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An Eyewitness Testimony
People Commmenting
May 31, 2006 - Feast of the Queenship of Our Blessed Mother

Dear Friends at TIA,

I have been following with deep interest, the present Fatima controversy, erupting over 'the two Sister Lucys', in photos posted on your website.

In my considered opinion, there should be NO controversy. The series of comparative photographs displayed, is most convincing. In fact, these photos reveal that there have been TWO separate persons involved.

There has been, for some time now, mass worldwide confusion being generated regarding the (very obvious) 'change' in the moral stand of Sister Lucy of Fatima, after YEARS of her consistent and always unwavering testimony of adherence to Our Lady`s original Fatima message, and all facts pertaining to the apparitions themselves.

This continuing 'reversal' of previous statements, combined with a very definite outward change in Lucy`s known (and often observed) serious public demeanour, has caused, most tragically, a distinct diminution in the basic belief of thousands (perhaps even millions) of the devout, in the very TRUTH of what is probably the greatest apparition of Our Lady, in the entire history of the Roman Catholic Church.

And this, despite a highly convincing miracle of Biblical magnitude, witnessed by 70,000 terrified persons, on October 13th 1917, with the plunging of the sun from the sky, at the apparition site itself, and seen even far beyond the immediate Portuguese region.

I would like to offer you my personal statement at this time, which I am voluntarily presenting to TIA, for immediate posting on your website.

When I recently viewed your amazing comparative photos, I recognized instantly the 'OTHER' Sister Lucy.

You see, in May of 1982, I was in Portugal to cover the Papal Visit of John Paul II to Fatima.

As a freelance journalist, I was a Canadian Representative, fully accredited, as part of the International Press Corps. My credentials included an official letter from the Portuguese Embassy here in Ottawa (we are Canada`s Capital City) and other pertinent documents accredited on arrival in Lisbon at the Bureau of International News Services.

This formal accreditation enabled me and my accompanying 'news crew' to be present at all times with John Paul II and his ecclesiastical entourage, on the Papal dais constructed for the occasion, in front of the main doors of the Basilica.

Our credentials included large PRESS stickers attached to our press van, driven by my workers, and which enabled us to pass through all barricades, and eventually to be able to park our vehicle beside the 'Popemobile' at one of the side doors of the Basilica.

When the car from Coimbra, carrying 'Sister Lucy' and two other Carmelite nuns arrived, I watched her getting out of this car, at a distance of no more than a few feet.

The woman I saw, I can now identify positively, as the woman on your website designated 'Sister Lucy Two'. There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever in my mind.

This was NOT Sister Lucy One presented on your website as the genuine Fatima seer. I have herein attached photos of Sister Lucy Two, marked Photos 1 and 'smiling' Photo 3 downloaded from your website.

 Compaing the smiles of Sister Lucy
The pictures at right are photos, especially the 'smiling' right one, of the woman I saw emerging from the car from Coimbra just outside the side door of the Fatima Basilica on May 12th, 1982.

This would mean, that as far back as 1982 at least, (nearly 25 years ago) the REAL Sister Lucy had been replaced by a totally different woman .... an imposter, who has been playing the 'role' of the REAL Sister Lucy all this time.

This would certainly explain the 'change' of attitude, of moral stance, of exterior demeanour, and most of all, of the message of Fatima itself.

I need also mention that this conclusion tends to confirm a statement made to me within the past six to eight months, by a prominent world-famous Catholic scientist, speaking to me from his home in London, England.

He told me, "Sister Lucy died years ago. The doctor taking care of her, was a close friend of mine. He told me that he had received a telephone call from the Carmelites at Coimbra , telling him that 'his services were no longer required'".

So, what has happened to the REAL Sister Lucy?

And since the Los Angeles Times reported at the time of the Vatican release of 'the Third Secret of Fatima', in June of 2000, accompanied by Cardinal Ratzinger`s 'explanation' that: 'Cardinal Ratzinger has debunked Fatima' - then who is it now, who has been reputedly disinterred from the Carmelite property in Coimbra, and is now resting alongside the TWO GENUINE FATIMA SEERS, Jacinta and Francisco, in the Fatima Basilica?

And where is the REAL Sister Lucy`s REAL grave ?

Or, in fact, did they disinterre the REAL seer (dead for how many years ?) and place HER now in the Basilica? (Her proper place , by the way !) And what about the woman photographed in the coffin after February 13th, 2005 ?

And most important of all, if the REAL Sister Lucy died years ago, where is the Death Certificate, what was the official cause of death, and whose signature declares that ?


