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In-Vitro Jewelry: A Step beyond Horrendous

Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.
My friend Jan and I were talking about the possible effects on the souls of in-vitro babies, that is, babies “created” by man in test tubes on the whim of parents instead of babies created by God's will.

creating children

In its third edition

She knew that the Catholic Church had forbidden the practice of in-vitro fertilization or any form of artificial insemination, but she had friends whose marriages were not fecund and had decided they “deserved” babies. They went ahead with the procedure. She had never stopped to consider the possible consequences of that condemned action.

Does God give a soul to the child created in-vitro by man and implanted in rented womb? Is he obliged to give the same kind of soul – one destined for eternal life – to a baby who is born as a consequence of human techniques and not His Providence?

Of course, that test tube baby has some kind of soul or spirit, just as animals have an animal soul that gives and maintains their life. But could there be a chastisement for man in this arbitrary act that violates nature and Church law? Are there spiritual consequences for the selfish fulfillment of one's desires and blatant disregard for the plan of God?

The questions that can justifiably be raised are endless and, unfortunately, not being addressed by the Church authorities today. They are swept aside, ignored. So the eternally optimistic American Catholic is led to think:
  • Of course, God is merciful and will give the child a soul like every other person He creates. Will He?

  • Of course, the parents are good people and "deserve" a child so they should have one. Do they really?
Doesn't God have any word to say anymore in the constitution of a family? Does man really have the right to create this fake life, keep it in some suspended animation and, then, even decide to destroy whenever it suits him? In fact, we are not God. So, how can we assume the prerogative of God and imagine there will be no consequences?

'Wearing my babies close to my heart'

The next day my friend texted me this: "I cannot stop thinking about the question of the spiritual consequences for IVF children since they are man-made. I did a little research on the internet and realized the problem is worse than I imagined! There is a company that is turning 'extra' embryos into jewelry. We need to stop manufacturing children!"

in vitro jewelry

Pendant and ring displaying murdered children

I also had not realized how far the anti-life movement had sunk. It is rather old news by today's standards – reported in 2017 – but as horrifying to hear about today as then. It is so sickening that I could not swallow my horror.

Couples can turn to the Australian company Baby Bee Hummingbirds to turn their “extra” embryos conceived through IVF into necklaces, bracelets or pins to wear.

No, this is not an urban legend, but true. Mothers are taking their babies out of storage, killing them by freezing them in time and, then, wearing them as jewelry around their necks. "Now they are forever with me in a beautiful keepsake," said one murderer-mother, adding that her pendant filled with murdered children "are close to my heart now, where they should be."

Amy McGlade, the Founder of Baby Bee Hummingbird, proudly declares that her company is the first "to create jewelry from human embryos" and "is pioneering the way in this sacred art."

Sacred art? Absolutely not! Demonic art! Demonic is the better adjective to describe these horrifying “trinkets.”

This is even more horrendous than the pagan practice of scalping. It is documented that many pagan native tribes scalped their enemies and preserved the scalps to display as war trophees. A pagan practice that was eliminated with the spread of Christianity. The civilized world used to be horrified at the practice.

Today, in this neo-pagan society, we are witnessing something much worse. Mothers are killing not their enemies, but their own children and embedding them in trinkets to proudly display to a world that has lost its sense of sin and sense of horror. These unnatural parents should be chastised, not “tolerated” or even commended.

Consequence of Vatican II

Some curious readers might be asking: What does this have to do with the progressivist Church?. After all, this column is supposed to provide orientation to understand the crisis in the Church.

scalp dance

Indians display scalps in a tribal dance celebrating triumph over their enemies

I do not believe that this kind of company could have existed before Vatican II and its disastrous consequences on the Church and society. As the Church embraced the modern world following the directives of Vatican II, the world's errors and sins entered the Catholic home: revolt, immorality, contraception, and even in vitro fertilization. It should not be a surprise that outside the Catholic home even greater abominations should swell.

Without the Catholic Church to wisely place brakes on what remained of Christian Civilization, Hell broke loose. Truly, this human embryo jewelry is a piece of Hell unloosed on earth. Man's indifference to such an outrage is a call to Heaven for a chastisement.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 17, 2019

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