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Why Don't You Discuss
the Main Authors of Distributism?

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Dear TIA,

I see that you have been attacking a few of the founders of Distributism [e.g.. Eric Gill and Arthur Penty]. I don't have much to say against what you have said.

I wonder however, that you have been dismissive of Distributism as a whole based on these few. Neither one is among its most important promoters and founders, namely Hilaire Belloc and Gilbert Keith Chesterton and perhaps Fr. Vincent McNabb.

If you want to attack Distributism, you would do well to attack them - if indeed there is much of reason for an attack on them.

I think you might be avoiding them because you can't mount any worthwhile attack. You're just taking the easy targets, to try and disprove the good of the Distributist economic philosophy.


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TIA responds:

Dear Mr. R. D.,

We disagree with your objection about Mr. Patrick Odou's articles. Both Arthur Penty and Eric Gill are considered very expressive leaders of the whole movement. Until recently their names have been promoted by fans of Distributism as important thinkers. It seems that only after Mr. Odou's articles on them appeared did the tide of enthusiasm for these two authors begin to change.

Nonetheless, TIA recently posted another article by Odou that is even more encompassing in its conclusions against the principle leaders of Distributism. It quotes several books by Fr. Vincent McNabb as well as works by Herbert Shove and Harold Robbins.

Therefore, we have five important authors of that current that appear to march in the same Socialist direction. So, your assumption that Mr. Odou would be selecting only the "easier targets" is not objective.

     TIA correspondence desk

Posted December 1, 2005

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Blason de Charlemagne
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