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catholicYour Attack against TFP's Book Is Wrong!
The editor responds to objections over his review of TFP's Pandora Box

catholicWhat Is Your Take on the True & False Right?
Explanation of what false right is & the example of Bishop Schneider

catholicWhy Are TIA's Authors Boycotted by Other Traditionalists?
Read on the distinction between false-right, 5th column & common thieves

catholicAre Jesuits the Veiled Power in the Church?
They have a great role, we have dealt with good and bad Jesuits - read here


catholic Does the SSPX Say the Dialogue Mass? 
Yes, it does. Read the testimony of Msgr. Patrick Perez

catholicIs TIA Sede-Vacantist or in Support of the SSPX?
TIA is neither sede-vacantist nor linked to the SSPX

catholicIs TIA Part of the St. Pius X Movement? – Another Similar Question
No, we are not

catholicIf You Are Not SSPX, What Branch of Traditionalism Do You Support?
TIA does not support branches, but Catholic principles

catholicDoes the Schism of SSPX Make Its Previous Sacraments Invalid?
No, it does not

catholicAre SSPX Confessions & Masses Valid even without Jurisdiction?
We believe they are; Faith has precedence over jurisdiction

catholicHow Can SSPX Administer the Sacraments without Jurisdiction?
To assist the preeminent needs of the lay people

catholicWhat Are the Alternatives to SSPX in view of Its Compromise?
You can assist at Eastern Rite Masses that still maintain their old liturgies

catholicGiven the SSPX Compromise, Should I Go to Another Mass? Where?
Even compromised, its Sacraments are valid; other possibilities are here

catholicAre the Sacraments Administered by Bishop Galarreta Valid?
Yes, they are. Do not worry about that

catholicOutcast with the SSPX & the FSSP
They have valid sacraments, but we must resist Progressivism

catholicShould I Go to SSPX, FSSP or SPV Masses?
Here are the pros & cons; it is up to you to decide

catholicThe SSPX Uses the '62 Missal, Are there Valid Alternatives?
The '62 Missal is still valid and here is why

catholicWhy Do SSPX Priests Always Impose the 'Just Pray & Obey'?
To bring  as many people as they can to the merge - see previous answer

catholicWhat Does TIA Think about the SSPX-Rome Negotiations?
We believe the Bishops are preparing the faithful to accept a merge

catholicDo You Believe SSPX Will Actually Compromise?
In theory, Fellay can step back; in practice, it seems the deal is made

catholicWhy Is TIA Silentt on the SSPX Merger with Progressivism?
TIA has not been silent. Here is the list of our comments

catholicCan Mr. Guimarães Comment on the SSPX Vatican Situation?
A compromnise will oblige it to accept the Vatican II & the New Mass

catholicHave You Seen the Compromise on the SSPX Website?
No, we have not. Thank you for your opportune comments

catholicWill Pope Francis Use the SSPX to Quarantine Traditionalism?
A future merger will leave only a fragment to resist

catholicIs Bishop Williamson Safe to Follow?
Bishop Williamson is in the game to control anti-compromise reactions

catholicWhy Did Card. Royos Say Bishop Fellay Accepted Vatican II?
Probably because Fellay did; check the consequences of a merge here

catholic Did You Read What Bishop Fellay Wrote about Your Criticism?
You can find our answer to him in this page

catholicAren't You Losing Friends Because of Your Criticism of Fellay?
Our real friends are those who want to follow the truth without compromise

catholicWhy Did You Offend the Ladies Who Forwarded Fellay's Letter?
It seems your sensibilities are more delicate than the ladies'

catholicDid You Read the Documents Confirming Your Warning about Fellay?
Thank you for sending them – we are publishing them here for our readers

catholicWhy Didn't Priests Leaving SSPX Present Evidence against Fellay?
They did, but TIA did not translate all the documents

catholicWhat about the Priory of Sion & Its Links with Lefebvre?
Here are the allegations, which oscillate between speculation & probability

catholicCould You Clarify Why Fr. Meramo Was Expelled?
Find a summary of what happened here

catholicIs SSPX Making Concessions to Buddhism?
Here is close-up of a chapel in Tokyo showing ‘inculturation’

catholicThe Tokyo 'Space' Is Not a Chapel; Can't You See That?
Angelus magazine calls it a chapel, here are the original sources

