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Disco Mass in Graz, Austria 01

A religious service in Excalibur discotheque in Austria
Alleging that he wanted to provide a Catholic version of Halloween, Fr. Josef Reisenhofer of Graz, Austria, planned to say a Mass at the city discotheque called Excalibur. The Diocese approved the initative sponsored by the Catholic Youth of Graz. Graz is a student city - six universities - with an active immoral night life. The event was advertised as a Mass, see the picture on the last row below. However, due to the reaction of traditionalist blogs such as, it was changed to a "word service."

Above first row, you see Fr. Reisenhofer delivering his 'sermon'; in the second row, you can watch one of the photo-posters behind the altar depicts a partially nude woman. The priest seems not at all bothered by this blatant display of immorality.

Below first row, some of the audience gather around the bar for drinks and love embraces. In the background is another poster of a woman in a provocative pose. In the second row, a general view of the "service" inside the discotheque.

The Diocese of Graz in the south east of Austria relies on the Archdiocese of Vienna, whose Cardinal is Christoph von Schonborn, the perfect disciple of Benedict XVI.

Disco Mass in Graz, Austria 01

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 15, 2009

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