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Indignation over SPLC Attack against TIA

Religious Persecution
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Dear TIA,

I was appalled to see that TIA was on that list by the Southern Poverty Law Center of so-called "radical traditionalist Catholics" who (according to this liberal and anything but poor think tank group) compose the supposedly single largest group of hard-core "anti-Semites" in America. There is very little truth-in-advertising with this rich group of liberal attackers who label traditionalist priests saying the old Latin Mass as "apostates," when they don't even understand what the definition of apostate is. It's just slander, slander, and more slander. But never mind the truth from this dark bunch, it just isn't in them.

TIA has never said anything but the teachings of the Catholic Faith, and I guess if they are going to brand you as anti-Semitic, then they would lump the Gospel, past papal teachings and infallible Church Councils as also being against those Jews (the Pharisees and Sadducees) who opposed Christ and the Catholic Church He founded. In fact the SPLC would probably have been with the mockers under the cross jeering Jesus Christ Himself as anti-Semitic with the rest of the hypocritical Jewish Pharisees who were the real hardcore haters.

No Catholic would ever hate the Jewish race because Christ himself came from a tribe of Israel and called on us to love our enemies and uphold the truth. Traditional Catholics oppose any form of Nazism and hatred toward the Jewish people. But this does not mean that we support their modern Jewish religion which was set up after the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. to specifically oppose Christ and Christianity, or their religious books that came later such as the Talmud, which chronicles a compilation of lies against Christ and his followers, and slander against the Blessed Mother. When we have progressivist Catholic cardinals now studying the Talmud and praising it, I guess we shouldn't be surprised that Catholic traditionalists are going to be attacked and slandered.

The thing that the Southern Poverty Law Center really wants is for traditional Catholics to give up their Catholic religion which teaches that religious indifferentism is wrong and that all religions are NOT more or less good and praiseworthy. It teaches that the old Jewish covenant was revoked and replaced by the new covenant, namely the Catholic Church which Christ founded. Is this where the label of apostate priests comes in for the SPLC because our traditionalist priests do not bow down to the Talmud and praise it?

SPLC like Abe Foxman of the B'nai Brith would probably be very happy if the Gospel were expunged of what liberals label as so-called anti-Semitic elements, which in reality are true statements opposing the purely man-made traditions of the Jewish Pharisees that drew the Jewish people away from Christ, the true Messiah.

The real reason why SPLC is going after TIA is because TIA stands for Christ and Catholic truth and is probably even reaching Jewish people with the truth of Christ. The truth of Christ is a beacon of light for those who live and understand Christ, but for those who hate Christ, He blinds their already darkened eyes. The truth is that traditional Catholic groups like TIA exposes the darkness that groups like SPLC want to spread.

So, keep up the good work TIA, and keep shining the light of Catholic truth and don't worry because these same liberals labeled the writings of the Apostles as anti-Semitic also, men like St. Peter and St. Paul.

St. Peter and St. Paul, pray for us during our own times of persecution and pray that those who are our persecutors will, like St. Paul, have the scales fall from their blind eyes! That they will convert and become lovers of Christ instead of persecutors of His bride the Catholic Church!

You have my continued support TIA and remember what Christ said, "Blessed are you when men persecute you for my name sake, for yours is the Kingdom of God!"

     In Christ through Mary,

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An Attempt to Smear Traditionalists
People Commmenting
Dearest TIA,

You folks have been battling your own war! Wow, "some folks" surely want to smear the Traditionalists...

Atila, your article explaining TIA's position was wonderful!

I am so sorry for the attack on you at TIA who are such dear, hard working devotees of Our Lord and His Blessed Mother. I am well aware your strength to bear the crosses of your daily duty is given to you by Our Lord and His sorrowing Mother. How sorrowful they are for this "storm" to be beating at your door.

Atila, thank you very much for being the kind of man you are to defend Holy Mother Church!

Be assured you are in our thoughts and prayers,

     In Christ,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 7, 2007

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