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catholicWhy This Page?

catholicWho Is Attacking Us?

catholicWho's Who In the Conservative Milieu?


catholicPolemic with Mr. Michael Davies
on Cardinal Ratzinger's document Dominus Jesus and other topics

catholicPolemic with Rev. Fr. Ladis J. Cizik, director of the American Blue Army,
on John Paul II handing over the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan to the so-called Orthodox Russian Church

catholicPolemic with Dr. Timothy Mitchell, editor of Pro Ecclesia magazine,
on the books In the Murky Waters of Vatican II, &  An Urgent Plea: Do Not Change the Papacy

catholicPolemic with His Excellency Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, NE
on the book We Resist You to the Face

catholicPolemic with Mr. Alphonse Matt, editor of weekly newspaper The Wanderer, on the book We Resist You to the Face

catholicPolemic with Mr. Frank Morris,
columnist of The Wanderer, on the book Quo Vadis, Petre?

Discussion & Controversy

Under this title TIA lists controversial topics that are open for discussion amongst our readers and editors. TIA does not always endorse an opinion on these subjects, but is posting them in the interest of arriving at the truth through the sharing of information and insights.

catholic The Coronavirus Psy-War
NEW!    Read all about the Covid-19 Hoax

catholicThe Two Sister Lucy's Controversy
The explosive debate started here on the TIA website

catholicAgainst Distributism
Is Distributism a viable "third position" between Capitalism and Socialism?

catholic Divine Mercy
Is the Divine Mercy devotion licit for Catholics, or is it condemned?

catholicThe Third Secret of Fatima
Has the real Third Secret of Fatima been found?

catholicArch. Lefebvre and Freemasonry
Was Archbishop Lefebvre a Freemason?

catholicCard. Newman's Homosexuality
Evidence suggests Cardinal Newman was homosexual


Under this title TIA will bring to the attention of its readers and visitors some of the challenges we have made, which, up to the moment, remain unanswered. Should an answer appear, the exchange will be transferred to the Face-to-Face section.

catholicCard. Avery Dulles Challenged

catholicQuestion to the Canon Law Society of America

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