Art & Architecture

Art & Architecture

catholic Lockdowns Destroying What is Left of Classical Music
The China virus gives pretext to attack a fruit of Christendom

catholic A Diamond Won by the Law of Hospitality
The Koh-I-Noor and the turban swap

catholic Painting of a Human Soul
Versus a deformed modern depiction of man

catholic The Formative Power of Iconography
Art can convert or pervert souls

catholic Idol or Image?
Two opposed mentalities expressed in two images of Our Lady

catholic Analyzing Van Eyck's Mystic Lamb
Symbolizing the Eucharistic Christ and the Communion of Saints

catholic Witches & Wizards Usurp Catholic Church
Good Shepherd Church in Kentucky becomes a 'school' for warlocks

catholic Vatican’s Exhibition Boasts the Church of the Future
Ten 'temporary chapels' featured at the 2018 Venice Biennale

catholic The Liverpool People’s Cathedral
The pre-Vatican II design and its replacement we have today

catholic Considering Types of Ideal Music
A way to diminish the heaviness of life & think about Heaven

catholic Zeal for Tradition & Efficient Economic Production
Business company restores old mansion in São Paulo

catholicFaith, Art & the People's Well-Being in Organic Christian Civilization
Picturesque Basque houses born from a truly Catholic culture

catholicShould the Gothic Cathedral Be Painted? - Orvieto Cathedral - Part 1
The Cathedral of Orvieto is a splendid synthesis of color and form

catholicWhat Is Behind the Rebirth of Gothic? - Orvieto Cathedral - Part 2
A rich medieval legacy in art is abandoned, then partially revived

catholicThe Mythical Atmosphere of Neuschwanstein Castle
A photo that inspires a transcendent view leading to Heaven

catholic The Dark World of Art at the 2015 Biennale -  Graphic photos
Pantheist, communist and at times even Satanist

catholic Potpourri of Beauty
Personal taste in beauty reflects a man's primordial light

catholicTheatricality, Romanticism & Hedonism in Catechism Art
Bible illustrations like these can be harmful for children

catholicIs a Library Just a Deposit for Books?
Or is it also a symbol of the dignity of spirit?

catholicThe Vatican Exposition at the 2013 Venice Biennale
The first Vatican entry presents a Genesis without God

catholicTwo Ways of Seeing Country Life
One inspired by the Catholic Church, the other by the Revolution

catholicRegional Splendor & the Common Man’s Comfort
The harmonic grandeur of Chenonceaux Castle on the River Cher

catholicPagan Manliness & False Christian Patience
The softness and false piety of Renaissance art

catholicRegionalism, Tradition & Good Taste
Houses that reflect the best of the American soul

catholicCan Only Sacred Art Be Catholic?
A Catholic ambience  found in many secular rooms of the past

catholicJesus on the Cross by Chagall
Why is this is the favorite painting of Pope Francis?

catholicPagan vs. Catholic Spirit in Architecture
Comparing the UN building and the Middelburg town hall

catholicBehind the Contorted Papal Cross
An occult symbol of Expressionism condemned by the Church in 1919

catholicThe Spirit of Faith & Laicism in Funerary Art
Comparing the tombs of a medieval knight and Napoleon

catholicInstruction of the Church on Sacred Art before Vatican II
Enforcing traditional norms issued by Popes & Councils

catholicModern Music’s Harm for Youth
An overview on music's revolutionary descent

catholicBehind-the-Scenes in Modern Art
Surrealism and Futurism have the same revolutionary aims

catholicThe Vanguard Art against the Church
Modern Art shaping the kingdom of the Devil

catholicPicasso Painted in a State of Trance
Grosteque shapes to satisfy the depraved taste of the epoch

catholicTwo Pictures, Two Mentalities, Two Doctrines
Modern art vs. traditional sacred art - a comparison

catholic'A Sacred Art Possesed by the Devil’
An article by Cardinal Constantini warns the faithful against Modern Art

