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The Pregnant Man and the
Bokanovsky Process

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

Lately a preposterous and shameless lie has been making the public news, about a "man" giving birth to a child. Legally monikered "Thomas" Beatie, the 34-year-old “mother,” was born a girl but had gender-reassignment surgery. She had her breasts surgically removed, took hormone treatments, then defrauded the records by changing her name and gender (allowed by the public authorities), retaining all the while female organs. (1) Later, she – now legally male – married Nancy.

pregnant 'man' Thomas on a talk show

Wife Nancy and pregnant spouse "Thomas" - touted on talk show programs for their horrendous experiement
Then “Thomas” decided to get pregnant. He stopped the bimonthly testosterone injections and became pregnant through donor-donated sperm. Nancy, the wife (sic) "inseminated him at home with a device she said was like a syringe without the needle. They bought it from a veterinarian and it is typically used to feed birds." (2) She delivered a baby last July. Viewers have been exposed to this grotesque and Procrustean travesty on Oprah, 20/20, Discovery Health and Larry King.

One piece of evidence demonstrating the disgusting convolution of the case is seen in the birth records of the child, which list the biological mother as "Thomas."

"Well, I filled it out as me - father, Nancy - mother, and they changed it the last minute, and they put her as father and me as mother. And then they changed it again and put us as parents ... One part of the government recognizes me as male and now, with our baby's birth certificate, there's a conflict. (3)

Conflict? How about acute moral and psychological confusion? Tampering with human reproduction is one of the tragic elements of modernity. More than a million babies worldwide have been conceived by in vitro fertilization (IVF). This process produces a human embryo outside the mother's body, implanting it into another woman's body. A recent book published on this subject was authored by a woman utilizing IVF in the form of a "chatty narrative,” tracking expensive, dangerous, and morally repugnant procedures. (4)

We're in the Brave New World

In Huxley's futuristic story about a world-state in the 26th century, The Brave New World, (5) this type of tampering reached its nadir, with eugenics and dysgenics being practiced systematically. Humans were not born, but grown in a hatchery. There, one set of bottles contained biologically superior ova, fertilized by biologically superior sperm, producing different human types - Betas, Alphas and Alpha Pluses. These, of course, were the upper classes. Another set of bottles was subjected to the Bokanovsky Process. The contents of these received a pre-natal treatment with alcohol and other protein poisons, producing chemically stunted people who were veritably sub-human, for use as unskilled laborers.

In this brave world, erotic play and promiscuous sex were the norm. There was no religion or philosophy, and thinking was discouraged. The world was thus controlled and kept from war by keeping the citizenry content in their respective “places.”

London Gay Pride Parade 2002

Homosexuality is part of Huxley's new world.
Above, the 2002 'gay pride parade' in London
In another futuristic novel titled 1984, control was exercised in the opposite manner. In the Orwellian classic about the totalitarian State of Oceania (6), Party members are forced to conform to a sexual ethic reminiscent of the 2nd century heresy of Manichaeism that eschewed sexual relations (7). This absence of the marital bond - which Our Lord raised to be a Sacrament - kept the people in a constant state of unnatural tension (not to be confused with the heroism of celibacy voluntarily taken up for love of God); thus an interminable state of war existed between the three super-powers, Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia.

It is hard to resist speculation about where the Revolution - "a movement that aims to destroy a legitimate power or order and replace it with an illegitimate power or state of things" (8) - is guiding the course of present events. Huxley, in his 1958 sequel to his original book, does not hesitate to opine that we are not heading into an Orwellian mode, but one which approximates the brave pacifist world of his fantasy. (9) There is considerable evidence that supports his opinion.

The unnatural accepted as natural

Prenatal screening and the availability of abortion (Roe vs. Wade) assure the amoral that no atypical births will occur. The increasing ability to produce “designer babies” responds to the question of creating human types like the Betas, Alphas and Alpha Pluses.

Sex changed Stu Rasmussen

An anti-natural society: Stu Rasmussen, an Oregon man turned woman is elected mayor of his town
As far as the licensing of free sex that we see in Huxley's brave world, our modern world has a version that's second to none. Immorality and pornography are rampant on the tube or the Net. Studies show that 90% of children between the ages of eight and 16 have viewed pornography on the Net (10).

But today, we have gone beyond mere prenatal screening, abortion and designer babies. Last year it was reported that a bill was likely to be passed allowing science to create human-animal hybrids. Today it is confirmed: "The British House of Commons has passed a controversial bill that would allow scientists to create human-animal hybrid embryos" (11).

The new regime America chose on November 4th promises Socialism (overt or covert), and continued legal vice and violence. Put in another way, public opinion has spoken. Huxley seems correct in his view on modern men: “They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to an abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness." (12)

The public’s interest in the pregnant "man" - unmarred by any moral judgment - is made possible by our current acceptance of eugenics and dysgenics. The Bokanovsky Process applied to the manipulation of public opinion is the key to understanding this. Today such Process controls public opinion on two levels. (13). The first regards the general public opinion of temporal society; the second level takes place in the Catholic Church. We can see the consequences of the first in the scandalous voting results of November 4.

As for the second level, it found leverage with the decision at Vatican II for the Church to suspend her teaching authority - through the use of concepts like ecumenism, dialogue and collegiality. With this, the Catholic Faith was transshipped from the safe vessel of Tradition to a ship of fools. This is the ship of Progressivism. May Our Lady of Fatima guide the true vessel of our Faith through the gravely dangerous waters that the Remnant is now crossing.
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 19, 2008

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