Video Collection on Vatican II
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A Promo on the Collection Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani?
the Video for Volume I - In the Murky Waters of Vatican II

Our first video is a short 2-minute PROMO of the video series on the Vatican II Collection.

A gripping overview of what happened to the Church since the Council.

You can WATCH IT HERE now

Why are we doing this?

At the 2017 Event celebrating the publication of the 11-volume Collection on Vatican II by Atila S. Guimarães, many persons asked for a video guide for each work, where the author highlights the main points and purposes of the volume.

Here at TIA, Salwa Bachar and Michael Saint Amand teamed their talents and started the video project.

Now we present the first video on Volume I of the Collection.

Video Supplement to Volume I: In the Murky Waters of Vatican II

In it, Atila Guimarães explains the main concepts covered in his landmark work.

He describes his purpose in writing, reveals the ambiguity behind the Conciliar documents, and shows the reasons for that ambiguity.

It was a deliberate attempt to provide a language for progressivists to allow the destruction of the Holy Catholic Church as we knew it for centuries. We can clearly see how successful that ploy has been today - 60 years after the Council.

Don't have time to read the book? Well, watch the video!

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We believe this video will help concerned Catholics understand the disastrous consequences of Vatican II exploding around us today in the Church and society.

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in the murky waters of Vatican Ii

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In the Murky Waters of Vatican II
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Posted September 24, 2018

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