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Stories and Legends

catholic The Holy Miracle of Santarem
A 13th century miracle attests to the Real Presence in the Eucharist

catholic The Cock and the Wolf
A cock who repents of his pride and is saved

catholic The Providential Three Windows
The discovery of a picture of St. Barbara

catholic Bolivia’s Virgen del Socavón or Virgin of Candlemas
A massive new statue for Oruro, Bolivia

catholicThe Fox & the Young Turkeys
How the fox outsmarts the over-wary birds

catholicHeretics Worked Miracles by the Aid of the Devil
How the Bishop exposed the false preachers

catholicThe History of the S.A.G. Abbreviation
A pious custom to ensure safe mail delivery

catholicOur Lady, Consoler of Suffering Souls
How the devotion to the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady saved a soul from Hell

catholic The Conversion of the Duke of Gandia Francis de Borja
The sight of Empress Isabella's corpse changed his life

catholic The Fox and the Crow
The crafty fox uses flattery to trick the vain crow

catholic St. Francis Xavier Raises a Man to Life
He works great miracles to convert the people of India

catholicChant Royal on Lent
A French lyrical poem calling for penance & contemplation

catholic St. Patrick Wins the Right to Judge Ireland
He fasts & prays for 40 days on Ireland's 'holy mountain'

catholic St. Patrick Converts the King’s Daughters
Ss. Eithna the Red and Fidelm the Fair

catholic If Your Eye Causes You to Sin...
St. Francis discusses with Sultan Al-Kamil during the Fifth Crusade

catholic When a Pilgrim’s Request Is Refused
A woman refuses bread to a pilgrim on route to Santiago de Compostela

catholic The Flowers of St. Patrick
A mysterious blossoming each year in France at Christmas time

catholic A Forgotten Promise
A deceased friend appears to Blessed Suso to ask for Masses

catholic Five Hundred Francs in a Closet
A woman in Pugatory returns to ask for Masses

catholicSt. Patrick Converts the King of Tara
The challenge where the chief Druid priest was burned by fire

catholicSt. Patrick Challenges the Druid Priests
The Saint's victories on the Hill of Slane

catholicThe Newlyweds, the Witch & the Mule
The eucharistic miracle of Offida

catholicThe First Victory of Bertrand du Guesclin
How he borrowed a horse and won the prize of valor

catholic The King & the Rosary
The good example of King Alphonsus wins Our Lady's intercession

catholic A Mother’s Counsel
Dhuoda exhorts her son William to faithfully serve his Lord

catholic The Moors Could Not Destroy Our Lady’s Image
A sign for King Alfonso X of the Virgin's protection

catholicThe Alb of St. Bon, Bishop of Clermont
Our Lady rewards her servant with a heavenly vestment

catholicOrder in the Medieval Battle
Obedience and discipline were essential in a cavalry charge

catholicThe Lourdes’ Miracle of Gabriel Gargam
Our Lady cures a paralyzed man both spiritually & physically

catholicHow Ambrose Was Chosen Bishop of Milan
The voice of a babe called out 'Ambrose bishop'

catholicTuotilo, the Monk of St. Gall
A heavenly assistant directs his sculpting of a statue in Metz

catholicThe Devil and the Painter Monk
Our Lady helps a monk who paints the ugliest Devil possible

catholic Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, Patroness of Tobacco Growers
A devotion springs up organically from the people of Cuba

catholicThe Wakefield Shepherd's Play
A light comedy introduces devotion to Our Lady

catholic Our Lady of Mantua in Prague
A bullet fired at Our Lady returns to hit the shooter

catholic Dom Nuno, the Mirror of Portuguese Chivalry
The great piety & justice of the founder of the House of Bragança

catholic Our Lady Rewards those Devoted to Her Sorrows
Some examples of her unlimited gratitude

catholicThe Nine Worthies
The model ideals of chivalry - Old Testament, Antiquity & Middle Ages

catholic The Road to Hell - I
St. John Bosco explains how human respect leads to all vices

catholic The Road to Hell - II
How to avoid Hell: Obedience & frequenting the Sacraments

catholic The Road to Hell - III
Entering the dwelling of the reprobrates

catholic The Road to Hell - IV
How immodesty & theft lead to Hell

catholic The Road to Hell - V
Touching the outer wall of Hell

catholicOn the Eve of Corpus Christi, the Miracle at Metz
A young woman is cured at the 40 Hours devotion