     Anne McGinn Cillis, Franciscan Tertiary
     Executive Director, The Padre Pio Institute
     National Centre for Padre Pio, Ottawa, Canada

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Portrait Painter Sees Two Lucys
People Commmenting
Dear Dr. Horvat:

Thank you for bringing the pictures of the two Sister Lucys to light. I have been a portrait artist all of my adult life (having been commissioned to render portraits of two US Presidents for the National Republican Congressional Committee) and have studied many faces over the years.

After looking at the photos you have presented, I can come to no conclusion other than what is obvious to anyone with eyes to see, that the images represented as "Sister Lucy," from her early period beginning in 1917 through the late 1940's, and then the second period from 1967 until January 2005, can in no way be pictures of the same person.

There is another image of perhaps a third "Sister Lucy" on the cover of the book, "Fatima - In Lucia's Own Words" (which is a reproduction of a photograph supposedly taken in 1963 by the highly suspicious Fr. Kondor) in which the woman in a Carmelite habit is quite rotund and whose face is very full and bears no resemblance to either of the other two Sister Lucys in your photographs.

Your study has significantly helped to expose the criminal element that has for some time occupied the visible ecclesiastical structures in Rome, and today still presents itself to the world as the legitimate leadership of the Catholic Church. May your worthy efforts provide the final blow to the imposture in the Vatican that will bring down the "house of cards" known as the "conciliar church."


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Catholics Have a Right to Know
People Commmenting
Dear Editor,

I believe the Catholic faithful have the right to know with incontrovertible scientific proof which is currently available to us if a fraud has been committed by the Carmelites substituting another Sister Lucy (after many years of the actual Sister Lucy not being seen or photographed publicly). DNA testing against living descendants of Lucia dos Santos' family could positively prove with legal evidence that the Church has been subjected to a monstrous fraud (likely used to keep the $10 million-per-year Fatima donations coming in as well as act in an affirming manner toward the New Mass as if to give it a holy appearance by association with a reputedly holy seer).

While an exhumation could certainly be demanded and this would promote the controversy in a healthy fashion, perhaps first one could attempt to locate any first class relic material, such as hair, nail clippings or the like. These should suffice for a DNA test and it is likely someone out there may already have this to offer. Locating relatives to compare against would be the other side, but presumably easier to find. A DNA finding of "fraud" would force even the Vatican to acknowledge the truth of the matter.

I wish to thank you very much for exposing this hoax. For myself, as well, the chin differences are the clearest proof after the teeth. Next, the right eye of Sister Lucy II (seen on the left in photos) shows what appears to be an often hereditary inward curvature. My third son inherited this defect from his maternal grandmother who inherited it from her own mother. My son had an operation to correct this problem. The original Sister Lucy did not have this.

Additionally, part of the mystery should now be to detect who, in fact, was this Sister Lucy II. What was her real name? Why did she do it? If an investigative reporter from a show like Unsolved Mysteries (which has the funds and know-how to investigate) chooses to look into this, then likely candidates of the imposter may be found. Relatives of the imposer may also possess an inward turning of the right eye as well possessing other prominent features of hers. I encourage you to submit the matter to them to investigate. This is the kind of story they love to take as it is super high-profile and even more important - it can be solved and exposed to their credit and our benefit - in Prime Time coverage.

Carlos Evaristo with the possible Sister Lucy II

Carlos Evaristo with the questionable "Sister Lucy 2" on October 11, 1992
By the way, I just discovered that in an article that the Carlos Evaristo who was mentioned in another letter to you is now being vindicated in perhaps telling the truth after all in an interview he conducted with Sr. Lucy. At that time he was vilified as a liar because he claimed that Sister Lucy "couldn't" have said such terrible things [e.g. contradicting former statements and affirming the consecration had been made]. He said he was not even sure that he was talking to the real Sr. Lucy (to further lessen his credibility, unfortunately).

Here is the important quote from the above link: According to Dr. Zugibe, Evaristo "had a picture of himself with her [Sister Lucy]. He thought it was not Sr. Lucia" and wanted Dr. Zugibe to perform an "anthropomorphic study" of the photograph to see if it really depicted Sr. Lucy.

Amazingly enough, Evaristo, who claims to have conducted two interviews with Sister Lucy (in 1992 and 1993) was not even certain the woman who stood beside him in a photograph was Sister Lucy, even though he claims to have interviewed her twice!

     In His Sacred Heart,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 5, 2006

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