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Alejandro Wiebe Marley embracing a smiling Pope Francis

Francis embraces in vitro father-to-be

On August 4, 2017, Pope Francis embraced in a general audience at Paul VI Hall Argentinian TV show host Alejandro Wiebe aka Marley, above. Marley works in Telefe and is a well-known TV host in Argentina.

Marley is in the process of becoming an in vitro father. He used his sperm to fecundate the eggs of a Siberian woman into the womb of an African-American. His child is planned to be born in November in a Chicago clinic. This service was provided by Growing Generations in Los Angeles, an in vitro fertilization agency.

He communicated this news to Francis, who did not feel it was a reason to deny the TV show host a warm embrace.

On his Infobae page Marley wrote: "I had an emotional meeting with Pope Francis! We talked about my baby, I told him that I will be a single father. It was a unique moment!"

Thus, we have a new red line crossed in “Bergoglian morals”: He is also a de facto supporter of in vitro fertilizations...

Photo collage of Alejandro Wiebe Marley in various casual situations

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Posted August 13, 2017

Our Lady of La Salette,
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