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Photo of the Week

Fr Joseph Espaillat

The Bronx rapper Bishop

Above, we see Fr. Joseph Espaillat "preaching" in rap style to the youth of Bronx, N.Y.. Known as "Fr. J," he is part of the Charismatic Movement.

Fr. Espaillat has also launched a podcast and YouTube series called "Sainthood in the City" where he invites rapper-guests to come to talk on religion, second and third rows below.

His style of preaching is "visual," as shown in the two last rows. While he was addressing the theme of freeing the sinner from the chains of sin, he wrapped himself in chains and knelt to receive an imposition of hands from two of his young fellow charismatics.

He reflects well the new type of "Catholic" message, which no longer has anything to do with the Catholic Church as she existed for the almost two millennia before Vatican II.

Fr. Espaillat was made a Bishop on March 1, 2022. Francis chose him to be the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of New York. Responding to questions after his designation, he affirmed that he will continue to do the same things he did as a priest, "Absolutely!"

Two opposed Churches under the same name...

Fr. Joseph Espaillat 2 Fr. Joseph Espaillat 3 Fr. Joseph Espaillat 4 Fr. Joseph Espaillat 5

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Posted January 7, 2024


Blason de Charlemagne
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