catholicIn Milwaukee a Protestant Converted by the Eucharist
After he promises to say a Hail Mary every Sunday

catholic The Resurrections Worked by St. Francis of Paola
The great wonder worker raises up his nephew from the dead

catholic The Power of Our Lady's Picture
St. Alphonsus de Liguori writes about two surprising changes of heart

catholic Apparition of the Holy Cross over Jerusalem on Pentecost
St. Cyril reports the prodigy to the Emperor Constantius

catholic The Superb Memory of St. Thomas Aquinas
A trained memory was his indispensable tool

catholicA Last Vision of St. Patrick
The Apostle of Ireland sees the Church in ruins

catholic The Brave Boast of Pedro de Menezes
"With this stick, I will defend Ceuta against all the Moors"

catholic The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus
God works a miracle to confirm the doctrine of the resurrection of the body

catholicBr. Ruffino & the False Apparitions
St. Francis exposes a ruse of the Devil

catholicRain and Earth Make Mud
Bl. Jordan of Saxony on the monk's relations with ladies

catholicGod Accepted Their Via Crucis
How the soul of Prince Charles Lowenstein left Purgatory

catholicThe Alms of the Neapolitan Woman
The Mass she asked for liberated a soul from Purgatory

catholicCharlemagne’s Envoy among the Greeks
The Frank outsmarts the Greeks in their own land and comes home safe

catholicThe Worldly Bishop & Charlemagne
The Emperor orders a merchant to trick the mundane Prelate

catholicCharlemagne’s Love for Wisdom
How he encouraged the learning on his empire

catholicCharlemagne’s Care for Singing
How he made Church chant uniform throughout his empire

catholicExtraordinary Facts about the Carmelite Scapular
Evidence of the great benefits of the brown scapular

catholicThe Arms of Lorraine & Visconti
Family pride in the Crusader origins of their ensigns

catholicThe Blind Monk
The monk who asked to see Our Lady

catholicHard Labor for God
How the medieval people built their cathedrals

catholicThe Legend of the Ermine of Our Lady
How King Arthur entered single combat with a pagan and won Brittany

catholicThe Star of the Sea
St. Bernard teaches: 'Look to the star, call upon Mary'

catholicThe Water of Count Gerald of Aurillac
How God honored this Saint with the gift of miracles

catholic‘There is a Hell, and I Am in It’
Two Russian generals make a serious agreement

catholicCharles VII, King of France by Divine Delegation
St. Joan of Arc asks the King for a gift

catholicAugustine and the Seashell
The lesson he received from a boy playing on the beach

catholicThe Power of One Hail Mary
How two hardened sinners changed their lives

catholicSimon de Montfort’s Good Habit
A difficult battle is won through recourse to Our Lord during Mass

catholicThe Miracle of the Jewish Boy
Our Lady protects a child from his father's wrath

catholicThe Humility of King Canute
To teach us a lesson, he commands the ocean waves to stop

catholicSt. Clare and the Saracens
The invaders flee before St. Clare and the Blessed Sacrament

catholicThe Bread of the Strong
The Blessed Sacrament gives us victory over ourselves and our enemies

catholicServing the King of Kings First
Two episodes on the Mass in England

catholicThe Witness of St. Stanislaus
The Saint raises a man from death to testify before the King

catholicThe Forty Martyrs of Sebaste & the Baptism of Blood
As one of them apostatizes, a Roman sentinel receives the missing crown

catholicThe Three Bottles of Wine
God punishes an innkeeper for profaning the Sacrament of Confession

catholicHow to Correct One’s Peers with Charity
An Abbot receives a fraternal correction for his worldly way of sitting

catholicThe Old Woman, the Butcher & the Captain
The weight of one Mass converts two skeptics

catholicThe Rainbow Crossing Miracle
Our Lady of Pompt Succor works a miracle for Archbishop Janssens

catholicThe Scapular that Saved Two Lives
Our Lady protects a German soldier in a time of danger

catholicThe Baker’s Dog of Lisbon
God gives us a lesson on our duty to the Blessed Sacrament

catholicThe Conversion of the Moor of Pamplona
A documented bi-location of Ven. Mary of Agreda in Spain

catholicHow a Mule ‘Adored’ the Blessed Sacrament
St. Anthony of Padua accepts a challenge of heretic Bovillus

catholicThe Immaculate Conception in the Age of Discovery
Spain's glory: The devotion of the Catholic Monarchs and Columbus

