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Stations of Cross - Krakow 2016

Did the WYD's Stations promote homosexuality?

The photos on this page were taken from the Stations of the Cross enacted in the WYD-2016 in Krakow. They look quite strange to a viewer with any Catholic sense of propriety.

Indeed, in the photo above, although the two men take positions making the form of the cross, their display immediately suggests a simulation of an act of sodomy. Why was this allowed by the religious authorities who supervised the event? Is it to promote homosexuality among the youth?

An affirmative answer to these questions is confirmed by other scenes in the WYD Stations: in the first row below, we see a man making delicate ballet moves and whirling around showing his legs.

In the second row, one of the three the athletes who perform the scene is in a sexually provocative position. In the last row, we see a man performing a sort of strip-tease to display his torso.

How can such scenes be included in an act of piety like the Stations of the Cross?

"Stations of Cross - Krakow 2016
Photos from Call Me Jorge

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 14, 2016

Our Lady of La Salette,
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