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Was Arch. Marcel Lefèbvre a Mason?

Brief Chronicle of Events

June 25, 2009: What Is the Order of Our Lady of Sion? - A reader discovers a strange website claiming Archbishop Lefebvre was Grand Master of a Masonic sect.

April 23, 2013: Masons in Écône - The sede-vacantist blog Today's Catholic World reprints the 1997 testimony of Christopher Shannon, former SSPX seminarian. Shannon claims he saw the "Sion Masonic Band" lead a Rogation procession at the SSPX Seminary. "Lefebvre is a Mason too, it's OK," fellow seminarians reassure him.

Revisiting the question

June 13, 2019: "I Do Not Want to Be Led Astray" - After 10 years, in light of new potentialy-damning information, TIA revisits the allegations. Also, a reader questions the validity of Lefebvre's priestly and episcopal orders, but TIA affirms: On this point, there can be no doubts against the archbishop.

June 18, 2019: TIA Clarification: Mr. Patrick Odou, TIA Secretary, attempts to calm the general uproar among the Lefebvrists. Odou affirms: As an organization, TIA takes no official position favorable or opposed to the allegations. However, personal attacks and bad language from the Lefebvristas can be taken as an admission of guilt.

July 2, 2019: Characteristic of a Cover-Up: CathInfo, a traditional Catholic message board, is widely thought to be a haven of free speech. But the forum owner breaks his neutrality, intervening to prevent discussion about Lefebvre being a Mason...

Objections refuted

July 25, 2019: Objection: Arch. Léfèbvre Was Not a Mason: After weeks of angry nonsensical correspondence, embittered Lefebvrists change tactics and try to begin serious arguments. In this article, TIA refutes multiple objections from different readers.

September 17, 2019: 'I am Convinced Msgr. Lefebvre Was Not a Mason': A bona fide reader finds herself confused. She sends her questions: Is it possible to authenticate the claims of Christopher Shannon? What about Bishop Williamson? Didn't Archbishop Lefebvre do good in spreading the traditional Mass? And, how could Lefebvre really be a Mason if he was friends with a major anti-Mason? TIA responds.

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Articles in the Controversy

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TIA Reader

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Christopher Shannon

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TIA Reader

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Patrick M. Odou

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Mark Williams

burbtn.gif - 43 Bytes  Objection: Abp. Lefebvre Was Not a Mason
TIA Readers

burbtn.gif - 43 Bytes  “I Am Convinced Lefebvre Was Not a Mason”
TIA Reader

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