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Polemic between
Mr. Frank Morris & Mr. Atila Guimarães on
Quo Vadis, Petre?

Brief Chronicle of Events

February 24, 2000: A Lack of Historical Verification the weekly The Wanderer published a book review entitled “A Lack of Historical Verification” by Mr. Frank Morris, from the editorial board of the newspaper. The writer assumed an arrogant attitude of intellectual superiority in order to try to make the book Quo Vadis, Petre? appear ridiculous and exaggerated. The article also disdained several arguments of Mr. Guimarães, which the author was requesting in good faith as a loyal Catholic, as unworthy of a reply from Pope John Paul II.

May 31, 2000: From the Wrong End of the Binoculars The Remnant published the article “From the Wrong End of the Binoculars” by Mr. Guimarães. It constituted his response to the attack of Mr. Morris. Mr. Guimarães divided his critique of the Morris review into three different parts and analyzed each separately.

The three sections are:
1. Mr. Morris’ attempt to justify his assertion that John Paul II would not respond to the questions Mr. Guimarães asked in Quo Vadis, Petre?

2. Whether it was opportune to use sarcasm in lieu of facts in a serious intellectual debate.

3. An analysis of the six petty arguments of Mr. Morris against the book under analysis.
The conclusion was clear and forthright: Morris revealed his lack of objectivity in his review. In short, his text demonstrated that he was “intellectually incompetent and morally unfair.”

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Articles in the Polemic

burbtn.gif - 43 Bytes  “A Lack of Historical Verification”
Mr. Frank Morris

burbtn.gif - 43 Bytes  “From the Wrong End of the Binoculars”
Mr. Atila S. Guimarães

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