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Immoral youths at World Youth Day 2002

Lack of purity at Toronto WYD

It is July 2002. The Luxembourg delegation attending World Youth Day in Toronto, above, awaits the arrival of John Paul II. Until the Pontiff appears, the youths enjoy themselves.

If one observes details in the picture, he sees that they manifest the general atmosphere of a lack of modesty and purity. The man in the center touches his bare torso to the bare shouders of the woman in his lap, while his hand caresses her thigh. Their positions reveal that the bodies are as close together as possible. The position of her bare legs is hardly decent in mixed company.

Behind this first couple, a young man massages the neck of his girl friend.

Below first row, couples in close contact find protection from a storm under a improvised tent. Second row, the youth of Luxembourg perform modern music during the celebration of Mass. Third row, couples wait to board the plane back to Europe,
after that "pious and dignified" 13-day-trip.

Photos showing the morally lax atmosphere of WYD 2002


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 2, 2007

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