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Teilhard de Chardin & J. H. Newman

Flanagan Criticizes Teilhard
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Dear friend for truth about human origins,

As you may recall, Benedict XVI has recently spoken favorably of Teilhard, the deceased French anthropologist who was also an evolutionist and a self-admitted heretic-apostate.

The late Fr. John Flanagan wrote a comprehensive text about some of the evils of Teilhard's works and how his Jesuit superiors and the Vatican at that time were aware of & condemned the work of Teilhard. That large number of prohibitions & bans concerning Teilhard's work have never been lifted.

We can be absolutely certain that Benedict is fully aware of that - but he's counting on the vast majority of would-be-Catholics as being oblivious to the info contained in the attached comprehensively brief paper by Fr. Flanagan.

If you didn't read the recent news report on Benedict's favorable words for Teilhard, I'd be glad to send (or re-send) it.

     In Christ,

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Manning versus Newman
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Hello TIA,

I can't believe it. Newman a liberal?!?!!! I grew up thinking he was a saint.

I was in shock after reading your article. So, I did my own test. Googled him on the Internet and found many, many references to him as the "absent Father" of Vatican II. Went to Google books, and saw the progressivists claiming him as their own and interpreting his books and writings in the most radical way.

So, how can a man who is supposed to be conservative, even traditional, be at the same time a liberal and progressivist champion? Not possible, in my opinion. He was either a defender of the orthodox, like Cardinal Manning was, who was a real Ultramontane, or he was not. It is easier now for me to understand why Manning didn't like him.

Thanks for waking me up. I'm not praying to him anymore. I'm praying for him... And I can sure understand why the rush is on to make him a saint.


PS. That was also a great article on the "funny" miracle for Newman.

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Injury to the Reputation of Card. Newman
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Dear TIA,

I found the grounds articulated for the suspicion that Cardinal Newman might have been a sodomite to be particularly rash and unjust.

Regardless of whether or not he was a perfectly sound theologian and prescinding from certain character flaws, to publicly assert such an unwarranted accusation is mortally sinful.

You say that the response to the death of his friend was strange and therefore you are free to publicly state that you suspect him of the unnatural vice. It apparently hadn't dawned on you that we should always think well of our neighbor unless contrary evidence is positively manifested. As such, his overly emotional utterance is insufficient grounds.

For a reasonable person could see that his comments were merely a hyperbolic analogy or metaphor for the love that he had for his friend. Many Saints have expressed similar sentiments. Even our Lord used feminine metaphors to describe His love for His people. Would you dare draw the unjust and calumnious inference that our Lord was effeminate?

It is a duty of both justice and charity to think well of our neighbor, especially a fellow Catholic, and interpret his words in a favorable manner. Consequently, as a matter of justice, you owe the name of Cardinal Newman reparation.

Or at very least, whoever was responsible for this offense should confess this mortal sin and do penance.


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TIA responds:

Dear Mr. M.S.,

We are sorry that this matter - whether Newman was a homosexual or not - hurt your personal feelings. In an ideological debate, however, men are supposed to stick to the facts, rather than follow emotions.

We always considered Card. John Henry Newman as a liberal. We follow in the wake of Card. Manning, who accused him of holding several heresies. So, when someone publicly demonstrates that Newman declared himself the 'wife' of his close friend Fr. Ambrose St. John, it is difficult not to figure that he could be a homosexual. Sufficient evidence supports the hypothesis. If someone would go public with symptoms that Calvin or Melanchthon were homosexual, we would react the same way.

For you, instead, Newman was a saint. So, when opposing information comes to light, you feel as if it were a personal affront. You go as far as to compare Newman to Our Lord Jesus Christ, revealing in what high consideration you place him.

We are coming from different backgrounds. This explains why you are so nervous and we are quite calm. We are afraid that you are lacking good information or, perhaps, you do not want to see it.

Trying to fill this lacuna, we can alert you that further data were brought to our attention on Newman's suspect behavior tending toward homosexuality. One of our writers is already reading a very serious book by an authorized biographer that describes another episode of Newman with Fr. Ambrose St. John: When Newman heard that St. John had died, he threw himself weeping on Fr. St. John's bed, laying there with his corpse, and remained in that strange and suspect intimacy for the entire night.

TIA plans to present the full details and sources for this strange episode soon.

Have you ever heard of any saint doing something like this? We have not. Again, it seems quite strange for any normal man to do something like that.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Angelus Press & Newman
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Hello TIA,

I'll come right to the point. I'm a bit perplexed as to why Angelus Press is presently selling the writings of Cardinal Newman.

Based on the evidence presented, I am convinced that he shouldn't at all be a role model for traditional Catholics. It puzzles me how the SSPX would then allow its US-based publishing house to sell such a book.

As "good" as they say it is, I believe the book should be chucked on the basis of principle. Also, those who read this book and somehow get "inspired" by it will invariably want to know more about its subject, and therein lies the danger.

Convinced that he hit the nail on the head, they may just let their guards down and search out his other writings, and we all know where that may lead.


Posted October 6, 2009

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