catholicCan't You See It Is Just a Rented Place without Chairs?
SSPX has been there for 8 years & there are signs of inculturation

catholicDo You Know that SSPX Is Supporting Dorothy Day?
No, we did not. Thank you for the information

catholicDid You See The Angelus & Fr. Scott Attacked You for Attacking Gill?
Yes, we did; here is our refutation

catholicWhy Is an SSPX Priest Accusing TIA of Sede-Vacantism?
This priest is wrong. It is obvious that we are not sede-vacantists

catholic What Is Your Opinion on the Presence of SSPX in Quito - 2019?
Here is TIA final balance on this presence


catholicHow Can You Prove the Fraternity of St. Peter Is Compromised?
It has the Bishops' approval, which only happens with the acceptance of Vatican II

catholicIs the FSSP Alright to Say the Gregorian 30 Masses?
The FSSP has valid Masses for the Gregorian 30

catholicIs this Particular FSSP Alright to Attend?
We need more information, but here are some general guidelines

catholicWas Fr. Bisig the True Successor of Arch. Lefebvre?
If he says this, it is better to ask him to prove it, not us

catholicCan You Give Your Opinion on the Institute of Christ the King?
It is a compromised organization that seeks to please Progressivism

catholicCan I Get Back a Contract I signed with Institute of Christ the King?
If the ICRSS forgot it tricked you it may be best to let it go

catholicWhat Is Your Opinion on the Institute of Good Shepherd?
Read here how it has been strangled by the Vatican

catholicWhat Is Your Take on Bishop Rifan's Adhesion to the Novus Ordo Mass?
See his position and his apologia for the New Mass here

catholicCan We Say that Bishop Rifan Is a Traitor?
Yes we can, the proof is here

catholic Why Do You Say Fr. Rifan Was In the SSPX Cupola When He Was Not?
One of the highest authorities of the SSPX confirmed that he was

catholicCan We Say Rifan Is a Forerunner of Fellay?
Read Fellay's criticism of Rifan & see whether the former is on the same path


catholicWhy Do So Many Traditionalists Support Distributism?
It is a way to divert attention from the fight against Progressivism

catholicIs Distributism Being Spread among Traditionalists to Destroy Them?
Yes, you are right; it is the scatter and divide tactic

catholicIs Distributism Catholic?
No, it is based not on the Popes but on Marx

catholicCan We Say Distributism Is a Masked Socialism?
Yes, we can; it explains Distributism perfectly

catholic What Is Your Take on Eric Gill, Founder of Distributism?
He was a morally corrupt man & a precursor of Vatican II

catholic Gill's Vices Don't Affect Distributism. Aren't Diamonds in the Mud?
The right metaphor is: The bad tree gives bad fruits; not that of diamonds

catholicIs Gill Bad or Good? Pros & Cons in a SSPX Forum
Defenses, objections, replies & critiques regarding Eric Gill

catholicWho Gave You the Right to Reproduce the Comments of Our Forum?
They were in the public domain; they were about our articles; we reproduced them

catholicDid You Not Sin against Charity in Exposing Gill & His Vices?
No, we did not; we exposed a criminal for the sake of the public good

catholicWhy Do You Attack Gill's Art? His Art Is Not Connected to His Vices
We only attack his art insofar as his vices are present in it

catholicWeren't the Founders of Distributism Chesterton & Belloc & not Gill?
These socialists leaders were all founders, but Gill was the principal one

catholicWhat Do You Think about Hilaire Belloc?
He was a liberal disguised in traditionalist robes

catholicWere Chesterton & Tolkien also Bad?
We plan to study Chesterton - Tolkien was not linked to Distributism

catholicWhy Are You Condemning Belloc & Chesterton by Association?
Odou is not doing this; he is studying each one individually

catholicWas Arthur Penty as Good as Many People Say?
His teachings are analyzed here, here & here

catholicWhat about the Other Great Thinkers of Distributism?
They hold the same position as the ones we quoted

catholicCan I Translate Your Articles to Fight Distributism?
Yes, you can; here are the conditions

Nazism, Fascism etc.

