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Just a Common Soldier & the Jesuits

Patriotic Poem

Dear TIA,

I am sending you a poem to honor the common soldier who served, was wounded or died for our country. It compares the glory he does not receive with the ostentatious glory the politicians reserve for themselves.

It is a beautiful contrast to show those who are really serving the United States.

Watch/listen to it here.



A Flash on the Majesty of God

Dear Tradition in Action,

The following is an scene from a rather strange movie called "The Tree of Life." I cannot endorse the rest of the movie as it is filled with bizarre and far-fetched ideas on theology and, unfortunately, follows the concept of theistic evolution. But the scene that presents a visual depiction of the creation of the universe is truly impressive. Most of the images used are derived from photographs taken by the space telescopes.

The movie began with a quote from Job 38 that accurately puts man in his place in comparison to the creative majesty of God: "Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? ... When the morning stars praised Me together and all the sons of God made joyful melody?"

The excerpt of the beginning of the movie is here.




The Jesuits


I enjoy reading many of the articles you post on your site. What I appreciate most is your clarity and your dedication to accuracy and painstaking documentation.

To my knowledge I have not seen or read any article that pertains to the Jesuits and the fact that Francis, a Jesuit, now occupies the Chair of Peter.

The history of the Jesuit Order since its inception is replete with what I would call controversy which no one other than the late Fr. Malachi Martin has attempted to speak about publicly.

I would appreciate a response to my inquiry and would also appreciate any information you may have which would shed light on their seemingly veiled but extremely powerful presence in the world.

     Thank you,


TIA responds:


Thank you for your kind words on our work. They are encouraging to us.

We have dealt with many good Jesuits on our website. You may find them here: We have dealt with bad Jesuits in many other places. You may find some of them by typing in the TIA search engine these names: Karl Rahner, Teilhard de Chardin, Henri de Lubac, Carlo Maria Martini, Avery Dulles, John Courtney Murray.

For in-depth overviews on the Jesuit Order you may check: You may also type the word Jesuit on our search engine and find more 300 links that directly or indirectly refer to the Jesuits in our articles, comments and reports.

If you are not satisfied with these multiple items and want to know in a nutshell what we think about the Jesuits and their role in the Church, it follows:

We believe that, like the followers of Elias in the Old Testament and the first Templars in the New Testament, the Jesuits were called to represent an apex of militancy in the Catholic Church. We define militancy as the order in the state of counter-attack which has so great an impetus that it accepts no other limit than the conquest of the whole world for the glory of God.

We know the hatred of the Revolution for the Templars that drove it to destroy them after infiltrating them to give them pretexts for their destruction. The infiltration of the Jesuits was, similarly, one of the highest goals of the Revolution.

After a first heroic phase in which all Jesuits were turned toward the conquest of the whole world for Jesus Christ, in a second phase, by lack of vigilance, they allowed themselves to be influenced by Humanism. Soon after, a socialist spirit entered the Jesuits in their missions in South America as a consequence of a twisted evaluation of the life of the Indians. This false appraisal spread from South America to Europa and is the origin of the myth of the “good savage,” which would be one of the pillars of Rousseau's theories and the Enlightenment.

So, their militancy – the fundamental fight against evil and its agents to build the Kingdom of Christ over their ruins – was replaced by a false “positive” ideal of building a socialist world. Today, this same spirit impelled the Jesuits to be the champions of Liberation Theology.

In short, God gave them a great dynamism that was meant to destroy evil; this dynamism has been used to destroy the Christendom they were called to save and the Church they were sworn to defend.

A communist Jesuit Pope is the sad crowning of this long process of apostasy of one of the most elevated vocations to appear in the Church.


     TIA correspondence desk


Toddlers & Disobedience


A difficult topic to talk about with young parents is the behavior of their little ones between the ages of 2 and 6. Naturally, any criticism of the children is met with a defensive and irritated response by Mom and Dad, who could blame them.

I have read several essays with helpful advice regarding methods to discipline young children. This one by Dr. Marian Horvat is excellent. After some deep thought on the growing problem of the increasing lack of obedience at this age level (as most of us see in private and public venues) and the frustrations of very caring and loving parents, I offer an “invisible ingredient” as a possible culprit seldom thought about, for parents’ consideration.

Satan and his minions are in the business of tempting souls to sin against God. We all know this very well. His first victim was Eve and he convinced her husband to disobey God.

Disobedience, therefore, is probably Satan's favorite sin.

Here is my thought: Does Satan send his army of fallen Angels to tempt our toddlers to disobey their parents? Would he really sink so low as to try to persuade even our little children to disobey their parents? Since these toddlers have yet to reach the age of reason (7 or 8), why would Satan bother with them?

Because these little ones are very precious to Our Lord and Our Lady and Satan's hatred for them has no bounds. He is simply getting an early start with our children so that corrupting them later will be an easier task.

Parents need spiritual help in dealing with their young children, especially if they have several children of toddler age. It might help them to know that their toddlers aren't always doing bad things on their own. It might help parents to be more patient, knowing that it is very likely that the fallen Angels may be present during a temper tantrum or a display of selfishness or disobedience. It is especially difficult for young Mothers who care so much and try so hard to do their very best for their children.

Help is on the way. Although some parents already do one or more of these things, hopefully, these ideas will improve home life for many.

First, get some Holy Water and use it! Make the Sign of the Cross with Holy Water on each of your children's foreheads at bedtime, praying the Guardian Angel prayer as you do it. Repeat this every morning after breakfast.

Second, the Family Rosary is as spiritually important to our souls as gasoline is to our automobiles. Since toddlers have the attention span of a gnat, just pray one decade of the Rosary each afternoon or maybe in the early evening.

Third and finally, when I read about St. Simon of Trent, I knew he would be a great benefactor for toddlers. He was martyred as a 3-year-old child. Pray to him every day to help guide your children and have the children pray with you.

     St. Simon of Trent, pray for us, our families and especially, for our children.

     Steve Sanborn, Sr.


Powerful Images of History for Americans


Only a few Americans are alive now who lived in those times. I would guess that a lot of college students are not aware of these places, or how they came into being.  It is a sad commentary on History teachers.

These cemeteries are the best cared for in the world! A fitting memory for Memorial Day!


American military cemeteries in Europa


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 9, 2016

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