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catholic The Death of King George V: A Stimulus for Euthanasia?
His murder - no longer shocking to an amoral public

catholic Pfizer, Moderna, J&J: Will Grand Juries Recommend Criminal Charges?
Efforts to hold leaders accountable for the vaccine injured

catholic How Myocarditis Became the Silent Scandal of Covid Vaccination
Definitive timeline proving the vax causes heart inflammation & death

catholic The Great Cloud of Disrepute
Loss of trust escalates after the insane pandemic lockdowns

catholic Covid Summit at the European Parliament
Covid-19 was an act of biological warfare against humanity

catholic Sorry, This is Not Going Away
Lessons from the Covid War: An Assessment, another Covid cover-up

catholic Bang: Switzerland Withdraws All Covid Vaccination Recommendations
Doctors now liable for vax consequences

catholic Jab’s Spike Protein Speeds Age & Death
It invades all organs & make them quickly decay

catholic Japan Launches Official Investigation into Covid Vaccine Deaths
Finds high temperatures, inflammation, spike protein throughout bodies

catholic Shots Increase Risk of Myocarditis by 13,200%
CDC study finds the vax causes rise in this heart disease

catholic Globalists Instill Fear over ‘Tripledemic’ of Covid, Flu & RSV
First targets are pregnant women, newborns & seniors

catholic Scientists Find Nanotechnology in Covid-19 Injections
Something 'non-biological' never seen before

catholic Swedish Study: Pfizer Covid Vax Alters DNA within 6 Hours
Catastrophic implications of 'hacking the software of life'

catholic Will This Be D.C.’s Last March for Life?
The Gestational Age Act could begin to turn the tide

catholic Ivermectin Has Caused a 97% Drop in Covid Cases in India
US ignores evidence that could save thousands of lives

catholic Another Covid Myth Dies the Death
Covid does not spread through surfaces

catholic From Shots to Clots
Science shows COVID vaccines cause blood clots

catholic Vaccine’s Potential Harmful Side-Effects
Challenge to medical field to release death numbers from Covid vaccine

catholic The Collapse of Trust in Public Health
Reputation of ‘science’ & medical field in tatters

catholic Mask-Wearing Represents Fear & Blind Obedience, Not Science
No justification for fanatical commitment to wearing the mask

catholic Fauci Knew About HCQ in 2005 - Nobody Needed to Die
Safe, effective & cheap: Why was it rejected?

catholic N.Y. Judge Saves Elderly Patient by Ordering Ivermectin
Genocide against elderly is in full swing worldwide

catholic It Is an Abuse to Call This a Vaccine
It doesn't produce immunity or disrupt transmission of the virus

catholic Prominent Virologist Exposes ‘Major Risks’ of Gene-Altering Vaccine
German Dr. Sucharit Bhakd warns of its serious effects

catholic Nurses & Hospital Staff Refuse to Take Covid Vaccine in Large Numbers
Despite pressure & hype, doubt & fears grow

catholic Top Pathologist: Covid Is the Greatest Hoax Ever
Dr. Roger Hodkinson in deposition to Canadian government officials

catholic In 2011 WHO Warned Against ‘Culture of Fear’
Now WHO ignores the wise warning it gave...

catholic Top Epidemiologists Issue The Great Barrington Declaration
Condemns unprecedented use of state compulsion in the Covid-19 pandemic

catholicOpen Letter from Belgian Doctors to Authorities & Media
There is no medical justification for any emergency policy anymore

catholicLockdowns Don’t Work, Period
Clear evidence that draconian, unscientific, arbitrary lockdowns are futile

catholicMasks Do Not Work, Period
Doctors: No proof to back the illusory belief they prevent Covid-19

catholicAppeal to a Fading Common Sense
Owner of a food chain in Florida has not enforced masks: almost none sick

catholicMask Mandates Drive Discord & Division
Many oppose this sign of our newly imposed communist dictators

catholicPandemics & the Liberal Path
Governments, not Covid-19, caused the collapse of the global economy

catholicMaking Heroes out of Dope Dealers & Stoners
Pelosi's new Heroes Bill gives more breaks to the marijuana industry

catholicExperts Testify before Senate Committee on Covid-19 Pandemic
And contradict the media's fear-mongering narrative

catholicA Narco-Nation of Potheads, Courtesy of George Soros
Problems loom as dope is treated as harmless & 'fun'

catholic In-Vitro Jewelry: A Step beyond Horrendous
A demonic 'art' that turns human embryos into trinkets

catholic MassResistance – Taking Action against All Odds
Activists defeat a comprehensive sex-ed bill in Washington State

catholic The 2019 March for Life: An Ecumenical Woodstock
Daring a small critique of a 'sacred cow' event

catholic 12,000 Objections against Pro-Abortion Bills
Illinois laws propose removing all protections for babies in the womb

catholic Women Introduce Legislation to Defund Planned Parenthood
Unabashed voices in Congress defend the rights of the unborn

catholic Belgium Euthanized 2,309 Patients Last Years
List includes children, mentally disturbed and depressed persons

catholic Ireland, the Isle of Murderers
Two-thirds of voters say 'Yes' to abortion

catholic Americans Support Trump’s Decision to Defund Planned Parenthood
A new poll shows a majority behind the 'Protect Life Rule'

catholic Card. Dolan with Pro-Abortion Homosexual Irish PM
At St. Patrick's Parade the Cardinal lends support to a pro-abortionist

catholic Trump’s Historic Speech to the 2018 March for Life
Abortion is ‘wrong, it has to change’

