Regarding the problem of validly ordained priests, we advise you to remove yourself from the whirlwind of scruples in which you seem to be caught. Take a position of good sense: In principle, the priests of the groups and rites mentioned in the 2nd paragraph above are valid, except in some special case that might arise.

In your affliction you should have more recourse to Our Lady of Good Counsel. She will always show you the peaceful and wise path to follow.


     TIA correspondence desk


Scholas Occurrentes Favor LGBT

Dear TIA,

There are many bad people – movie stars included – supporting Scholas Occurrentes, a papal initiative. If you want to discover why they are doing this, please, read and then spread the article below.

Keep up the good work.

     In Christ Jesus,


Scholas Occurrentes: Another Vatican-Soros Connection?

Maike Hickson

February 28, 2017 – After our recent report about Pope Francis’ praise of a Soros-funded left-wing organization called PICO – People Improving Communities through Organizing – we have been informed by some Spanish-speaking sources about a connection between Pope Francis’ papal foundation Scholas Occurrentes and one of George Soros’ close allies in Argentina, Eduardo Elsztain.

Scholas Occurrentes is a papal foundation created in 2013 by Pope Francis in order to promote educational projects around the world. As I wrote earlier, in March of 2016, I was in contact with one of the representatives of Scholas Occurrentes, Maria Paz Jurado. She at the time sent to me booklets for children which bear the name of Scholas Occurrentes. This is what I then reported:

"Upon request, Maria Paz Jurado sent me a collection of Spanish-language booklets for children which Scholas has already produced. Titled Con Francisco a mi lado ('With [Pope] Francis at My Side'), they display a strong and unmistakable moral relativism.

"The booklets, which each contain several pictures and quotes of Pope Francis, are dedicated to themes such as: Family; Diversity; Self Esteem; and Creativity. In the booklet on Diversity, for example, different forms of family – ambiguously including homosexual couples with children – are presented in a neutral tone, without moral distinctions or definitions, asserting a fluidity in family structure that is alien to Catholic teaching. It says: 'There are children who have a father and mother. One of each. Others two of each. Others one and two. Or two of the one [same]. Or one. Or none…'

"Is this not LGBT propaganda? (Indeed, further German-language research reveals that an earlier edition of this booklet was even more explicit; displaying a picture with two women and two children together as a 'family.')

"Yet another booklet, titled 'Self Esteem,' promotes the notion of variably choosing one’s own identity. As an example, there is a cat that wants to be a dog. At the end of the story, a donkey supports the cat in this desire, and the cat is shown sitting in a doghouse with a bone in front of it. The message here is that one may choose what one wishes to be, implying also the choice as to whether one wishes to be male or female.

"Another message, coming from the booklet Creativity, implies that God Himself is changing His own immutable Laws: 'Jesus Christ can also break the tedious fixed limits in which we attempt to confine him and we are surprised by his constant divine creativity.'

"As one theologically well-informed reader of this text has commented: 'This is a slap at those who hold to the traditional view on the immutability of dogma.' The same observer – the Catholic author, sculptor and expert in Gnostic and New Age philosophies, H. Reed Armstrong – whom I asked to read and assess all 15 Scholas booklets for children, concludes: 'There is nothing remotely Catholic in these texts. There is little reference to God, a couple of fleeting but ambiguous references to (Our Lord) Jesus, no mention of Mary or the saints nor prayer, mortification and self-denial. It is difficult for me to even begin to know where to start.'"

The publishing house of this set of booklets, Clarín, has clearly described the collaboration with Scholas Occurrentes on its own website. In light of this papal project with its seemingly secularizing and liberalizing content, it is important to note who Scholas’ public collaborators and supporters are. The IRSA Fundación is one of the official “National Cooperators” of Scholas Occurrentes which accompanies Scholas “in its mission to reach children and young people through inclusive education” [my emphasis]. (One can read about this activity and funding on the Foundation’s website by clicking “Educación y Cultura” which shows the name of Scholas at the right side.)

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 9, 2017

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