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LOvers in pink by Chagal

Lesbianism promoted by L'Osservatore Romano

We are witnessing an increasingly permissive morality in the daily issues of L'Osservatore Romano (OR), the Vatican's press organ. In its issue of June 2/3, 2014, the paper dedicated a supplement to women in the Church, as it does monthly. This time the topic of the supplement was feminine sexuality.

On page 9 it reproduced the painting Lovers in Pink by Mark Chagall, above, also printed on the front page in an advertisement for the supplement. Now then, this painting is quite controversial because it features two lesbian lovers exchanging caresses. Although, in principle, the two women in the painting could be sisters or just friends of the same age, the title chosen by Chagall - Lovers in Pink - strongly indicates that what he wanted to portray was not an innocent friendly relationship.

Thus, we have the newspaper of the Holy See promoting lesbianism...

On pages 10 & 11 there is also an etching by Salvador Dali titled The Song of Songs, below first row. In it two nude women are loosely sketched, one posed in a frontal view with her arms outstretched and the other with her back turned toward the viewer. Again, the title indicates that the two female figures are in an erotic relationship. It is another hint that OR is supporting lesbianism.

Next, on page 12, the illustration chosen by the editor was The Kiss by Pablo Picasso, second row. In this monstrous painting a normal viewer cannot say whether or not the two kissing figures are women. Notwithstanding, the picture is remarkable more for the deformation of the figures than for their immorality.

Thus, the Vatican paper reveals itself to be a promoter of lesbianism, immorality and modern art. The opposite of what a Vatican organ to orient the faithful should be.

Incidentally, on the last page of the same issue there is an advertisement promoting modern music with its corresponding bad clothing and customs, last row.

The Song of Songs by Salvador Dali

The Songs of Songs by Salvador Dali

the kiss, by Pablo Picaso

The Kiss by Pablo Picasso

news article from L'Osservatore Romano featruing Lovers in Pink, by Mark Chagall

news article from L'Osservatore Romano featuring The Song of Songs, by Salvador Dali

news article from L'Osservatore Romano featuring Pablo Picasso's The Kiss

L'Osservatore Roman issue promoting for modern music and the corresponding bad clothing

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 8, 2014

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