catholicWhat Is the Counter-Revolutionary Stance on Nazism/Fascism?
They are against Catholic doctrine & follow a Gnostic theory

catholicIs Nazism a Movement of the Left or the Right?
It is a false right to direct anti-communists to Socialism

catholic What Is Your Position on Nazism?
It is a Gnostic-Manichean sect; read this series

catholicDid You See the Southern Poverty Law Center Attacked You?
Yes, we did; here is our refutation

catholic What Was Your Readers' Reaction over the SPLC Attack against TIA?
Readers reacted with indignation in our favor

catholicCan You Cite a Good Catholic Reaction to Nazism?
Yes, we can; here is an overview of a reaction by Baroness von Guttenberg

catholic Have the Nazis Practiced Euthanasia?
Yes, they have; read Card. von Gallen's heroic reaction against it here & here

catholicWas the Priory of Sion a Nazi Order?
We don't know; you can come to your own conclusions reading this report

catholicIs It True that Belloc Admired Mussolini?
Yes, he was an adept of Mussolini & Fascism

catholicDoes Modern Art Have Any Link with Nazism?
Yes, it does; read here what is behind Futurism & Surrealism

catholic Are There Other Movements Similar to Nazism?
Yes, Fascism, Petainism, Francoism, Salazarism, Integralism are some of them

Card. Ottaviani, Siri, Newman & Arch. Sheen

catholicDid Cardinal Ottaviani Accept Progressivism?
Yes, he did; check this document here

catholicI Have Heard Ottaviani Supported the U.N. Is It True?
Yes, he did; read his declaration

catholic Can't You See that Ottaviani Didn't Accept Progressivism? You Are Wrong
Your document does not address the point you imagine

catholicWhy Don't You Promote the Siri Thesis?
Because it is wrong. Read here.

catholic Wasn't Card. Siri Elected Pope & Forced into Seclusion?
He publicly denied any support for those who consider him pope

catholic Did Card. Siri Accept the Conciliar Popes?
Yes, he did, check these links here, here & here

catholic Can You Present Proof Siri Said the New Mass?
Yes, here you have some photos of him saying the Novus Ordo Mass

catholic Do You Have Solid Evidence Proving Newman Was a Liberal?
Yes, we do, read this series of documents taken from his works

catholicWhy Do You Say Newman Was a Liberal?
Because he in fact was one, as proved here

catholicIs It Certain that Newman Opposed Pius IX?
Yes, it is, read here, here & here

catholicWhat Do You Think about Newman's Beatification?
We believe he was not a saint; read here, here & here

catholicDo You Have Any Article by Brownson against Newman?
Yes, he wrote a book against Newman; here is a review of it

catholic Did Fr. Feeney Ever Attack Newman?
Yes, we published one of his attacks here

catholicWere the Newman Centers Named After Newman or Neumann?
After Card. John Henry Newman, the Liberal

catholic Is It True Newman Never Completely Converted?
Yes, he continued to defend Anglicanism all his life

catholicWas Newman a Homosexual?
It is not certain, but there are many symptoms he was; read here, here & here

catholicIs It Sure that Newman's Body Was Completely Pulverized?
Yes, when his grave was opened, neither bones nor teeth were left

catholicHow Dare you Accuse Newman of Homosexuality?!
It is because there are evidence of both his heresy & perversity

catholicAre there Studies on Newman's Epistemology?
Yes, a book by Orestes Brownson & many documents taken from his biography

catholicFulton Sheen is Often Pictured with Protestants. Was He Ecumenical?
Yes, he was an early promoter of interfaith meetings and talks

catholicWas Arch. Sheen a Socialist of Some Sort?
He defended a notion of co-ownership very similar to that of Socialism

catholicWas Fulton Sheen Favorable to the New Mass & Vatican II?
Yes, he was an enthusiast of the Council and said the New Mass

catholic Is It True That Fulton Sheen Admired Teilhard de Chardin?
Yes, in his biography he spends a chapter defending Chardin

catholic What About Sheen's Cause of Beatification?
It was suspended; read here

catholicWhy Do You Judge Sheen for His Hand Gestures?
We don't; we studied his doctrine, not gestures

catholicWhat Do You Think about a Miracle Attributed to Newman?
We don't trust the new criteria for miracles adopted by the Conciliar Church

catholicIs It True that Sheen Died in Swimtrunks on a Beach?
We have not heard of it; it seems unlikely

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