catholicThe Omelet of Mère Poulard
A marvelous dish we still find today at Mont Saint Michel

catholicThe King and the Blessed Sacrament
Charles II of Spain shows his great respect for the Sacred Host

catholicHow to Dress in the Presence of the Blessed Sacrament
An impious act of affront to Our Lord is duly punished

catholicHow St. Gregory the Great Was Elected Pope
He fled the honor but the people returned him to Rome

catholicThus Were the Bishops of Better Times...
How St. Dunstan treated an erring King and adulterous Count

catholicThe Final Words of the Salve Regina
An invitation for us to come to Our Lady with all our needs

catholicThe Siege of the Alcazar of Toledo
Colonel Moscardó refuses to surrender - even at the cost of his son's life

catholicFruits of Medieval Devotion to Our Lady
Tenderness to the Virgin refined the early medieval man

catholicCourage and Obedience
Even the enemies of the Crusaders admired their dedication

catholicFrom Paradise St. Dominic Savio Teaches Us
He appears to Don Bosco in a dream to promote devotion to Our Lady

catholicThe Eucharistic Miracle of Avignon
The Blessed Sacrament is miraculously preserved in the flood of 1433

catholicQueen Blanche of Castile and the Rosary
Through a miracle she gave birth to St. Louis IX

catholicThe Legend of the Dogwood
The dogwoods blossom reminding man of Our Lord's crucifixion

catholicThe Medievals Were Barbarians …
In fact, modern man marvels at their gothic architecture

catholicThe Divided Horsecloth
The improvident merchant who gave all his property to his son

catholicThe Knights of St. James of the Sword
The four vows of the Order of Santiago

catholicThe Paternity of St. Gregory VII
His letter to a humble Milan priest maimed by simoniacs

catholicThe Curé d'Ars and the Protestant
An example of the Saint's charitable intolerance

catholicSultan Saladin Describes the Crusaders
In a letter to Arabian princes, Saladin praises the zeal of Catholics

catholicThe Prayers of a Knight
How the medieval knight took his religious obligations seriously

catholicSt. Francis on Custody of the Eyes
The story of the King and his two messengers

catholicSt. Louis, Warrior and Saint
Militancy harmonized with goodness in the greatest King of France

catholicThe Harmonious Relations between Nobles and Monks
The solicitude of the Duke of Aquitaine for the monks

catholicWhen Even Wolves Kept Their Word…
St. Francis and the wolf of Gubbio

catholicThe Moral Education of the Future Knight
The good counsel of noble parents to their son

catholicA Renewed Interest in the Mary Gardens
Flowers that remind us of Our Lady's qualities and virtues

catholicRanulf of Chester
A charming case of Heaven's intervention in medieval life

catholicNaivety or a Higher Understanding of Things?
The symbolism medievals found in all of nature, especially flowers

catholicThe Rooster of Barcelos
The story and miracle behind this regional symbol of Portugal

catholicThe Investiture of the Knight
A night of prayer, a day of festivities and proof of prowess

catholicChantecler and the Fox
The cock outwits the fox in his proclamation of universal brotherhood

catholicHonor, a Counter-Revolutionary Virtue
How honor was admired and understood in Medieval France

catholic Hernan Perez del Pulgar, 'The One of the Valiant Deeds'
The panache of the Catholic knight during the seige of Granada against the Moors

catholicThe Story of Two Students
The clemency and compassion of Our Lady for those who have devotion to her

catholicThe Tumbler of Our Lady
She accepts any sincere homage even the most simple

catholicThe Story of Lady Anne Grimston
How a great tree came to grow from the grave of this unbelieving lady

catholicOne Un-Confessed Mortal Sin
A story form The Catechist

catholicThe Moral Profile of an Inquisitor
From the Manual of Dominican Bernard Gui

catholicTheophilus: The Man Who Sold His Soul to the Devil
How Our Lady rescued him from his pact

catholicThe Medieval Fish
St. Anthony preaches on the banks at Rimini

catholic'Thief! Thief!'
The Bourgeois of Amiens returns a purse

catholicThe Roses and the Rosary
Hail-Mary's seen as roses

catholicThe Twelve Days of Christmas Carol
Catholic wisdom sprinkled in a song

catholicExempla: Stories that Teach Catechism
The runaway nun is stopped - A mother's useless tears

catholicThe Monkey Under the Bed
The Three Hail-Marys save a man

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