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WYD-2011 Madrid 001

WYD: Heading toward a ‘sacred’ brothel?

The WYD-2011 in Madrid is over. Even more than previous ones, this meeting was marked by a laxness in customs. Couples lying together on the ground in broad daylight, women wearing bikinis and men with bare chests could hardly induce the other participants to the practice of virtue, speaking euphemistically. Instead, such behavior makes a strong invitation to sin.

Above, a couple's legs are intertwined as they lay together in public; below first row, a provocative girl in a bikini top takes the initiative of kissing her shirtless friend, their bodies soaking wet after being sprayed by the water truck. Second row, protected from the sun by Spanish flags, a young women displays her body in slightly modified bikini apparel as she casually looks for a snack in her bag. Her neighbors wear similar outfits.

Third row, a couple heads for the papal vigil. She rolls up her blouse to show her belly and, instead of using the "pilgrim hat" to protect her head from the sun, she chooses to attach it to her waist to direct the attentions of passersby to her derriere. Her shirtless companion in a sagging pair of shorts shows part of his underwear.

Fourth row, girls in bold bikini tops enter a kind of sensual ecstasy as the cold water touches their hot bodies: A strong occasion of sin for the young men present. Fifth row left, framed by five pairs of legs, a half-naked young man prepares for the ceremony, while at right his phlegmatic colleague in super mini-shorts observes the movement of the camp. Sixth row, a half-nude young man and his water-soaked friend enjoy the spray that makes her blouse transparent.

When almost everything invites to sensuality and almost nothing prevents things from reaching their last stages, it is not necessary to be too smart to conclude that those final consequences happened. The bold photos showed here allow us to say that the atmosphere of the WYD-2011 resembled that of an enormous orgy. Its principal difference is that this brothel-like atmosphere at the WYD is blessed by the religious authorities and endorsed by the presence of Benedict XVI.

If you are also opposed to these scenes and agree with these comments, you should take action.

Do not send your children to the WYDs.
Speak out against this scandalous immorality
WYD-2011 Madrid 002
WYD-2011 Madrid 003

Photos from Corbis / Denver Post / Flickr

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 28, 2011

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