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Readers Concur on Two Siser Lucys
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An Unbiased Professional Opinion

People Commmenting
Okay, Dr. Horvat.

I'm a Novus Ordo Catholic, but to be fair, I had my friend, an expert professional photographer compare the two Lucy's [click here].

His conclusion: the older "Sister Lucy" is NOT, I repeat, NOT, the same person as the younger Sister Lucy.

Also, he is not Catholic and doesn't care one way or another about any Fatima issues.

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A Believer Now
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Dear Dr. Horvat,

I'm writing concerning the current series on Sister Lucy.

When I read your first article, I read it as a skeptic. I tend to be very skeptical of any such conspiracies, even those related to the post-Vatican II Church. I thought to myself: "Why is she writing about this now?" "Is this wise?"

I also did my best to explain away the obvious differences between the two sets of photos. I put a lot of stock in dentures and age explaining the differences at first. But when I read your latest article and particularly when I saw the profile photos, my skepticism all but evaporated. The real "detail" that seals it for me is the chin differences. The only way one could explain this away is to claim that Sister Lucy I had extensive plastic surgery!

I'm a believer now, and, of course, it makes a lot of sense that there were "two Sister Lucys. " Thank you for being bold enough to point out this fact.

     In Jesu et Maria,

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The Evaristo Interview
People Commmenting
Dear Miss Horvat,

Congratulations on your latest presentation of the Sister Lucy issue. Surely Pope Wojtyla would know all about Sister Lucy II. They seem to have got on well together - birds of a feather?

When Karol Wojtyla visited Britain in the 1980s, a Catholic gentleman in either the city of Liverpool or Leeds ( I cannot remember now ), claimed that Wojtyla and another Polish man were lodgers at his home for some time during World War II. But, apparently, this episode has not been mentioned in biographies on KW. This British gentleman went on to meet KW during that visit and claimed to the press that he greeted KW by the nickname he was known by during those wartime days, that KW recognized him, and that the two of them reminisced over that period together.

I think it was the Vicar-General himself, of the diocese concerned, who made a statement that while all this seemed incredible, the Catholic layman was known to him personally and was a well respected member of the diocesan laity. This issue was soon forgotten by one and all. There is a booklet circulating, Ab Initio, which makes other allegations about Karol Wojtyla.

Coming back to Sister Lucy II, several years ago when Carlos Evaristo published a book following the meeting of Sister Lucy II with Cardinal Padiraya, Bishop Michaelappa, Father Pachecos and himself, Fatima followers, including some SSPX priests, jumped on him claiming he was talking nonsense and that " Sister Lucy " would never say such things. But now, it seems that Evaristo was telling the truth. It's just that the woman at that interview was not the real Sister Lucy.

     Best wishes & God bless,

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The Lucy Controversy
People Commmenting
Dear Dr. Horvat,

I am inclined to admit that the pictures you provided are of two different women.

I would just like to say that if you contacted the services of a forensic scientist, you would be able to resolve even the most virulent criticism of your suggestion that post-Vatican II Lucy is indeed an imposter. With the expert testimony of a professional, I would say that most skeptics would take your theory more seriously. Just wanted to share my opinion in the hopes that we can resolve this mystery.




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 1, 2006

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