catholic California House Rejects Pro-Abortion License Plates
Bill to benefit the abortion industry dies in committee

catholicItalian Pro-Abortionist Speaks in Church; Catholics Ejected
Emma Bonino guest of honor at pro-immigration seminar

catholicPlanned Parenthood Pushing its Sex Agenda on Pre-Schoolers
Offering sex ed perversion for the very young

catholicFamous Jihadists Who Were Potheads
Study provides serious evidence of drug/terrorism link

catholicNetworks Ignore ‘Major Blow’ to Planned Parenthood
Trump signs law allowing States to defund it - Katie Yoder

catholicNeil Gorsuch Defends His Opposition to Assisted Suicide
'It's always wrong,' he firmly states

catholicThe National Socialist Roots of Compulsory Vaccination
And the role of Justice Oliver Wendall Hol

catholicChina Executes Prisoners for Their Organs
About 100,000 people killed per year to keep the horror transplant market

catholicAssisted Suicide No Longer Just for the Terminally Ill
An expanding criteria that can even include 'loneliness'

catholicEuthanasia Will Not Give People Dignity
Any more than abortion gave people equality...

catholicDemocrats’ Racist Roots Examined in New Film
Hilary's America reveals the secret history of the Democratic Pary

catholicFrancis Awards Hollywood Pro-aborts
Pope gives scandal by honoring actors Clooney, Hayek and Geres

catholicThe Sad Demise of a Once-Catholic University
Georgetown promotes a ‘Lavender Graduation’ & Plannned Parenthood

catholicHow Your Money Is Being Used to Corrupt Adolescent Girls
US to provide millions to 'empower' girls with sex education & contraception

catholic'I Performed Satanic Rituals inside Abortion Clinics'
Former high wizard reveals how abortion is akin to Satanism

catholic The Slaughter of Babies
Brutal videos renew the debate about when life begins

catholicFull Footage Video Confirms Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Parts
Uncut video reveals some parts sold to create 'humanized' mice

catholicAbortion Nearly Triples Breast Cancer Risk
Well-researched Daling Report is ignored by the media

catholicCatholic Relief Services Partners with Abortion Promoters
Another anti-life laundry for the death peddlers

catholicDoors Open for Abortion in the World’s Largest Catholic Country
A comprehensive report of the approval of abortion in Brazil

catholicDouble Standards of ‘Good Catholics’ Using NFP
A critique of when NFP is used not to have a family

catholicKermit Gosnell’s Slaying of the Innocents
Snipping babies’ spines in a horror chambers called a clinic

catholic Biden & Pelosi Commit Sacrilege at Papal Mass
Complacent Bishops allow such a scandal to continue

catholic Half Million Pro-lifers Protest 55 Million Abortions
A record number gathers at the 2013 March for Life

catholic Today's Excessive Use of NFP
Used today by Catholics as birth control to limit family size

catholicPOLST, Conscience & Card. von Galen
Beware of this third path of the euthanasia movement

catholic Cardinal Von Galen against Euthanasia - Part I
Cursed be Nazis who kill sick persons!

catholic Cardinal Von Galen against Euthanasia - Part II
Like Jerusalem, Germany will be punishment by destruction

catholicOnslaught against Anti-Abortion Laws
United Nations wants all countries to eliminate pro-life laws

catholicVital Organ Transplantation – A Big Lie
More data to alert Catholics about the 'brain death' diagnosis

catholicA Confused YouCat Teeming with Errors
Faulty teaching on contraception in the Vatican catechism

catholicDon’t Give Your Vital Organs - Part I
New concepts of death to fit needs of transplant doctors

catholicDon’t Give Your Vital Organs - Part II
Well prepared propaganda to get organs from the victims’ families

catholicThe King and the Socialist Abortion Law
Spanish Bishops excused Juan Carlos' signature on anti-Catholic law

catholicThe Legacy of Ted Kennedy

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1 -   Public Sin Calls for Public Repentance
                   Some final thoughts on the funeral of Ted Kennedy

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2 -   Chappaquiddick: The Pathetic Legacy of Edward Kennedy
                   Even before his pro-abortion stance, a blatant disregard for human life

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3 -   An Incomprehensible Letter Exchange
                   The correspondence between Ted Kennedy and Benedict XVI

catholicEuthanasia Replacing Medicine
Handing over the end of life to 'medical professionals'

catholicBurke Hits and Runs
A critique followed by a shameful apology by the Archbishop

catholicThe Holy See Abandons its Pro-Life Position
“Therapeutic abortion” is virtually approved

catholicWhat Is to Blame for the Demographic Catastrophe?
Misinformation about the father of the pill

catholic'Nine Frozen Little Ones Hanging Out'
Frozen embryos and its consequences

catholicThe Pregnant Man and the Bokanovsky Process
When the anti-natural is considered normal...

catholicLiving on the Edge of the Abyss
Catholic optimists and Bishops ignore Obama's pro-abortion past & promise

catholicCard. Martino against St. Thomas on the Death Penalty
Death penalty is not "a scandal for the human family in the 21st century"

catholicHell inside England
Satan triumphs in creating human-animal hybrids

catholicYoung Suicide
Investigating the causes for mounting teen suicides

catholicSlide Show - Testimony of an Abortion Survivor
Gianna Jessen tells her story

catholicAmerica’s Broken Psyche
Intolerance for killing ducks ... tolerance for killing babies

catholicTerri Schiavo and the Fight for Life - There Is the Resurrection
The culture of death can't kill the soul

catholicThe Fallacy of Roe vs. Wade - Case in point: Scott Peterson
An unborn child is a human being, abortion is murder

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