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Fr. Lubric cheerfully sitting on some nuns laps

The Punk Priest

Top, Fr. Robert Lubic in 1991, commemorating Halloween with some friends while he was studying at Saint Vincent Seminary, Latrobe, Pennsylvania. He posts the picture on his "Punk Priest" site supposedly to show how a priest today can be "hip" and modern.

Below, first row at left, during a picnic with his personal secretary, also while he was in the seminary; at right, after his ordination by Bishop Anthony Bosco. Fr. Lubic is at the Bishop's right, with the mustache and uncombed hair.

Second row, exercising his pastoral ministery with the youth. Third row, posing with "Natasha," his Toyota Celina GTS, 2004. Fourth row, in close relations with children. Fifth row, at left, posing with a young girl; at right, at the altar, with his punk hair, goatee, earrings and choker.

Various photographs of Fr. Robert the punk priest
4 photographs of Fr. Robert

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If you want to hear the punk and rock music Fr. Lubic sings in his homilies,
as well as more details on his "adaptation to the world,"
please click here to visit his site: The Punk Priest.

Posted January 1, 2006

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