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Compliments for Guimaraes’ Response to John Grasmeier
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People Commmenting

I read the latest article about your "condemnation" over the 2 Lucy's. I commend you on your lucid, calm refutation.

Keep up the great work.

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Uncharitable and Histrionic...
People Commmenting
Dear Atila,

My congratulations to you on defending yourself against Mr. Grasmeier's attacks. He was very uncharitable toward you and very histrionic in what he said. He represents sadly all too many traditionalists who anathemize their fellow traditionalists. I never picked up anything in Dr. Horvat's articles which even ventured a theory as to what would have happened to the real Sr. Lucy or when a date at which she would have died. How could Dr. Horvat do that when she doesn't know those facts?

As you said Atila, "If (and you used the word IF) there are two Sister Lucys, the only inference against the Vatican is one of fraud. The ideas of murder and kidnapping come from the ignorance, hastiness and melodramatic imagination of Mr. Grasmeier. Unfortunately, in today's Vatican, frauds are so common that only a blind man cannot see them. I don't see any grave error or sin in analyzing and exposing them."

I was for years a portrait artist (I have an MFA) and what convinced me more than anything was the photo's of the profile of Sr. Lucy - they were just too different to be the same person. The shape of the chin for instance would have been even more markedly caving in as the young Sr. Lucy I demonstrates as opposed to the Sr. Lucy II which actually juts out in a round kind of way.

I do find this highly plausible fraud very disturbing though, because frankly if it is true (and I believe it may very well be) then it makes the Church authorities look like very BAD acting, duplicitous men. And so how can you really trust them to be honest about .... pronouncements they make about Faith or Morals? How faithful or moral is it to put out a fraudulent Sr. Lucy - to cover up the third Secret of Fatima and their fraudulent reforms? If this is true it would be the ultimate conspiracy .... The fact is that the Vatican and the Church has been infiltrated by progressivists and your books and Fr. Wiltgen's have exposed this sad reality.

You have presented the contradictions in We Resist you to the Face and although I don't think you used the words fraud in your book - it clearly does show that the way the Conciliar authorities are presenting the Catholic Church today is in clear contradiction to what it was before Vatican II, and that it can not be reconciled to past teaching. If the Ecumenical Prayer meeting at Assisi isn't a fraudulent presentation of the Church, then I don't know what is.

I thought that Dr. Horvat said nothing that was not based on the factual evidence of the actual photo's themselves. She did not bring any hearsay into the picture at all. I defended Dr. Horvat to an acquaintance of mine who wrote to her, Mr. T.W., who is a professional photographer. I found his statements .... very silly and I wrote him an e-mail to show him that Inside the Vatican did admit it WAS NOT a real picture of Sr. Lucy and he never wrote me back. I think Dr. Horvat even had a few of his comments on your website.

I will say though that what you and Dr. Horvat has exposed does make one very curious about what the real story is behind Sr. Lucy. I do think however that an investigation should be made interviewing family members, and others who may know the facts. It will probably never happen but your bringing up this issue may spark some interest in that direction.

I did speak with Fr. Gruner about the two Sr. Lucy's theory at the St. Joseph Forum Conference and he did say that he thought it was possible.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 25, 2006

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