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Card. Lehmann surrounded by immodestly dressed girls  Cardinal Lehmann in a fools cage

Card. Karl Lehmann chosen fool of the year in Germany

Cardinal Karl Lehmann, head of the German Conference of Catholic Bishops, has been chosen fool of the year by the Carnival Club of Aachen, Germany. The Club chooses one "knight" each year who made an outstanding effort "against deadly seriousness."

One of the "qualities" that the Carnival Club found in Cardinal Lehmann that merited him this year's title was that he did not spread the Gospel "with ideological zeal." Also, in his welcome speech, last year's fool greeted Lehmann calling him "a staunch Protestant."

Top left, Cardinal Karl Lehmann shows his medal in the company of some pin-up girls. He is wearing the the jester's ceremonial hat and cape. Right, he enters the fool's cage, from which he delivers his speech. Below left, the president of the German Bishops commemorates his award with one of the girls; right, he poses with other young women in carnival apparel.

Cardinal Lehmann wearing a ridiculous hat   Card. Lehmann posing with costumed carnival goers

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 5, 2005

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