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  Rainbow vestments for the Bishops and Cardinals of WYD 1997

At World Youth Day 1997 in Paris, a fashionable French couturier was hired to design the vestments the Cardinals and Bishops would wear at those ceremonies.
The result was what you see above. That is, vestments with the rainbow colors.

Now then, for a long time these colors had been known as a symbol of the homosexual movement. Around 20 years before the Paris World Youth Day, the rainbow colors were chosen by the homosexuals.

Below (first row, left), you see a picture of the "gay and lesbian" flag waving near the cupola of San Francisco Civic Center in 1978. It was the first time they used the symbol. From then on the rainbow became a universally recognized representation of homosexuals.

Below, first row right, in a New York City parade in 2003, they display an enormous rainbow flag.

Second row left, an undefined man/woman wears a top with the rainbow colors. This motif has often been used, as was the case of the two characters in a Vancouver "gay pride parade," right.

This "coincidence" raises some questions:
Didn't the Cardinals and Bishops know that wearing such colors gave
an indirect but powerful endorsement to the homosexual movement?

And what about John Paul II?
Didn't he know this "sign of the times"?
Why did he endorse such vestments with his presence?

The rainbow being used as the emblem of the homosexuals     
Above left first row, Uncle Donald's Castro Street,   right, Internet photo;
left second row
, Internet photo;   right,

Inside the Vatican,  October 1997


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 15, 2005

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