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Singapore, Ignis Ardens & ‘Just Trust’

SSPX Singapore Prior: ‘TIA Is Sedevacantist’

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Dear Tradition in Action,

This is a reply from my SSPX Prior of Singapore on Fr. Meramo after I sent this out to my parishioners in light of all that is happening.

I want all to know what is in the minds of these SSPX priests who are for Bp. Fellay.

Please post this on your site if you deem it worthy.

     God Bless,


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On Thursday, May 17, 2012, Fr. Laisney wrote:

Dear A.C.,

On the internet, one finds ANYTHING, from the Fathers of the Church to the worst heretic. So one needs discernment, and ought not to accept everything for granted! One should systematically avoid bad sites, not only those against morals, but also and even more those against the faith, be them heretics or schismatics.

Now the site you quote below is sedevacantists, i.e. schismatic. It is most unreliable. I knew Father Meramo; I wrote to him at the time of his departure from SSPX, and he never answered my letters properly. Most of these sedevacantists that I encountered are not capable of reasonable discussion: they think with their emotions, in a simplistic way: that everything and everyone is either all good or all bad; they are incapable of distinctions. Thus they do not conform their thought to reality; they bend reality to their thinking, thus departing from the truth.

In the present situation, Father Couture’s guidance is the right one: keep the Faith and pray for Bishop Fellay and the Pope. Nothing is yet “signed,” so we should not judge that which we do not know.

Be sure I pray for you and for your whole family.

     Yours sincerely in Jesus and Mary,

     Father François Laisney

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The Editor responds:

Dear A.C.,

Thank you for sending TIA this letter of the Most Reverend Fr. François Laisney.

It is curious to see that he commits a blatant error of judgment when he affirms that TIA is sede-vacantist. As anyone can read in our postings on this matter (check here, here, here, here, here, etc), TIA obviously is not sede-vacantist. Nor does Fr. Meramo appear to be so; his homilies and articles in Spanish can be accessed here.

If it were the case that Fr. Laisney did not know TIA's position, then he should better inform himself before spreading grave accusations against us, since, as he says, “we should not judge that which we do not know.”

It is probable, however, that he did know who we are. Given his unceremonious use of mendacities to divert attention from answering the accusations of Fr. Meramo, I wonder whether he considers he is exempt from the practice of the 8th Commandment, which obliges all Catholics not to give false witness. If this is the case, I ask: Is a priest of the SSPX by the fact of being a member of this organization, or is Fr. Laisney in particular for some other reason, exempt from obeying the 8th Commandment?

If he is exempt, I ask: On what grounds?

If he is not exempt, how can he say a Mass and receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord in the state of sin before making reparation for it and asking forgiveness from those he calumniated?

These are question that imperatively came to my mind when I read the mendacities and duplicities of the Most Reverend Fr. François Laisney.


     A.S. Guimarães
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Ignis Ardens
People Commenting
Hello TIA,

Perhaps you've already seen this? Ignis Ardens, the SSPX member forum that bans TIA links, has just shut down all discussions at the request of their SSPX French District Superior. http://z10.invisionfree.com/Ignis_Ardens/index.php?act=idx

Although the District Superior's request was couched in a spirit of "prayer and recollection," it fit recent attempts by SSPX's leadership to silence controversial internet news about themselves. Especially news on their internal rift between Bp. Fellay and the three Bishops who are resisting his efforts for a "reunion" with the Conciliar Church.

Apparently, the information coming into the forum was too hot. Bp. Fellay's video interview by CNS was dissected, and it was shockingly revealed that he had surrendered the SSPX's doctrinal objections to the infamous Vatican II Council http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdnJigNzTuY

As of last week, it appeared the majority of IA forum members had suddenly lost confidence in Bp. Fellay. The CNS interview appeared to be the last nail in his coffin.

Thanks for reporting on SSPX issues and especially for your articles reminding us to remain faithful and retain our Catholic "common sense".

For example, I particularly liked the article you just posted: "The Language of Truth is Simple".

     May God continue to bless and keep TIA.

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Now, Talk of Further Discussions
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Regarding the news report Vatican says unity with traditionalist SSPX needs 'further discussions'

This is exactly what the Vatican wanted. Further proof that they have always been in control. There are those at our church who are bragging about how the ball is in our court, and that if the Pope were to sign the agreement, we will be in control - since Bishop Fellay wrote it -and they will be "accepting us" as we are.

Now the SSPX as a whole, not just Bishop Williamson, is being referred to as an anti-semitic order, not just one that rejects the Jewish faith because it is anti-Catholic and non-Christian yet prays for Jewish conversions in a loving way. The whole SSPX is being portrayed as haters of Jews, and Bishop Fellay does not appear to be correcting and clarifying this error.

Each of the four SSPX bishops will be called to “make a commitment” of acceptance of church doctrine. What a bowing down before Satan this will be for Bishop Fellay. You were correct in that this is going to be an orchestrated split -- one that will label all who do not honor the Vatican's demands as anti-semitic and foster hatred of the true traditionalists.

Also, the stipulation that the Bishop's accept “You cannot be Catholic and not accept the Second Vatican Council” is an all or nothing approach that we cannot accept. Bishop Fellay, through that interview featured on the SSPX website, has already stipulated his acceptance of Vatican II with all of its flaws, and in it he gave all the glory for what is occurring now to the Pope.

The above formalities are to bring the SSPX to its knees begging and crawling. THE FAITHFUL HAVE BEEN FORCED TO BUY INTO THIS TRAP HOOK, LINE AND SINKER.

The wonderful thing about all of this is, as Atila said, the true traditionalists now know for sure of the betrayal of Bishop Fellay since 2000.

May the TIA and its followers remain in the protection of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Mary of the Sacred Heart and Her Immaculate Heart.

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"Just Trust," They Say
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

It seems as if every day a new District Superior of the SSPX is coming out publicly with the recommendation, “Just pray and trust the superiors of the SSPX”. Isn’t that what they said to do when P. Paul VI came out with his New Mass? Three apostolically blessed men of their organization - Bishops, Apostles if you will - all advise against this compromise of the faith. Your thoughts?

     Thanks as always for your enlightening insight.


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TIA responds:

Dear M.S.,

Our thoughts on this matter can be read here.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Suspending Judgment
People Commenting

Some things that have recently been said and done publicly by SSPX priests and Bishops have me wondering if we are not being groomed to accept a place in the New Church similar to Fraternity of St. Peter or the Institute of Christ the King, which means we can continue in our ways as long as we keep our mouths shut regarding the errors. Again I suspend my judgment until we see what actually takes place.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 24, 2012

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