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Benedict’s Trad Fans & Confused Marriage

Exorcist Fr. Amorth

Dear TIA,

I have seen this article several times now, and while Fr. Amorth seems to have much to be commended for, I wonder about the number of 70,000 exorcisms performed in thirty years. That comes to about seven exorcisms a day, without missing a day for all thirty years.

Another article on Fr. Amorth stated that "Amorth also said that he had only been faced with about 100 cases of real demonic possession in all those tens of thousands of cases."

So, it seems that we have been given very misleading information about this man. There are solemn exorcisms of true possession, which Fr. Amorth mentions doing a hundred or so, and then there are lesser exorcisms, which do not imply possession, such as are done at Baptism. Did I know this before? No. And articles on Fr. Amorth, and there have been several over the years, always mention the tens of thousands of exorcisms without making the distinction.

And in my mind, such articles served to discredit the man. And even now I wonder if he was the one who failed to make such an important distinction.

     Patrick O'Brien


Benedict XVI Pleased with Francis


In Benedict XVI’s own words in his new book released recently, he sees “no breach anywhere” between his pontificate and that of his successor. Please, check the news report here.

I'm sure that the Benedict traditionalist diehards, who state he was the good Pope forced to resign by a clique to favor Francis, will imagine he wrote the book under duress...

Can't they see he is right – there is NO CONTRADICTION between his teaching and guidelines followed by his more radical successor.

They are looking like those foolish followers of Cardinal Siri, who pretend he was the true Pope, when Siri denied their theory many times.




40 Portraits in 40 Years

Dear TIA,

As a contribution to your study of the differences between the photos of the two Sister Lucys, I thought this would be interesting to check this succession of pictures of four sisters.

It portrays the aging of the four sisters and I do believe they are standing in the same order in every picture.

You can see there is no structural change in the faces as they age - unlike the 'new' Sister Lucia and the original one. This seems to substantiate the theory of the Two Sister Lucys that you have made on your site.



Example of Progressivist Mass

Dear TIA,

I was watching the Pope’s Mass for Fr. Jacques Hamel, the murdered French Priest. I just wished to share it with your viewers.

Warning: If you are offended by impious Modernist liturgical celebration, please do not watch!

     Kind regards,



Communion in the Hand


Regarding receiving communion in the hand at a Tridentine Mass as described in this article, it put me in mind of my daughter’s wedding in NY State in 2003.

The priest was going to say the Latin Mass and, the night before during the rehearsal when he was telling everyone about the communion rail, someone asked, "Don't we just come up in a line and receive communion in the hand"? Whereas the priest told them, "No, receiving in the hand is not allowed in the rite."

My son and I attend only the traditional Mass and we were both quite surprised since it was a Novus Ordo priest and parish. The same priest would be giving communion in the hand as neat as you please at his next Mass.

Perplexing, to say the least.



Purgatory Museum


Will the Museum of the Poor Souls in Purgatory be open during the month of November, 2016? We are planning a trip to Rome and would love to visit it.

If so, what are the hours it is open?

     Thank you,


TIA responds:

Hello P.G.,

We found this information on Wikipedia.

The Museo delle Anime del Purgatorio is a museum of Rome, in 12 Lungotevere Prati, within the vestry of the Chiesa del Sacro Cuore del Suffragio.

Address: Lungotevere Prati, 12, 00193, Roma, Italy

Hours: 7:30–11AM, 3:30–7:30PM

It is open all week at these hours and, it seems, all year long. But, to be sure specifically about the month of November, you can ask your question at the bottom of the page here.

We hope this is of help to you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Confused Marriage Situation


My name is F.P.Q., 43-years-old. I'm from Uruguay, South America (Spanish is my main language, sorry for my imperfect English).

Was raised Catholic, Never went to church after my first communion, lived there till my late 20s, came to USA, had a girlfriend and a child, baptized her; but never married and ultimately separated. I love my daughter and supported her until today - she is 11 years old, she made her first communion already.

I met my current wife, she was a 7th Day Adventist and I was nothing... and on the way to hell ... We married in her religion. She tried to convert me but she couldn't. So she studied and became Catholic by the grace of God.

She was married before in her religion and divorced, but apparently she loved him [her first husband] at that time very much (not love as we Catholics understand, but romantic love, I think)

So, she had 2 boys. They are now Catholics converts too, very devout: 15 and 16.

We had a daughter also. And when she became Catholic, we baptized her too - she is 7.

I went last year to a retreat before she was admitted to the Church and got reverted, if is the right term ... General confession, couple of times already, and love and serve at the FSSP Latin Mass in LA.

We lived as a brother and sister till she got an annulment and we were married in the Catholic Church, San Bernardino Diocese.

I also got confirmed. Didn't know the Latin Mass at that time - all was Novus Ordo.

We go to San Secondo D’Asti in Ontario, CA, Latin Mass there and New Mass ad orientem.

My question is whether her annulment was valid.

Now, she homeschools the kids and I work. But, I work in LA and commute; I sleep 4 hrs a day and with no romanticism of my part and some complaining at home with her, as I'm a grumpy guy. My predominant fault is anger. I have a spiritual director and I'm working on it but, except for not killing anyone or being in jail, I committed every sin in between, and am making the reparation as I can.

So, she wants to separate now because I'm not good and not romantic and all that feelings stuff type of thing.

How can I solve this? If you can help me, please.

     En Cristo por Maria,


TIA responds:

Hello F.P.Q.,

We are sorry we could not respond to you until now. We hope this message is still of help.

Any request that is made "En Cristo por Maria" is welcomed at our desk.

Before anything else, we advise you to be more amiable with your wife. As your neighbor, you owe her the duty of respect and solidarity as always taught by the Catholic Church regarding conjugal life. Otherwise, if this is not done for the sake of virtue, it is because a separation will place your children and you in a still worse situation. Try to please her in what is reasonable and do not use violent or profane language with her.

Do not shield yourself behind the excuse you are a “tough guy.” Bend you pride and do what is fair for her and the children. The fact that you humiliated yourself to write this question is a good start. Go ahead and do your best to be more civilized with her and the children. Ask some time off from your job and spend more time with them.

Remember, you have an enormous responsibility in the eternal salvation of the two girls born from your first liaison and your present day marriage as well as a duty to help in the salvation of your wife. You also must have a good influence on the two boys from her first union.

Regarding your question about the validity of the annulment of her first union (whether it was a marriage or not) your letter does not provide sufficient juridical data for us to evaluate it.

However, imagining that your case was sufficiently studied by a FSSP priest and an ecclesiastical tribunal in the San Bernardino Diocese, we surmise they had the means to evaluate it objectively. Since they issued an annulment, you can work with it, supposing its validity. If any fault exists, the guilt falls on the shoulders of the officials of the San Bernardino Diocese. You can assume this to be a juridically resolved situation.

We encourage you to continue to go to the Latin Mass, to frequent the Sacraments of Confession and Communion, and to follow Catholic Morals in everything.

Have recourse to Our Lady in all your needs and encourage your wife and the children to do the same.

Be sure of our prayers for you and them.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 20, 2016

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