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First Communion by Theofile Emmanuel Duverger - 1867

catholic Processions, Shells & Oysters on the Feast of St. James the Apostle
Joyful festivities in Spain & the New World

catholic Celebrating the Feast of Ss. Peter & Paul
Grand processions, fireworks, fairs & fish feasts

catholic Counting down the Weeks of Lent
With effigies of old women, sardines & Jack-a-Lent

catholic How Lent Permeated Medieval Society
Nobles & peasants entered the season of penance & fasting

catholic The Belgium Gilles: The Pride of the City
A Carnival parade with deep roots & bright colors

catholic Farewell to the Alleluia
A beloved prayer, a powerful battlecry

catholic The Blessed Candles of Candlemas
Sacral processions & protection from storms & dangers

catholic The Feast of St. Thomas: Lively & Manly Customs
Whipcracking, rifle shooting & the search for an inn

catholic The Golden Nights
Customs & traditions preparing for Our Lord's coming

catholic All Hallows Eve: Joyful Anticipation
The ‘souling’ night with lanterns, bonfires, prayers & songs

catholic Honoring St. Michael on His Feastday
'Gloves, geese and ginger,' and many processions

catholic The Special Blessings on the Feast of the Assumption
Let us restore these innocent customs of the past

catholic Bonfires on the Eve of St. John the Baptist
Customs that marked this great feastday

catholic How Our Forefathers Celebrated Pentecost
Catholic Whitsun festivals and customs throughout Europe

catholic ‘Lady Day’ Gives Us a Rich & Sacral Legacy
The Annunciation Feastday celebrated with joy & sacrality

catholic The Authentic St. Patrick's Day: Joyful Ways of the Past
Mass, festivities, folk dancing in every village

catholic The Carnival: Charming Customs, Admiration for Royalty
Each region with its own festivities & ways of feasting before Lent

catholic The ‘Biddy Boys’ & Woven Crosses of St. Brigid’s Day
Traditional Irish customs for her February 1 Feastday 

catholic The Feast of St. Lucy Inspires Charming Customs
Processions and crowns of light in Italy and Sweden 

catholic Restoring the Feast of St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas and his companion mete out rewards & punishments 

catholic Martinstag Celebration in Germany
With its procession, St Martin's Day lanterns, procession and goose 

catholic Polish All Souls Day: Cemeteries Become Seas of Lights
A friend recalls the Catholic customs of her youth

catholic The Victim Is the Priest, Not the Baby
An elderly priest slaps a wailing child at a baptism

catholicCan One Pray the Rosary during Mass?
Yes, this is a time-honored custom that has the approval of Popes

catholicUnease Stalks German Christmas Markets
Islamic terrorism threatens the old custom of an entire people

catholicThe Angelus: a Meditation on Christmas
Its three points condense the whole Christmas story

catholicRemembering the Often-Forgotten Indulgences
What they are and the conditions required to earn them

catholicThe Sabbatine Privilege & the 30 Gregorian Masses
Is wearing the brown scapular enough to merit the privilege?

catholicCall Me Jorge’
Pope Francis disregards papal titles & protocol

catholic The Children’s Greeting
Lessons for today in a 19th century German painting

catholicThe Holy Viaticum in Bourgogne
A village priest brings Our Lord to a sick person for the last time

catholicMy Encounter with Alphonsus de Liguori
A new perspective for life after reading Preparation for Death

catholicThe Sudden and Unprovided Death
St. Francis de Sales distinguishes different ways to die well

catholicPreparing Soul and Body for Christmas
The authentic joys a Catholic should have & what should he avoid

catholicVisiting the Holy House of Loreto
St. Therese of Lisieux reports special favors received from Heaven

catholicWhy Saturday Is Dedicated to Our Lady
Only she was faithful to the promise of the Ressurrection on Holy Saturday

catholicThe Luminous Mysteries: Novelty Clashes with Tradition
Adding a new set of mysteries opposes Our Lady's expressed wish

catholicHow and When to Use the Veil in Modern Times
The ideal situation and practical solutions

catholicThe Rosary: A Weapon against Progressivism
Examples of how it destroyed heresies in the past should inspire us today

catholicThe Thirty Gregorian Masses
The efficacy of this centuries-old practice initiated by Pope St. Gregory the Great

catholicPraying the Fifteen Decades of the Rosary
Our Lady asked for the full Rosary and linked to it special graces

catholicDon't Forget Sacramentals - Aids to the Spiritual Life
What are these special ways the Church created to benefit the faithful?

catholicHow to Address Priests: Titles, Abbreviations, and Signs of Respect
The correct treatment for members of the Hierachy, clergy and religious persons

catholicSt. Pius X on Priestly Dignity and Propriety
Photos illustrating the contrast between past and present priestly behavior

catholicFirst Communion
Progressivism is destroying the sacrality of a soul's first encounter with Our Lord

catholicRestoration: Let's Begin with the Veil
History, significance and propriety of the veil for women at Mass

catholicA Study of the Veil in Christian Tradition

blank.gif - 807 Bytes             Introduction
                A scholarly study based on Greek and Latin texts of Saints

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 1:   The Veil in the Apostolic Age
                St. Paul ordered women to wear veils inside the church

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 2:   The Veil and the Church Fathers - St. John Chrysostom
                A woman should be ashamed not to be covered with a veil in church

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 3:   St. Ambrose and St. Augustine on the Veil
                Lust and vanity are avoided if a woman covers her hair and neck

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 4:   St. Thomas Aquinas and His Teaching on the Veil
                Not wearing a veil is not a sin, but its use is highly recommended

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 5:   The Veil in St. Thomas' Commentary on the Corinthians
                By covering her head, a woman  affirms her submission to man

blank.gif - 807 BytesPart 6:   What Does Canon Law Say about the Veil?
                While the Code of 1917 called for the veil, the Conciliar Code ignores it

blank.gif - 807 Bytes             Conclusion
                How and When to Use the Veil in Modern Times

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