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Charles VII, King of France
by Divine Delegation

Hugh O’Reilly

Charles VII coin

A Charles VII coin
One day St. Joan of Arc asked King Charles VII for a gift, and that Lord told her that he would grant her request. Then she asked him for the Kingdom of France.

Although taken aback, the King acceded to her request. Joan accepted the gift and asked that an official document be drawn up and signed by four notaries. Then, she asked for a solemn reading of his bequest to be made.

At that ceremony, Joan, referring to the King, told all who were present: “Here is the poorest knight in France.” Then, in the presence of the official notaries, she, as owner of France, delivered it to God, the King of Heaven.

Afterwards, by mandate of the same King of Heaven, she invested Charles as His Divine Procurator or Representative.

She ordered a solemn document to be written recording all these things.


Blason de Charlemagne
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From Marie Françoise Richaud,
En suivant Jeanne d’Arc sur les chemins de France
Catolicismo, nn. 208-209
Posted March 5, 2011

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