catholicThe Salt Cathedral of Poland
Works of art inspired by the Catholic spirit of the miners

catholic The Modern Art's Kabala
 Its links with the occult & social revolution

catholic Modern Art, Socialism & Marxism
 A political agenda walks hand-in-hand with Modern Art

catholic The Elegance of the Alexander III Bridge
 The aristocratic tone of belle epoque architecture

catholic Abstract Art & Theosophy
 The occult symbolism of line, form and color

catholicThe Sacral in the Rialto Bridge of Venice
How to find sacrality in the civil sphere

catholicEsoteric Characteristics of Modern Art
The revolt against truth, goodness and beauty in art

catholicCatholic Ambience in Lima’s Public Square
The continuity of tradition in the ever-changing circumstances of time

catholicStained Glass: Light, Colors & Symbols
Looking deeper into the art of the marvelous medieval windows

catholicMedieval Cathedrals and Modern Churches
Vatican II churches and their bad cultural influence

catholicTepee Churches
As Tribalism advances churches are built in Indian style

catholic‘Reading’ Medieval Architecture
A love of God and dedication that speak to us through the centuries

catholicThe Churches of Hell
Contribution to a discussion on the possible Third Secret of Fatima

catholicThe Vatican Recommends Michael Jackson
L'Osservatore Romano chooses a Top Ten list of rock albums

catholicVertical versus Circular Architecture
Modern church buildings reject the linear, clear lines of the Gothic

catholicThe Cardinal of Vienna Orders a Sculpture to His Cathedral
An immoral work explicitly endorsing Communism

catholicGothic Riches
Magnificent buildings speak of the medieval intellectual life

catholicThe Transient Marvels of Alaska
An exhuberant art spirit displayed in fantastic ice sculptures

catholicEcuador, a Nation that Is a Reliquary
A small country with a grandiose religious architecture

catholicDedication of the Oakland Cathedral of Christ the Light
A cold angry light pervades a building with no spirit of faith

catholicClash of Gothic and Cartesian Mentalities
Two personalities represented in two styles of architecture

catholicAn Australian Coach for the Queen
A grand gesture by an artisan from the people

catholicThe Debutante Ball in Laredo
The charm and prestige of tradition at the Martha Washington Ball

catholicBlasphemy in the Spring 2007 Collection by Gaultier
Offenses against the Most Holy Virgin Mary spread by a French couturier

catholicThe Immitation of Christ Fashion Collection 2006
Vulgarity and irreverence in the Manhattan fashion line

catholicA Subtle Invasion of Satanism
Demonic figures portrayed in decor items offered by conservative catalogues

catholicEric Gill: A Precursor of Vatican II
An early advocate of the modern art and architecture in Church

catholicRefuting the Anti-Catholic Lies of the e-pamphlet "Life in the 1500's"
The truth about widespread lies regarding the so-called miserable Dark Ages

catholicThe Taste for the Macabre in Today's Art
Works in two exhibits show how the perverse is being promoted

catholicRequiem for Judas Iscariot
An art display praising Judas. Sponsored by the Diocese of Linz, Austria

catholicImmoral and Extravagant Exposition of Art in Brussels
The Archdiocese offers Notre Dame Chapel as the show site

catholicSt. Peter & the Vatican Exhibit: Marvelous Continuity, Shocking Change
A photo report of past and present papal symbols

catholicRevolution and Counter-Revolution in the Tendencies, Ideas, and Facts
How the Revolution subtly influences art and architecture

catholicThe Poor Church of the Rich and the Rich Church of the Poor
Cardinal Mahony spent millions to despoil the Church of her majesty

catholicWhere Have All the Real Saints Gone?
People of the street presented as saints in Mahony's Cathedral tapestry

catholicArchbishop Weakland and the Reform of his Cathedral
Renovation of Milwaukee Cathedral contested – the protesters strike out

catholicJesus 2000
View the progressivist and scandalous new look of Christ

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